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Is Dangun son of Dan?

Similarities: Gaelic, Sumerian, Korean, "hebrew"



English Korean Gaelic ["hebrew] Sumerian Strong's Number
Father Abba Abba   H#1
Nose koh koh akh   H#2336
Mother am mah ammah   H#520
Aunt achumai achumai    H267 brother of water
Fatherly abi abiy   H#21
Head mawree marat   H#4803
Foot baal baar   H#1198
Son ahdoll adalya   H#118
Leg taadi kada   H#3767
Dog kel keleb   H#3611
Bird tsi tsippor   H#6833
Yes neh nai   Greek #3483
No anyin ayin   H#369
Sun hey cheres   H#2775
Bridge dtaadi      
Bowl groot grail gurat  




???? ???  ???? ??? 
??(Annul)[?? ?] ??  (??? ???) Bad ? [ ? ] ? (Bat) [?, ? ]
? (An) [?] ? (han) [ ? ] Na ? [? 1??] ? Na [ ?,?  ]
??(Gir) ? (Gil) [?] Ge ? [3?? ] ? Ge [ 3?? ]
? (Ra) [~ ?? ] ? (Ro) [ ?? ]   ? [1 ?? ] ? [?????]
?? Abi [ ??? ] ?? (Bo) [ ? ] Uhma ??[?? ?] ?? Uhma [?? ?]
? Nim [ ? ? ] ? (Nim) [ ?? ?]





???? ???  English ???? ???  English
??(Annul)[?? ?] ??  (??? ???) Bad ? [ ? ] ? (Bat) [?, ? ]
? (An) [?] ? (han) [ ? ] Na ? [? 1??] ? Na [ ?,?  ]
??(Gir) ? (Gil) [?] Ge ? [3?? ] ? Ge [ 3?? ]
? (Ra) [~ ?? ] ? (Ro) [ ?? ]   ? [1 ?? ] ? [?????]
?? Abi [ ??? ] ?? (Bo) [ ? ] Father Uhma ??[?? ?] ?? Uhma [?? ?] Mother
? Nim [ ? ? ] ? (Nim) [ ?? ?]

Cain murdured his brother, Abel, (Gen 4:8), and the teachers of the Law killed prophets and persecuted apostles. Rome destroyed Jerusalem and Hitler also masscred more than six million Jews. Therefore, God could not but hide the Danites of Which Messiah would come lest the Danites should be destroyed totally in the world of Satan. On this, the Danites became the stone which the builders of the Bible rejected (Matthew 21:42).

Meanwhile, before the whereabouts of the Danites was left out of the Bible, God revealed His intention through Samson of the Danites. Samson who was dedicated to God from his birth (Judges 13:5) did not eat the products of the Vine (Judges 13:14) which symbolized Jesus (John 15:1). Moreover, he killed the lion (Judges 14:6) which symbolized Judah (Gen 49:9).

So Samson became the symbol of salvation of Israel.

Andnow, since they left Canaan, the Danites arrived at the basin of Chingaria near to Mount, Altai via the northe-east of Lebanon, and Syria and Iraq and Iran and lived there for about a hundred years. During their residence, there were many change and substitution in the life of the Danites. For example, the younger generation for the older generation, agricultural life for nomadic life, Altaic for Hebrew and so on.

After then, the second generations continued to move for the East. After passing through Mongolian plateau via CheonSan road, they arrived at the region of Heungan ridge and enjoyed the cultural rising there for a while.

Since the cultural rising, the main branch of the second generation, migrating through Manchuria, reached the Korean peninsula and founded the first Korean tribal state named Ko-ChoSun (the ancient ChoSun) near P'yongYang. This is recognized as the founding of the Korean nation. Ko-ChoSun, with its Bronze Age culture, existed until the introduction of the Iron Age culture from the Han dynasty of China.

2) Researches
There are many evidences and archelological findings indicating that the Danites migrated to Korean peninsula and founded the tribal state, Ko-ChoSun. Because too many years have passed away, these findings would be somewhat uncertain. But it is a fortune that many evidences are remaining ever in spite of long ages.

i) Historical research
Korean people are not natives but the migrated. They migrated to Korean peninsula through Manchuria. So Korean people belong to the lineage of northern nomadic race, and the foundation of Korean Culture is also rooted in the northern nomadic culture at the root.
Such discovery presents an indisputable fact that Korean people belong to the lineage of the Danites who migrated to Altaic region. On this, Korean people are called "Altaic people".

On the other hand, the founder of Korea was DanGun (the suffix-Gun means "a king"). Because Korean people were the descendants of Dan, to honour Dan, they called their first king "Dan-Gun".

DanGun founded "DanGun-ChoSun" what we call Ko-CohSun at the valley of DaeDong river. He also set up many altars of stone and holded religious ceremonies. So many altars of stone and its ruins are remaining until now.

Meanwhile, the foundational idea of Ko-ChoSun was "Extension of human welfare and Ideal Enlightenment over the World". Because DanGun knew already that Messiah would comein Korea and enlighten the whole world, He propagandized such grand foundational idea. Furthermore, there was "The eight Commandments" in KoChoSun. It contains such provisions as "You don't steal...", "You don't kill man...." and so on. This eight commandement are very similar to "The ten Commandments".

As we have seen so far, many historical and archeological findings demonstrate that Korean people are the Kinsmen and Kinswomen of the Danites. Therefore, it is an indisputable fact that Korean people are just the descendants of the Danites.

ii) Anthropological research
Israelis and Koreans have many anthropological similarities.
First, we can take the similarity of appearance. Among Noah's three sons, Shem was the ancestor of the yellow, Ham was the ancestor of the black, and Japheth was the ancestor of white.

And now Noah predicted that Ham would be the slave of Shem, and Japheth would live in the tents of Shem (Gen 9:25-27).

It means that Messiah will come of the tribe of the yellow, Shem, that is, Israelis. By the way, the yellow are short and dark-haired. As the Bible has it, the tribes of Israel were short and dark-haired originally (Numbers 13:32-33), because they were the yellow.

Nowadays, however, Israelis lost their purity of the yellow under the rule of Rome. Their blood was mixed up with the western blood, and they acquired the western appearance.

For example, Roman nose. As for Jesus, he was not a yellow.

He had brown hair and Roman nose. Therefore, he must have been a cross between Hebrew and Roman.

The Koreans, however, they are the typical yellow who have been keeping the lineage of single race. They are short and black-haired. What is more, their skeletal structure is very similar to that of old Israelis physiognomically. Like thus, it is certain that the Koreans are the descendants of the ancient Israelis.

Second, we can take the similarity of religious services. When they hold a religious service, the Israelitis built an altar of stone and offered a sheep or a calf as a sacrifice. Similarly when they hold a religious ceremony, the ancient Koreans offered a calf as a sacrifice at the altar of stone. But because their culture was agriculture, they offered the calf as a sacrifice in stead of the sheep.

Third, we can take the similarity of funeral rites. When man died, the Israelitis incensed in a burner and wailed in linen clothes. The Koreans incense and wail in linen clothes likewise even now.

Fourth, we can take the similarity of the modes of cultivation. The Israelitis cultivated their land with a shovel and a hoe. The main farm implements of Korean agriculture were the shovel and hoe likewise.

Fifth, we can take the similarity of food, clothing and housing. The Israelitis liked to put on white robe. So they were called "the white-robed race". The Koreans liked to put on white robe likewise. So they were called "the white-robed race".

As for the woman's affairs, when they went out, Hebrew women covered their face with veils. Korean women were veils likewise when they went out in the age of ChoSun dynasty. Furthermore, when they drew water, Korean women carried the pitcher on their heads, like Israel women did.

As for food, the Koreans likes to eat leek and Israeli Carp, like the Israelitis do. The leek and Israeli Carp are peculiar to the Israelis and Koreans.

Sixth, we can take the similarity of customs. The Israelitis put blood on the top and both sides of the doorframe on Passover (Exodus 12:22). The Korean also prepared lentil stew and put it on the top and both sides of the doorframe on the winter solstice. Because the Koreans had no sheep, they used the red colour of lentil stew instead.

As we have seen so far, we cannot deny the affinity between the Israelitis and the Koreans. Therefore, it is certain that the Koreans are the descendants of Dan.

iii) Linguistic research
The Korean language belongs to Altaic family. This fact demonstrates that the Koreans having migrated from the region of Altai to the peninsula are the Danites. The Danites spoke Hebrew originally while residing at the region of Altai.
Since the substitution of generation, however, the second generation began to learn and speak Altaic.

On this, Korean has old Hebrew as its substratum. But linguists do not know this fact. So they complain,

"It is certain that Korean belongs to Altaic family, but it is difficult to know the origin of Korean, because it has some peculiar features irrelative to those of Altaic family"

Now it can be proven archeologically that the ancient Koreans spoke old Hebrew. 



The antefix above was discovered at the Valley of DaeDong river where DanGun founded KoChoSun. Old Hebrew is engraved on it. This antefix is in the custody of National Museum at present. The interpretation of the sentence engraved on the antefix is as following.

Meanwhile, the five-leaved tree is also engraved on the antefix. The five-leaved tree means number "5", and mumber "5" is the symbol of Messiah or Salvation. It is also the symbol of eternity. As the Bible has it, the tribe of which Messiah comes is the Danites (Gen 49:16), and Dan was Jacob's fifth son.

Therefore, the five-leaved tree indicates Messiah who comes of the Danites. On the other hand, the national flower of Korea named "MooGoongWha" has five petals, five stamen and five calyces, and the name "MoonGoongWha" means an everlasting flower. Like thus, number "5" symbolizes eternity.

Therefore, the five-leaved tree indicates also the eternal life which is fulfilled by Messiah.

We can find out also linguistic similarities between Korean and Semitic in the field of puppet-show. Korean gipsy, "MuJaRi" is very similiar to the gipsy who wandered about the nothern area of India, Penjab. The wandering gipsy "Dom" wandered about Penjab and Ougarites which was a small kingdom in nothern Syria. Dom used a puppet named "KuKli': which is similiar to Korean puppet "Kok Tou". And the harpax "MuJaRi" (Mu means water, Ja means scale, Suffix-Ri is expletive) indicating Korean gipsy corresponds to that of Semitic family.

OugaritiqUe  mdl-h (thegod of thunder and rain)  
Akkadian  mdl-h (scale)
mudu-lu (a drum of water)  
Hebrew  mdl-h (tub)  
Latin  modius,muid (measure)  

The harpax "Sani" in Korean puppet-play also corresponds to the term "Saniyy" meaning the father of gods of Ougaritique religion. And the Korean harpax "PiJoRy" corresponds to "Pidray" meaning a daughter of Baal in Ougaritique religion.

As for the Korean puppet "Kok Tou", it corresponds to Chinese "Kuo tu", mongolian "qodorocin", Ougaritique "qds", Phoenician "qadecim". These facts suggest that Korean puppet-show is reflecting the characters of Mediterranean religion. So some anthropologists and ethnologists are insisting that Korean Civilizaion has its origin in Mediterranean Civilization.

Besides these, there are many similarities between Korean and Hebrew. They are both agglutinative language and their styles are both picturesque. As for their word-order, Hebrew and Korean are both the order of subjective and objective. And their styles of greetings are similiar to each other.

As we have seen so far, it is an indisputable fact that the Koreans are just the descendants of the Danites of which Messiah is destined to come. Therefore, the land in which Messiah appears is not Israel in Middle East but Korea in Far East.



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