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At first blush, one could hardly characterize the show of power
exhibited by John Hagee's Christian Zionists at his brash Washington
Israel Summit in D.C. last week as a dike about to break: 4500
Christian Zionists filled the Washington Convention Center . Senators
and Congressmen kowtowed to the crowd for four days. Senator
Lieberman likened Hagee to Moses, a "leader of a multitude." John
Hagee was the dealmaker of the hour for Israel , the ir political
rock star, and a political money machine. The mere 15 resistors
standing outside would not seemed to have made much difference.

But a closer look by religion writer Abe Levy reporting in the San
Antonio Express-News, Hagee's hometown newspaper, shows that the
Christian Zionist dike is holding back a surging sea of truth and
truth-telling. There are cracks. Cracks Hagee will not be able to
contain since they are coming from the very people Hagee claims to be
saving from holocausts and persecutions.

The first cracks in this Judeo-Christian dike are a few vocal, and
significant, Jews and Rabbis critical of Hagee's Christians United
for Israel (CUFI) movement. They are speaking up now in increasing
numbers, sometimes from the Temple lectern on Friday nights.
Orthodox, Conservative, Hasidic, and Reform Jews are saying they
don't like what they're hearing from Hagee, and they don't trust him.

Levy writes: "This issue deeply divides Jews, some of whom, while
they praise Hagee's work to eradicate anti-Semitism, see him as using
them as pawns to fulfill Christian prophecy, including the
annihilation of most Jews." Levy continued: "Many of them believe
they are living in the final days described in prophetic books of the
Bible and that standing with Israel assures them of being on God's
side when it is all said and done."

The issue is bigger than Hagee, however, who is as cocky and self-
assured as Donald Trump yet worth more if financial truth be known.
The issue is the entire morally corrupt Judeo-Christian movement
whose leaders, according to Levy, now boast a 100 million membership
in the USA alone, and who believe they can make their membership do
their bidding.

It is the secular Israeli Zionists who control %u2018political
Israel' that love Hagee, as do the US neocons and US political
pragmatists who accept Hagee's offerings without looking at the logic
hand that presents it. It is the secular Israeli Zionists who are
counting on Hagee and mega-pastors like him to deliver US voter and
taxpayer support for their political agenda in Israel , not to
deliver the words of Christ to Christ-followers from the pulpit each
Sunday. It is the secular Israeli Zionists who need the 100 million
Judeo-Christians in the USA to advance their agenda before the US
government, and John Hagee and those who appear on his stages are
more than willing to play along. Non-Zionist Jews, both religious and
otherwise, are distancing themselves from the Judeo-Christian
movement because they see it as false, silly, embarrassing, and
dangerous. Professing followers of Christ need to do the same. This
is Project Strait Gate's purpose.

It was at the Washington DC gig where John Hagee actually admitted -
perhaps for the first time - that his actions are not driven by his
religious beliefs, but by his political motives. In so doing, he not
only denies Jesus Christ by his words, but followers of Christ now
have every reason - in fact, a duty - to question what he is up to
using Christ's church and teachings to effect his personal political
will within his congregation and under false pretenses.< /SPAN>

Levy quotes CUFI'S executive director David Brog: "We come here and
make it very clear that end-time theology has absolutely nothing to
do with our support for Israel ," he said. "We're supporting Israel
because Israel is threatened like no other time in all of her
history." [Ed: So, for that matter, is Zimbabwe .]

Wow! That should be news to the 100 million trusting Americans who
have been told by their respective pastors and celebrity Christian
media that it is their solemn duty and obligation to support the
state of Israel for biblical reasons; reasons we have discovered are
not found in the Christian Bible.

Hagee spokesman Brog speaks for %u2018Christians', but is himself a
practicing Jew. He says Christian Zionists are not motivated by end-
time prophecy, despite their belief in it. Instead, Brog said, "Jews
who partner with CUFI are recognizing their shared dedication to
moral lifestyles, the same sacred texts and the same God and a common
goal of peace by combating the modern threat of global terrorism."

In other words, Brog now tells us Pastor Hagee has abandoned his
belief that God told him personally to stand for Israel for biblical
reasons. CUFI's excuse for its existence now is that Hagee and his
lobby group share Israel 's "moral lifestyle."

But this is the exact opposite of what Hagee, and thousands like him
at pulpits all over the USA , have preached thus far, and for which
Hagee was showered with tens of millions in donations. Hagee's
followers do support Israel for religious %u2018biblical' reasons
that they learned from Hagee were inviolable. Hagee's followers have
told us so at many encounters during vigils held at four A Night To
Honor Israel extravaganzas. Two of Hagee's followers took the trouble
to write and call us to explain it, and try to convince us again,
this very week.

The next crack in the leaking Christian Zionist dike will break it:
When tens of thousands of God-fearing Judeo-Christians from thousands
of churches nationwide who allow themselves to be classified
as "Christian-Zionists' without thinking once about the horrors they
are advocating realize they've been conned by political Israel's
agents, they will leave CUFI, Christian Zionism, and the hundred-year-
old movement called "evangelicalism" in droves.

Levy quotes Dr. Don Wagner of North Park University, a dignified
scholar and author who fears for Israel's victims and says so: "I
continue to be concerned about this militant crusader projected into
the world that's categorically the opposite of the message of Jesus
as I understand it," said Don Wagner, a founder of The Institute for
the Study of Christian Zionism. Pastor Art Preisinger, also a member
of Wagner's group, wrote in a searing article after observing A Night
To Honor Israel at Hagee's Cornerstone Church</ ST1:PLACETYPE> , "[t]
here was not a shred, a trace, a scintilla of Christianity in the
proceedings. It could well have been sponsored by the PTA or the
Rotary Club . . . to promote this under the aegis of 'Christian' is,
frankly, fraudulent.'

The Judeo-Christian cracks and leaks will break into a capsizing

Hagee cannot abandon the phony theory that holds his movement
together, so he will continue to talk out of both sides of his mouth,
as he is doing through Brog, who tells one story to the press and the
increasingly suspicious moral Jews, while Hagee preaches the other,
the %u2018holy Israel' view to keep the unsuspecting Judeo-Christians
in the fold. According to Hagee, every Christian Zionist must believe
the political state of Israel is an act of God, the fulfillment of
Biblical prophecy, and that he or she must support Israel as a
conduction of their faith, and believe their individual salvation
depends on it. In other words, Judeo-Christianity has switched Gods,
cleverly pawning Israel of f on us - a political state - in place of
the divinity of the words of Jesus Christ in our lives and actions,
and the reason why we are followers of Christ. Geography as God.

Levy quotes a Hagee follower: "We know we'll get blessed because
we're blessing Israel ," said Jean Ann McNally, the CUFI co-state
director for Tennessee . "We're not here to lose."

Project Strait Gate volunteers have interviewed hundreds of
Evangelicals at vigils in front of churches across the land, and we
have yet to meet one who was not been taught this false and un-Christ
like theme. We're sure Jean Ann McNally is unaware that she is being
blessed, according to CUFI, for assenting to Israel 's 'moral

But Israel does not have and never has had a 'moral lifestyle' by
Christ followers' standards. To the contrary, most Israelis live a
secular lifestyle with a high incidence of abortion, perversions, and
war. Females are drafted with the benefit of free abortions to keep
them fit for fighting. Israel is about 85% secular and denies any
acknowledgment of Christianity's holy New Testament, the only record
of Jesus Christ, and Christianity's universal calls for peace. Israel
thrives on the perpetual wars it makes because the USA finances them
and, with enormous Christian-Zionist lobbying support, provides this
chunk of sand with the defense industry it needs to continue warring.
Therefore, regardless of how Hagee twists it or shrouds it under an
empty Bible cover, we do not and cannot share "the same God" with
political Israel and we never have.

Hagee has only one characteristic to share with Israel : a common
commitment to war that has dominated its 59-year history. It's made
Hagee a household word as a result; however, the Israeli military
kills someone every day, and has never been at peace. It doesn't want
it. T he entire Judeo-Christian movement has abandoned Jesus Christ
as Lord, replacing Christ's divinity and message with the interests
of political Israel .< SPAN style="COLOR: black; FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial
Unicode MS'; mso-fareast-font-family: 'Times New Roman'; mso-bidi-
font-family: 'Times New Roman'">

David Brog told reporter Levy that Hagee's critics do not know their
own faith: "I think (Hagee's critics) are misunderstanding Christian
theology. God has no set time for the Second Coming. And there's
nothing you or I can do about it."

For Brog to tell distinguished Professor Wagner, Pastor Preisinger,
or this writer that we don't understand what Jesus expects of his
followers is more than a little amusing. One of Project Strait Gate's
signs held up for A Night To Honor Israel attendees reads: "IRAQ ,
WWJD?" Every church-going child knows this means, "What would Jesus
do?" It is Brog and Hagee's organization that waves the apocalyptic
flag of the Second Coming, and urges it with a call for pre-emptive
war and nuclear holocaust against a country that poses no immediate
threat to the USA . One does not need to see the inside of a seminary
to know that what CUFI wants is what Jesus would not do to Iran. Nor

This writer, however, is sincerely grateful for John Hagee, who will
be the apex for the final and total downfall of Judeo-Christianity
and its false premises. The incongruity of Judeo-Christianity and its
radical warring mouthpiece is an association that will fail, as all
false ideas must, eventually.

Perhaps the few 15 "resistors," as Levy labeled us, who stood outside
Hagee's obscene grab for global political power were privileged to
see the "turn" as we stood in front of the convention center in
Washington DC on July 17, 2007. We did. But it will only turn fully
with God's help and guidance if those who say they follow Christ act
like something is wrong. That is why Project Strait Gate volunteers
held over 60 vigils at churches and 'Christian' meetings around the

Our next vigil will be in Oakland, California on Sunday, July 29,

One of the few resistors at our DC vigil was a man named Peter Sharp
who drove from Minnesota to participate. To close this epistle of
hope I quote Peter's poem that he delivered to me last night, July
23, 2007:


Be careful you're not making an IDOL out of the modern state of Israel

Evangelical Christian Zionist whatever:
What are you going to say to Him, when God returns?
We justified all our war making in your name, dear Savior.
Have you ever thought that, maybe... just maybe
You're the new reincarnation of an old medieval crusader?
And aren't we good little servants
Following your word to the letter.
Especially our version of prophecy,
Which we think is your Scripture itself; if not even better.
Look at how many books and movies we've sold.
Our interpretation has got to be true.
No matter the price paid by the many; and not only a few.
If it really gets bad, Lord, we'll be raptured out of here
Seven years to the day; before the end truly comes due.
My friends, I used to believe exactly the same way.
That a new Temple and sacrifices are still part of God's plan.
But how could He ever accept them again?
Would He trample on the blood of his own precious Son?
And will the New Testament, it, become outmoded and done?
No!! Then, won't you rethink your speculative end time's opinion.
P. M. Sharp

Charles E. Carlson, Director
We Hold These Truths
Project Strait Gate
PO Box 14491
Scottsdale, AZ, 85267



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