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               Subject: Re: Re: Catholics and Freemasons

               Arnold.......I looked in my Greek Bible that gives the Old Greek and  Modern Greek renditions of the word:"Greek-s"
               The BIGGEST problem I have determined is with SAUL of Tarsus (or the translators) changing the word  "Ioudaios'' i. e. Jew, to mean that they were from the Tribe of Judah.

               The words for Greek in the Old Greek:"Ellinwn''   "Ellesi", "Ellinidwn"

               The words for "Greek" in the Modern Greek: "Ellenida"(Fem) "Ellines" "Ellinas"
               NOWHERE is the word "Greek" fact, the word doesn't even exist in the Greek Bible....old or modern Greek.

               Ioudaios is the ONLY word for 'Jew' in Greek.....both Old Greek and Modern Greek.

               "Hellunisths"  is a Jew by birth or religion who speaks Greek, used chiefly of foreign Jews and proselytes whether converted to Christianity or not (Act 6:1; 9:29; 11:20, and in later editions of the Bible ''Hellenas"

               "  "Ioudaios"  is a Jew or Judean from Judea.  All the posterity of Jacob were called "Israel"  or ''children of Israel'' from the surname of the partiarch, until the time of King Rehoboam. TEN tribes, revolating from this prince and adhering tro Jefoboam, became known from then on as the Hose of Israel.  The two tribes of Judah and Benjamin, remaining faithful to the family of David were called the House of Judah.  Therefore, after the decection of the ten tribes, "Ioudaioi'', JEWS, sifnifided subject of the kingdom of Judah.  (2 Kgs. 16:6; 25:25; Jer. 38:19; 40;11).  After the Babylonian captivity, the name ''Jews'' was extended to all the descendants of Israel who retained the Jewish religion, whether they belonged to the two or the ten tribes and whether or not they returned to Judah as no doubt some of them did.   It is in this extensive sense that the word is aplied in the NT (Acts 2:5, 10 [cf. 26:7; James 1:1).   The Apostle Paul distinguishes beteeween the one who is a jew ''outwardly'' and the one who is a jew ''inwardly''  (Rom. 2:29; 3:1)  By the former, he means a person descended from Abraham Isaac, and Jacob according to the flesh and observing the outward ordinances of the Mosaic Law, but destitute of the faith of Abraham, not believing in the seed which is Christ.
               By one who is a jew inwardly Paul means the one who, whether Jew or Gentile by natural descent is a child of Abraham through faith in Christ, the promised seed (cf. Rom 4:16; Gal. 3:7, 29) and consequently is a true confessor of Jehovah."

               (From:  New Testament The Complete Word Study Dictionary by Dr. Spiros Zodhiates
               Every word follows the Strong's umbering System.....1 to 5624
               Keyed to be a companion to the Strong's Concordance and Complete Word Study N.T.
               Extensive examination of every New Testament word
               Analysis contains definitions, derivations, exegetical commentary, word history and etymology, synonym and antonym lists.)




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