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Graduate Record Exam

Bell Curves

A very select group of Americans, less than 0.1% of the US population, takes the Graduate Record Exam each year grebysex.pdf   Including foreign citizens who take this highly objective test of intellectual abilities, 214,998 are women and 149,608 are men gredistri.pdf    The mean score of the men in the general quantitative portion of the test is 610, which is 88 points higher than the mean score of women of 522.  The standard deviation of the men is 133, which means that 66% or 98,741 of them score between 477 and 743.  The standard deviation of the women is 128, which means that 66% or 141,899 of them score between 392 and 650.  greboysgirls4.gif (5489 bytes)

WARNING: theoretically these Gaussian Curves are asymptotic, meaning that they never touch the x axis. In reality, when the curve decreases below 1, the practical limit has been reached, since there aren't too many productive half persons in our economy. Thus, there are no women who scored higher than the top 8% or 11,969 of the men, who constituted the top 3.3% of the test takers.  If you set your company's standards so that you hired only the top 3% of all students each year, you would hire 100% men and no women. 

Why then are American companies sued  under affirmative action and sexual discrimination laws because they don't have 50% women in their top spots if none of them are qualified for those top spots according to such an objective test?  Because the vast majority of judges and lawyers are unable to comprehend why American businesses naturally hire, promote, and retain more men than women.  Businesses don't need to know this distribution of GRE scores to recognize who can and who cannot do the job once they are hired--who does the work and who doesn't, who is qualified and who is not.   All the GRE does is quantitatively measure the skills and abilities which make companies, industries, and countries competitive.  Of the 622 law majors who take GRE each year, only 50 of them possess the quantitative skills which 92% of the 5,819 math majors, or 5,353 of them, possess.

There couldn't be a profession to which quantitative skills are more important than law and justice.  Allowing such unqualified individuals to become lawyers, judges, public servants, politicians, legislators, and supreme court justices in such large numbers is a prescription for certain social collapse.

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