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Yesterday, Bob Hedrick, one of the original Signatories to the Reaffirmation and Declaration to the Fathers' Manifesto, appeared in court before Judge Thomas Ashworth, III on behalf of his two children, whom the State is attempting to remove from him. While Mr. Hedrick, the father of these two children, sat before this judge, the judge stated that "We must be concerned about the best interests of these children", and placed one of them in a state supported home costing taxpayers $175 per day.

Is there the slightest possibility that this judge really doesn't know that the "best interests of children" are served only when they are in the custody of their fathers? Does this judge really NOT know how much this offends children, taxpayers, education quality and costs, US economic competitiveness, government costs, morality, God, religion, fatherhood, AND ESPECIALLY his "fellow men"??

Attorney Tom Grimes (the one who taunted Sharad Shariff during a public demonstration against the "Family Law Court" by yelling out for all to hear "You aren't going to win, Sharad -- WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR KIDS?") accidentally left his file on this case on the table. Mr. Hedrick's attorney accidentally picked it up, and GUESS WHAT -- we now have written documented proof that Atty Grimes is a FELON.

bulletNot only did Judge Ashworth treat a father and fatherhood like dirt.
bulletNot only did Judge Ashworth refuse to allow cameras in this public courtroom so his despicable actions could be documented.
bulletNot only did Judge Ashworth not even allow the charges against Future Felon Tom Grimes to be read in the courtroom.
bulletNot only did Judge Ashworth refuse to allow this felon to be arrested.
bulletNot only did .Judge Ashworth have his deputies physically force everyone out of the courtroom when it became obvious that one of his “legal associates” is a felon.
bulletNot only does Judge Ashworth routinely and needlessly create the single-mother households which cost taxpayers a cool $1 Million each.
bulletNot only does Judge Ashworth think "we the people" are stupid enough to allow him to continue this travesty of justice, but:
We know now that Judge Ashworth is simply protecting his "family business".
Dee Jay, 619/296-5577, whose family home was sold by his ex-wife so she could hire Judge Ashworth's WIFE -- a "divorce attorney" -- to "represent" her in "divorce" court, was there to explain why Judge Ashworth is so interested in protecting this family business.  Judge Ashworth now lives in a house partially paid for out of Dee Jay's lifelong assets, while Dee Jay lives in a truck.

Attorney (Watch Him Run Here) Grimes, escorted by uniformed officers who shoved the camera into the face of the man who caught them on film trying to sneak out the back door of the courthouse, made a hasty retreat before the man who saved the day, San Diego Police Officer Sandefur, Badge Number 2790, filed a report against Future Felon Grimes.  Officer Sandefur also filed a report against Attorney Diane Ritchey Andrews, who was hired to represent Mr. Hedrick's children, but instead conspired with Future Felon Grimes.   Officer Sandefur is at this very moment getting a detective assigned to investigate this case, and this detective will undoubtedly get to the bottom of this widespread and deep corruption in San Diego's Family "Law" Courts.


Please write, call, fax, or email San Diego Chief of Police Jerry Sanders, 1401 Broadway Street, 7th Floor, San Diego, California 91201, telephone 619/531-2725 and let him know how much we appreciate Officer Sandefur's prompt and efficient  investigation of this felony.  You can mention the Declaration, or you can just let him know how important it is to the nation that our public officials be held accountable for their illegal actions. Mr. Hedrick will be meeting with the assistant Police Chief on July 14th, and he needs our support.

Mr Hedrick's children need him.  Mr. Hedrick needs his children.  Society needs fatherhood.  We must assert the Declaration.  This concerned father needs our help.  Officer Sandefur should go down in history as the man who stood up against anti-father court bias.  The fatherhood "movement" needs a success story, and a line must be drawn, right here and now, in concrete, backed up by the Declaration.

Yours truly,

John Knight



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