In 1997, the FBI reported that there were 1,408,337 violent crimes in the US, including 16,929 murders (with the RATE in our nigger-infested nation’s capitol once again topping the list, 155 TIMES higher than North Dakota in 1994).  The 90,427 forcible rapes is a RATE of rape ONE THOUSAND TIMES HIGHER than in Greece, or Italy, or Japan.  There were 445,125 robberies, with nigger-infested DC again topping the list at more than TEN TIMES higher than Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, 30 TIMES higher than Maine and New Hampshire, and 66 TIMES higher than North or South Dakota, and Vermont. There were 855,856 aggravated assaults (and many of these assaults by niggers on Whites were MUCH worse than you see on TalmudVision), again with nigger-infested DC topping the list at THREE times higher than most states like Montana (the source of the faggot Matthew Shepard mediafest), Hawaii, Oregon, and EIGHT TIMES higher than Puerto Rico, Maine, New Hampshire.  Once again, as has been true ever since affirmative action kicked in, ONE THIRD of these homicides were never “cleared”.  You don’t have to do too much math to see that over the last four decades, more than 600 THOUSAND nigger murderers, 180 THOUSAND of whose victims were WHITES, were never brought to justice.


So how do the niggers who now run the FBI define the 9,535 “hate crimes” in the US that year?  First we should note that only 4,127 or 43.3% of them involved “crimes against persons” and that the rest were “crimes against property” which aren’t even included in the “violent crimes” above.  Second we should note that 3,713 which DO involve “crimes against persons” were for “simple assault” (which now includes shouting at a nigger, or putting a snake in a jew’s mailbox), “intimidation”, and “other” (which shouldn’t even be on the list if it’s too mild to mention on a “hate crime” list), and these too are not included in “crimes against persons” above.  This leaves a grand total of 1,127 “hate crimes” (9 murders, 2 rapes, and 1,116 aggravated assaults) which ARE included in “crimes against persons” above.


So by this “logic”, 16,920 of the 16,929 or 99.9468% of the murders, 90,425 or 99.998% of the rapes, and 854,740 or 99.87% of the aggravated assaults were not “hate crimes”.  By deduction, we can only conclude that the FBI views them as “love crimes”, people killing, raping, and beating up people because they “love” them.

What do you have to do to achieve the highest of all victimhood awards, being less than 0.05% of the murder victims, less than 0.0002% of the rape victims, or less than 0.13% of the assault victims?  Did any WHITE literal POSTERITY of our Founding Fathers achieve this distinction, or is it reserved exclusively for alien niggers or even more alien jews, the “protected classes” of the US government?  AND, what kind of “property crime” can be such “hate” that 5,408 of them distinguish themselves from the OTHER 9,978,160 “property crimes”, or 99.9458% of them?

It’s well established that ONE PERCENT of the U.S. population, black male youths between 14-24 years of age, committed 8,634 of those 16,929 murders, and that AT LEAST 1,727 of their victims were WHITES, yet not a single one was considered a “hate crime” victim.  It’s also well established that in the last four decades, at LEAST 120,000 WHITES were murdered by blacks and not a single one was listed as a “hate crime” victim.


Conferring such a status on ONE group at the exclusion of another is called a “title of nobility” and is UNCONSTITUTIONAL ON ITS FACE:


“No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no
person holding any office or profit or trust under them, shall,
without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument,
office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or
foreign state.”