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Restoring Constitutional Rights to Fatherhood

For more than 3 decades, the "legal establishment" has been denying fathers their basic constitutional and God-given rights to fatherhood through a labyrinth of draconian laws which accomplished little else than to undermine families and to place 24 million of our nation's children at grave risk!


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How else can the family be restored without providing Constitutional, God-given rights to fathers?


Mr. Bob Hedrick is embarked on an incredibly important mission--the end slavery of fathers, the restoration of responsible government , and the reestablishment of responsible fatherhood.

Success with this effort, according to the lawyers who have provided input, will "melt the system".  "The system" is a house of cards propped up only by corruption and greed, and the Constitution provides EVERYTHING we need to take it down.  NO NEW LAWS ARE REQUIRED.

Success requires merely that we ALL follow this case carefully, and that we ALL make our presence known.  The felons in this case need to know that they are being closely watched, and that their immoral and unconstitutional behavior cannot and will not stand.  These people have all conspired to protect adulterers, perjurors, and thiefs who have sought to deny Mr. Hedrick his natural Godly right to fatherhood, his First Amendment right to "free exercise [of religion]", his Fourth Amendment "right of search and seizure [to be] regulated", his Fifth Amendment right that "no person shall be held for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury", his Seventh Amendment right that "where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved", the Thirteenth Amendment prohibition that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude ... shall exist within the United States ..., and his children's Fourteenth Amendment right to "equal protection of the laws".

His case PROVES that the last thing on the agenda of "the system" is "the best interests of the children", and the world needs to know this now.


In 1997, Parents For Family Court Justice (PFFCJ), spent most of the time researching the court system, reviewing case files from across the nation (over 500 reviewed in 1997),  talking to parents, fathers, mothers, and grandparents from across the nation, searching for the direction in which I intend to take the organization, and finally establishing a "platform" from which to "attack" the corrupt judicial system that we all have endured. 

In 1997 PFFCJ did not solicit or collect money from any of our members.  It has been totally financed by Robert Hedrick to allow the development of the concepts and ideas of the organization to seek it's own character. 

A world-wide web site (PFFCJ.COM) is in place and is being developed to present a "NEW DIRECTION"  for PFFCJ.  It should be fully developed by January 1998.  The National Declaration for the Enforcement of Judicial Compliance was written and distributed with acceptance by thousands of Americans from coast to coast.  Many people in the San Diego Area and across the country have received assistance from PFFCJ. 

NEW DIRECTIONS FOR 1998-US Supreme Court The Family Court System to Re-establish Slavery! 

In 1998, Parents For Family Court Justice intends to accuse the Supreme Court of the United States and the Family Court Systems in each of the fifty states of  violating the Emancipation Proclamation by allowing the Family Court System to re-establish the institution of slavery in the United States and placing our Children in Bondage.  Judges and attorneys will be called what they are:  Slavers.  Attorneys and Judges who separate children from their parents based upon false allegations of child abuse, fraud or perjury will be "targeted" by the organization.  We will publish their names, research their past cases, establish a pattern of slavery and then attack them where it really matters:  IN THEIR POCKETBOOK. 

As far as Parents For Family Court Justice is concerned the only real issue is that our children are in bondage.  Slavery is the best description of what the court system does to parents and children.  Join us in calling the Family Court what it is:  An Institution of Slavery.  Judges and Attorney's are Slavers.  There are no other issues.  All of the other issues are the tools of the slave trade.  The shackles, the chains, and the whips used by attorneys and judges to place you in slavery.  Slavery is a powerful word.  Use it. 

Any politician who supports the corrupt family court system will be treated equally harsh.  Media support will be solicited. 

The basis and background of this concept will be published in a book by William Kirkendale.  This book is current in the hands of a New York based publisher and will be published next year.  The name has not been established.  This book is a critical look inside our nation's family court system...and what it's doing to harm so many innocent children and families.  You may see a preview of this book at  All proceeds from this book will be used to mount a tactical attack against the justice system 

This book should sell for approximately $24.95.  You may place your name on a pre-order list by e-mailing me at PFFCJ6 @ 

If you want to join our attack email me at [email protected] or call me at 619-538-2712. We are going to raise money to attack this institution of slavery.  Unite with us and put aside all the other terms and issues. 

Bob Hedrick 
Managing Director 

Go to website   All statues codes and the State Constitution are at this site...Judges oath is California Constitution Article 
20, Sec. 3 

Also Article Article 2, Sec. 14 (b) provides for recall of judges with 20% signatures on petition based on the total number in the last election for that office.....If only 100 voted we only need 20 signatures........ Powerfull weapon. 

Bob Hedrick



On Mon, 29 Dec 1997 [email protected] wrote: 

> At 12:18 AM 12/29/97 EST, Pffcj6 wrote: 
> >Hedrick v. Hedrick Case Update- San Diego CA.....On Dec 23, 1997 I received 

> >call from Karen Grimes (the wife of my wifes attorney Thomas Grimes).  She 
> >asked me to help her in her divorce against my wifes attorney.  She advised me 
> >that her husband (Thomas Grimes) was having an affair with a client and 
> >another attorney.  The Client turns out to by my wife (Patsy Hedrick) and 
> >Thomas Grime's client.  The other attorney turns out to be Attorney Laura 
> >House.  Laura House gave a derogatory declaration to the court in my case that 
> >"badmouthed me" and she represented two (2) witnesses (Kim & Mike Borngornio) 
> >who initially advised me that Patsy Hedrick had abused their son and then 
> >refused to provide a statement after House started representing them.  The 
> >fact is that there was a three-way affair going on between my wife, Grimes, 
> >and House.  Apparently, it was going on from the start of the divorce. Karen 
> >Grimes also told the same story to Diane Ritchey-Andrews (my children's 
> >attorney).  On Dec 24, 1997 in Judge Ashworths court I requested that Grimes 
> >be removed on the affair and that my case be reviewed for damages. Gangster 
> >Ashworth then cleared the courtroom and when no one else could listen; he 
> >refused to re-move Grimes. I then arrested Grimes and my wife under Citizens 
> >Arrest (read into the official court record).  Ashworth refused to place them 
> >into custody as did the bailiff  (violation of civil rights) and proceeded 
> >with a custody hearing and a moveaway hearing to allow my wife to "flee" 
> >California to escape a Child Protective Services investigation of Sexual Abuse 
> >of Sean and Shannon Hedrick (my children) which was assigned to Michael Green 
> >of CPS on December 18th.  Ashworth allowed Patsy Hedrick to leave with my son 
> >Sean to Texas.  This is a criminal conspiracy without a doubt.  Call the 
> >following numbers to express your anger and assist me in making their lives miserable: 
> >Judge Ashworth:  619-557-2118    Thomas Grimes  619--450-1544 
> >Diane Ritchey-Andrews 619-239-9475   Michael Green(CPS) 760-480-3476 
> >Ellen Hahn (Omsbudsman) 619-338-2085 
> > 
> > 
> >To Pffcj6: 

> Why don't you contact the press via FAX or telephone them about this case? 
>  Also, we have come across a method to file a citizen's complaint in the 
> District Court for the United States of America.  You must file a 
> type-written complaint, in your own words, and present it before a 
> Magistrate of the District Court for the U.S.A. for a probable cause 
> hearing.  On the top of the document you are presenting, entitle it the 
> District Court for the United States of America, In the District for 
> _________, California.  Then put the caption box with you and the United 
> States of America as the Complainants, and whoever you want as the 
> Defendants on the bottom of the caption box.  You say, what is my probable 
> cause?  How about obstruction of justice or official misconduct, conspiracy 
> to violate civil rights under Title 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242, Perjury of Oath 
> of Office under 18 U.S.C. 1621 (which has been used successfully against 
> malicious I.R.S. agents).  Notice that I do not use the terms United States 
> District Court.  "United States" has been defined as a "Federal 
> corporation" and is not the government, under Title 28 U.S.C. 3002 (15)(A). 
> So, we don't know what jurisdiction the United States District Court is 
> under.  We believe it might be admiralty (insurance) law.  You must address 
> the Court properly or your complaint will be thrown out.  If you bring a 
> criminal complaint in an admiralty court, they have no jurisdiction to hear 
> the case and will automatically toss it. 
>     Other avenues may be to go to the local municipal court and swear out 
> complaints for obstruction of justice and official misconduct, plus other 
> charges like harassment, terroristic threats by judge threatening you with 
> contempt, simple assault if he pointed his finger at you in a threatening 
> manner or summoned bailiffs within very close proximity to your body, bias 
> crime charges for gender harassment or harassment because of marital 
> status, and whatever else you can find in the criminal code to file.  You 
> may get some resistance by the clerks in the municipal court, but we've 
> found that the court rules and the statutes are specific--they are 
> obligated by law to take ALL complaints.  Then gather your evidence and 
> bring it before the court.  Since the judge is a superior court judge, most 
> of the time municipal judges can't hear the case and will kick it back to 
> the upper court for the district attorney to handle.  Under no circumstance 
> do you let him dismiss or plea the case away or reduce the charges.  Stick 
> to your guns and most importantly, always bring plenty of witnesses and 
> tape recorders (video cameras are even better).  This makes the government 
> pukes crazy, because they know they are being surveilled and will have to 
> do their jobs.  Again, do not let them ever reduce charges, because it 
> weakens your case and arguments. 

> Bruce E.,  Founder--NJ Council for 
> Children's Rights; 
>        Coordinator, NJ P.A.C.T. (People Against 
> Corruption & Tyranny) 
> 460 1/2 Alden Street, Orange, N.J. 07050

To that list should be added the crime committed by Tom Grimes called 
"adultery".  This is still a crime in California, and you couldn't ask for 
a better way to prove this is a law than to imprison an attorney who 
commits adultery and breaks up a family and uses his "license" to 
persecute a concerned father. 

Let's file this federal charge against "Slaver" Ashworth now.  How do you 
propose we do this?  Do you have any knowledge of cases which have been 
successful pursuing your reasoning? 

  Comments or suggestions



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