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Uppity Nigger Gumbel

Not one mention of this by ABC, NBC, or CNN

No article in the LA Times, the NY Times, nor the Orange County Register


How timely!

Do you think Bryant would rather be called "a f**cking idiot", or "an uppity nigger"?

We already know the answer to that question, don't we? If you're a "liberal", you'll go "oooh, you are a racist by calling blacks niggers", and if you are a conservative you'll go "being called an uppity nigger is a sign of respect compared to being called a f**king idiot".


And guess what. Most Americans consider themselves to be "right of center".

And this FORTUNATELY leaves the liberal boneheads like Gumbel in an extreme radical minority group--where they will and should always remain.


Compassionate Conservatism has been attacked by the likes of Gumbel to
take credit for being the ones to conceive the idea of being compassionate.
This story is one that shows just how compasionate liberals like Gumbel
are when you don't share the same views as they do.

Saturday, July 1, 2000
Gumbel's amazing morning-show gaffe
by Jon E. Dougherty

Did you catch the latest liberal snafu? This time the award
for "Liberal Bonehead of the Month" goes to  CBS's Bryant

According to  wire reports on Friday, Gumbel, who had just
finished interviewing the Family Research Council's Robert
Knight on Thursday, thought the cameras and sound were off of
him when he called his guest a "f**ing idiot."

They weren't -- at least not completely. The on-air camera swung
back to Gumbel after cutting briefly to a weather segment
during the morning show -- just in time to catch him making his

Who's the idiot, Gumbel?

Let me answer that question for you: it ain't Mr. Knight.

Naturally, the Family Research Council is planning to lodge a
complaint -- or a series of complaints -- with the Federal
Communications Commission. The FCC has been both  fair and
unfair to religious-based family groups in the recent past, so
there's no telling what will come of the complaints.

What should happen -- immediately -- is that  CBS fire Gumbel
before the next sun sets or the next morning show rises.

Gumbel is supposed to be a professional broadcast journalist and
his morning-show news-and-interview segment is supposed to be
an unbiased presentation of issues. Consider how likely it is
that Gumbel would have uttered such an expletive to describe
someone from the NAACP. I hope his son and daughter weren't

Obviously, though, his show isn't "unbiased" -- not that most of
us ever thought it really was. But it's supposed to be, and
that's the point. Period.

Gumbel, who actually does have loads of news and reporting
experience, knows what is expected of him as a journalist and
newsman; so, it's not a case of some "empty-headed morning-show
guy" making a foolish mistake. What he said, he said on purpose
and with conviction.

And at the wrong time.

What's more, his little outburst typifies the kind of people who
comprise the little elite media clubs in this country --
overtly liberal and blatantly hypocritical.

For example, the Family Research Council, in particular, has
consistently, throughout its existence, talked about the merits
of unity, compassion and tolerance among the varied ethnic
backgrounds in America. More importantly, it's leaders and
members act on those proclamations.

Liberals, however -- and especially hubristic liberal elitists
like Gumbel -- merely talk the talk but are often unable to
walk the walk.

If it's not someone like Gumbel, it is some attack dog loser
like James Carville -- who once intimated that Paula Jones was
nothing more than trailer trash because of her claims of sexual
harassment against President Clinton. Hypocritically, Carville
quipped clever about "dragging a $100 bill through a trailer
park and never knowing what you'll come up with."

Yet his lord and master, Clinton, thought nothing of taking
millions of dollars illegally from foreign donors for both his
campaigns. Vice President Al Gore, it is becoming more
apparent, was no different.

Perhaps the Chinese and Indonesians are now saying, cleverly,
"Drag $100 million through Washington, D.C. ,and you know
exactly what you'll come up with."

Carville. Both Clintons. Gore. Reno. Web Hubbell. Maria Hsia.
Hazel O'Leary. Craig Livingstone. Anthony Marceca. Joe
Lockhart. Bill Richardson. Others.

And, of course, media elites like Gumbel who have spent the past
decade defending these criminals and hypocrites.

What is more interesting is how this will play with "regular"
liberals -- Americans who classify themselves as politically
liberal but who have continually been embarrassed and shamed by
the "New Democratic liberals" endemic to this administration.

Conspirators, co-conspirators and administration defenders alike
-- all within the top echelons of liberal aristocracy -- have
defamed themselves and their supporters routinely for nearly
eight years. Gumbel's gaffe, as it will come to be known, may
be more than the average liberal can bear.

Let's hope so. Because, at its core, liberalism in this country
represents what Gumbel, Gore, Clinton and Carville are:
vacuous, deceptive, sanctimonious and indignant personas with
no sense of the fairness, equality and "justice for all"
mantras they so readily regurgitate to anyone who will listen.

The inventors of the phrase "mean-spirited" should follow their
own earlier admonitions of others -- including the Family
Research Council -- and direct them now to Gumbel. I suspect,
however, that, at a minimum, Americans instead will be treated
at least to muted defenses of the Moronic Gumbel and his
Amazing Morning-Show Gaffe. My guess is CBS will be the first
to downplay the event, though the FCC can remedy the network's
reluctance to punish their offensive offender. So can you;
write CBS and tell them what you think about Gumbel's Gaffe.

Arrogance and hypocrisy to the end. That's modern-day liberalism
for you.



What's good for John Rocker (a pro athlete who, naively thinking that
there was still freedom of speech in the US, expressed controversial
personal opinions during an interview DURING THE OFF-SEASON AND ON HIS
OWN TIME should be good for Bryant Gumbel

The older Gumbel, a media talking head who called a Boy Scout
spokesman a "fucking idiot" on national tv, is paid significanltly more
than John Rocker, who was heavily fined and suspended for his NON-WORK-
RELATED, supposedly Constitutionally-protected comments.

(Incidentally, kudos to Rocker for his stellar pitching performance
the other night in carrying his team to a 6-4 win over the Mets in
Central-Park-lovin' NYC!)

Not that I expect fair play to reign in this age of hypocritical yet
politically correct double-standards.


Gumbel fumbles
On-air obscenity prompts demand for CBS anchor's dismissal

By Julie Foster
� 2000

After calling a Boy Scouts of America supporter a "f**ing idiot" on
live television, CBS's Early Show anchor Bryant Gumbel is facing a
barrage of condemnation, including demands for his immediate dismissal.
The American Family Association made the demand of CBS president and
chief executive officer Leslie Moonves yesterday after reviewing tapes
of the June 29 broadcast.

Gumbel had completed an interview with the Family Research Council's
Robert Knight over the Supreme Court's recent ruling upholding the Boy
Scouts of America's right to exclude homosexual leaders. Knight had
articulated a very traditional religious viewpoint regarding
homosexuality and had just left the set when Gumbel made the comment.

CBS Early Show anchor Bryant Gumbel

Gumbel apparently thought his microphone was turned off and the camera
focused elsewhere when he made the comment.

The on-air camera had moved to the weather segment of the show
following the interview with Knight but then returned to the set where
Gumbel was seated. Gumbel rose from his seat and made the remark . . .

"In this day of tolerance and diversity, Mr. Gumbel's obvious
intolerance and bigotry is unacceptable," said AFA President Donald E.
Wildmon. "CBS should fire him immediately. There should be no place at
CBS for such intolerance and bigotry."

Wildmon noted that CBS joined other networks in recent public
chastisement of Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker.

"Why would CBS be less vigilant in highlighting the absurd comments of
one of its own -- particularly an employee who has such a high profile
as Early Show host Gumbel?" he asked. "Surely the network must be
embarrassed at such derogatory language used by the host of one of
their flagship programs. Failure of CBS to act immediately will lead
the public to believe that they practice selective indignation."

"If CBS refuses to fire Mr. Gumbel, we shall turn to the advertisers
which support his show and call for a boycott of their products because
it will show that they endorse such arrogance, intolerance and
bigotry," Wildmon continued.

An official letter of complaint to the Federal Communications
Commission was being drafted Friday morning by the Family Research
Council in response to Gumbel's comment.

WND's calls to CBS were not returned.



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