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Guns and Women

There is no question that gun control does not decrease crime. All of the studies show that gun control increases crime. Four decades ago, before the first of 22,000 gun control laws was passed, our murder rate was less than a half of what it is today. More than 125 million citizens in the 20th Century alone who demanded and got gun control laws were exterminated by their own governments. Not a single study disputes these facts. These facts are not difficult to discover--they have been in the mainstream media, in academia, on the internet, and even in movies.

So why, with the US spending 8% of its GDP on education, with an allegedly free press, with a Constitution which contains a Second Amendment right to bear arms which hasn't been repealed, without even a hint of a modification of that right by the required two thirds of the state legislatures, does a recent Gallup Poll suggest that almost three quarters (72%) of women and half (52%) of men believe "the sale of firearms should be made more strict"?

It's not because these woman have been personally threatened by a firearm, because only 18% of them have ever been in their lifetimes, which leaves 54% who have never been threatened but still favor stricter laws. It's not because their children are at risk, because only 3% of them have ever had their children threatened by a firearm, which leaves 69% who favor stricter laws even though their own children haven't been threatened by a gun. It's not because they believe that stricter laws will reduce gun violence because only 24% believe they will, which leaves 48% who know stricter laws won't work but who want them anyway.

THIS IS IRRATIONAL! This is why the American woman voter is a threat to our national security. How on earth can you explain that half of our thinking female human beings favor stricter laws that they know won't work? The quarter of them who mistakenly believe gun control laws will work make more sense than them, and they are clearly blazingly ignorant.

Is it possible that the mere possession of a vagina eliminates the need to maintain contact with reality?

With half of American women favoring the implementation of laws which they both know won't work and will violate our founding principles, and with zero percent of American 12th grade girls able to resolve simple TIMSS math and physics problems, the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment was a collossal mistake and the biggest threat to national security ever.  It must be repealed.



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