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Mexican women die of cancer at a rate higher than Mexican men, but Mexico also has a very low cancer death rate, about one fifth that of the US. The Alan Guttmacher Institute estimated that Mexico had around 800,000 abortions per year, with 200,000 of them in Mexico City.

But in the 16 months after Mexico City legalized abortion, giving the word a great insight into what Mexicans REALLY think of abortion and how often they perform this act against God (and giving Guttmacher PLENTY of opportunity to correct their error), there were only 12,600 abortions, an annual rate of 9,450, one TWENTIETH [1/21st to be precise] of the Guttmacher estimate. This is the way of abortion activist: the death toll on the TRUTH is even higher than the death toll on human life.

So where we previously would have trusted Guttmacher to provide an abortion rate for all of Mexico of 25 per 1,000 women, we now know that the ACTUAL rate is LESS than 1.5, and perhaps less than 1.0, considering that the attitude about abortion in Mexico City is liberal relative to the rest of Mexico.  HOWEVER, since abortions were legalized only in Mexico City, and not the rest of Mexico, this most likely represents the total number of abortions throughout the country. Mexico City is very easy and cheap to travel to, there are many other reasons Mexicans travel there, and a girl or woman facing a choice between an illegal abortion locally, or a legal one not that far away in Mexico City, would be very unlikely to opt for the illegal one. If the 9,450 legal abortions per year in Mexico City represents all abortions in all of Mexico, then Guttmacher over-estimated the abortion rate in Mexico by EIGHTY FOUR TIMES (800,000 / 9,450).

What kind of "research" could this research organization have been engaged in to have been off by two orders of magnitude for decades without ever noticing such a serious and misleading error? And why did they not update their website the INSTANT this error was pointed out to them? And how many of their other crucial data points can be trusted when just one, in a country right next door, where they could have walked across the border and just asked a few people about this subject, is STILL listed on their web site?

And THEREFORE where we would have previously trusted Guttmacher's estimate for Brazil at 40.8, the real number is closer to 0.5. Chile goes down from 50 to 0.6, Columbia from 36.3 to 0.4, the Philippines from 25 to 0.3.

And THIS means that EVERY country we've surveyed so far who has a MUCH lower cancer death rate than the US, ALSO has a MUCH lower abortion rate than the US at 22.9 abortions per 1,000 women.


Mexico City Exposes Planned Parenthood's Big Lie About Abortion in Catholic Nations
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Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 7:08:42 PM by dangus

The big lie: Planned Parenthood has long claimed that underground abortion thrived in Latin America, that legalizing abortion would only make "safe and legal" what was already abundant. Their biggest victory, however, proved the lie.

In 2007, Mexico City made abortion available on request for the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. In the following sixteen months, 12,600 babies were killed. This is no trifling matter; it's a death toll four times that of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and twice that of American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Yet it's a tiny fraction of the numbers of abortion that Planned Parenthood's propaganda would have led one to believe would happen.

In 2008, the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, released a study claiming that women in Mexico received an average of 880,000 abortions per year, prior to legalization. At that rate, one would expect that 200,000 women from the Mexico City metropolitan area. had abortions. Yet, when abortion was legalized only 12,600 had abortions?

This is made even more incredible by two factors:

1. Nothing prevents legally women from outside the Mexico City area from travelling to Mexico City for an abortion.

2. Mexico City residents are far more likely to have permissive attitudes towards abortion than most Mexicans. Whereas a Parametria poll found that 44% of residents of Mexico City supported legal abortion in 2007, the same poll found only 23% of Mexicans nationwide did.

Planned Parenthood apparently overestimated the number of abortions occurring in Mexico by a factor of twenty to forty or more. Is there any reason to believe their statistics are any more accurate in other Latin American nations? And what does it say about the fact that most Latin American nations, including Mexico, have reduced their birthrates to highly sustainable levels? This after all, is exposes an even bigger lie, based on a cascading presumption from the first lie: Contrary to Planned Parenthood, culturally Catholic nations have attained sustainable demographics without relying on abortion.That's right: the number of babies born in Mexico has been falling for twenty years. And it's had little, if anything, to do with abortion.

I'll be the first to admit that these statistics surprised even me. After all, don't American Hispanics have high rates of abortion? But then consider that family values are imparted through families, and those immigrating illegally to the United States are those who left their families, and illegally trespassed into America. They are by definition exceptional.

Comparing Mexico's abortion rate to America's may make you wonder what does it say about America. After all, American women have 1.2 million abortions, a rate two to four times higher than most European nations. But then again, contrary to media portrayals, abortion is generally highly restricted in Europe. Yes, there are enormously wide loopholes to Europe's anti-abortion laws, which typically prohibit abortion "except for the health of the mother," but there's an enormous cultural difference between a right to an abortion, and a loophole preventing the effective enforcement of abortion bans. Maybe God shed his grace on thee because we needed it so badly.

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