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A recent documentary of the Waco Travesty, which CAUSED the OK City Travesty at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, claimed that the four ATF agents who died while attacking this peaceful Christian community, and *while* KILLING 85 Christians, mostly women and children who had NO idea what the charges against them were and were never given the option of a trial, are "heroes".


For FIVE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED YEARS, we of the House of Israel as well as 2 BILLION Christians around the world, have KNOWN in our hearts what a hero is, AND THEY ARE NOT.

Calling them "heroes" is a DISGRACE to the uniform, to the US Military, to EVERY ONE of the 25 million Veterans of this country, to REAL HEROES who fight REAL enemies and die in LEGAL wars, and even to Fellow Officer William Calley who followed orders, killed the enemy, then was IMPRISONED for it.

Sure, they followed orders, too? BUT AN ORDER TO KILL INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN, particularly those professing a belief in Jesus or claiming to be Christians, particularly FELLOW CITIZENS, is far, far worse than what Calley was imprisoned for.


It was precisely the ruling from the Nurenburg Trial which they VIOLATED, making them anti-heroes and international WAR CRIMINALS whose treachery exceeds that of EVERY Nazi on the planet, COMBINED.

As a Vietnam Veteran, most of whose fellow Officers from both high school and college DIED in battle, as the son of a career Army Officer and grandson of a career Naval Officer, this is such an affront to their honor that if they don't tear down this monument in Mount Carmel, we should demand that the Vietnam War Memorial be TORN DOWN just so we aren't lumped into the same class as these TRAITORS.


Their coffins should be dug up and dumped in a Mexican garbage dump.




Heroes of the Fathers' Manifesto

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This Page is Dedicated to the Heroes of the fatherhood movement who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to their God, country, race

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gsf.gif (55863 bytes)Scott Forrest who was murdered by the CRIMINAL justice system in the summer of 2002, after years of fighting false allegations of "spousal abuse", and winning three different times.

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Hard working, tax paying, honest father Wilbur Streett on Easter Day, April 15, 2001, murdered by CRIMINAL justice system August 15, 2004:

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From: "Barbara C. Johnson" <>
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 11:36:10 -0400
Subject: [f4jusa] In Memory of Wilbur Street

Yes, something should be said and done in Wilbur Streett's memory.

I had corresponded with Wilbur a bit, and finally met him in
Washington at the Million Dads march.  He had his beautiful little girl with him. As we watched the children play, Wilbur told me he had just been diagnosed as have Lou Gehrig's disease.  I kept on calling it Parkinson's, but it was ALS.

It was remarkable how he kept up the energy all year fighting the terrible system, wrongly called the justice system, for there was no justice in it.

I get goose pimples to think that he passed so soon.  I cannot help agreeing with others that the stress caused by the court exacerbated his medical condition and caused his premature death.

What a shame.   I am deeply saddened.    It's a death I''m having difficulty accepting.

I'm so sorry, Wilbur, that we could not help in time.

C. Johnson, Advocate of Court Reform and Attorney at Law
6 Appletree Lane
Andover, MA 01810-4102

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The Heartbroken Father who was imprisoned by a female "judge" who deserves to spend ten times as much time in prison as she sentenced him to.

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Rolf Szabo, for standing up against the anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-fatherhood, pro-zionist policy at Kodak.

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    1. Mr. Bob Cheney, Sovereign Patriot Group  who spent more than 130 days on a Hunger Strike for Fatherhood, who formed a grand jury to indict the sheriff suspected of condoning the killing of a black father in the county jail, who drew the line in the concrete which fathers worldwide have and will benefit from, and who has proven by example that fathers have no legal recourse in the current legal system.  OUR HATS OFF TO YOU, BOB!! 


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Conversely, Jim Gouda, below, is a despicable little snake of a "man" who is assisting the feminists in the overthrow of our Constitutional form of government,  Read why his picture belongs on every fathers' rights web site as a WARNING for our children complained.jpg (9575 bytes)

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Mr. Jim Thomas of Dalton, Georgia

Even after Jim Thomas reluctantly sided with his fellow jurors and voted to convict Wayne Cservak of molesting a 13-year-old boy, he remained convinced Cservak was innocent.  So Thomas, 69, spent his own money to hire an attorney to appeal the case because he knew Cservak could only afford a public defender.  One week into the appeal, the alleged victim admitted he had lied. Cservak was freed.

"I was a juror, and I helped make a wrong," said Thomas, president and co-owner of All Purpose Adhesive Co. Inc.. "It had to be righted."


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Alia Darrow

Affirmative Action activist, mother, fathers' rights activist, architect of California's Proposition 209, and confidant to leaders across the nation.  Alia single-handedly, without compensation, following God's will, and at her own expense, took on the feminists and won!  She has accomplished more for responsible fatherhood than all of the governors and presidents of her lifetime combined have accomplished.  OUR HATS OFF TO YOU, ALIA!! 

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Steve Wilner

Steve Wilner has been put into jail for wanting to see his kids. He is on a hunger strike and has been since being incarcerated on March 11. He needs your help. His lawyer will not file the papers that Steve is requesting him to. Help him to get this message out, and if you want to get any messages to him, feel free to email me and I will make sure that he gets them. Thanks. Posted by Debbie Reed on March 31, 1998 at 22:56:03 

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Stephen Fagan

Police say Stephen Fagan reinvented himself as Martin after he abducted his

                                                          2- and 5-year-old daughters from their mother in Massachusetts nearly 20

                                                          years ago during a bitter divorce. He claimed then, as he does now, that the

                                                          girls' mother - his second of four wives - was an alcoholic and unfit to raise


This man took the most responsible tack he could possibly have taken.  His

two daughters grew up free of most of the conflicts created by divorce.

They had paternal guidance, a high standard of living, moral and probably

religious training, and no abusive mother to berate them about how rotten

their father was.  They didn't have to put up with the legal system, and

their father wasn't financially ruined by the courts.

These two girls had the best of both worlds, and the media will never, ever

notice this.

For all he cares, they can send him to prison for 20 years!  He has

accomplished what he set out to do, and he succeeded.  They cannot take it

away from him now.  If the courts imprison him, both society and his

daughers lose, but not nearly as badly as if they had been raised the way

the courts had in mind for them.


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"Jackel, Lindsay" <[email protected]>
To:  "'John Knight'" <[email protected]>
Subject: Men Doing Good
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 12:28:00 +1000

All too often feminists and the media focus and dwell on the negative things
some men do, conveniently neglecting the wrongs of women. Occasionally, I
have sought to redress that with examples of feminine misbehaviour, etc.
This post however seeks to highlight the good that men do...

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Rick Morse

15 January 1999

Dad Gives Kidney To Daughter

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- A Knoxville father gives his daughter the gift of
life. Eleven-year-old Erica Morse was born with only one kidney. When that
one failed her father Rick made good on his promise to do anything for
her... by giving her one of his kidneys. Erica remains in intensive care and
is recovering nicely. Rick is also doing well. He says all his years of
worry have turned to joy. Doctors hope to bring Erica out of I-C-U later

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William Puskas and Vincent Valentino

11 January 1999

Hero Cops Save Family

BRONX -- Two New York City police officers are being called heroes after
saving a large Bronx family from their burning home. The Baron family awoke
to the fire and the parents called to a neighbor to catch an infant from an
upstairs bedroom. But when Officers William Puskas and Vincent Valentino
arrived, they found a ladder and were able to safely bring the other members
of the family down to the backyard. The quick-thinking cops saved six of the
Baron family's seven children, one cousin and both parents.

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Sgt. Daniel Briehl

9 January 1999

Marine Gets Purple Heart for Rescue

NAIROBI, KENYA - Sgt. Daniel Briehl charged into the smoke-filled rubble of
the bombed U.S. Embassy in Nairobi last summer and, despite three broken
ribs, returned again and again to pull others to safety.

For his bravery, the 28-year-old Marine from Lorain, Ohio, on Saturday was
awarded the Purple Heart and the Marine Corps' highest peacetime medal for
heroism, the Navy and Marine Corps Cross.

"Others did the same thing and just weren't recognized," said Briehl, who
later left his hospital bed and rejoined rescue efforts because he believed
it was his duty....

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14 January 1999

Company Press Release
SOURCE: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

24 Truck Drivers Named State Highway Heroes

AKRON, OHIO -- Everyday, throughout North America, ordinary citizens perform
heroic deeds that may not make the evening news and often go unnoticed. It
is in the spirit of these hometown heroes that The Goodyear Tire & Rubber
Company honors their brave, caring and selfless acts of kindness.

Twenty-four truck drivers representing 23 states and provinces earned the
1998 Goodyear State Highway Hero Award, Goodyear announced today. Founded by
Goodyear in 1983, the National Highway Hero program recognizes professional
truck drivers and the oftentimes unnoticed, life-saving rescues and roadside
assistance they provide as their jobs take them across the country.

Among this year's class of courageous citizens who build their lives on
North America's highways are career truckers who not only put the safety and
well being of their fellow motorists above their own, but some who actually
gave their lives while aiding others in need.

This group of everyday people turned State Highway Heroes was selected by an
independent agency from a pool of 41 nominees. Capturing state-level honors,
this group comprises the initial winners, one of whom will be named the 1998
National Highway Hero.

The 24 state winners are:

Jerry Mitchell, Demopolis, Ala. -- While driving on I-20 outside of Dallas,
Mitchell glanced in his rearview mirror just as the propane tanks on a motor
home traveling behind his rig exploded. As flames engulfed the camper,
Mitchell and another driver removed two badly burned victims from their
fiery trap, moving them out of harm's way while controlling the spreading
fire until help arrived.

Larry Miller, Tucson, Ariz. -- Making his way through a downpour in
Nashville, Tenn., Miller found himself barreling toward an accident scene
with no space or time to stop. With three disabled vehicles and their
operators in his path, Miller veered his truck to avoid the defenseless
victims, sending him into a collision with a concrete barrier. While
preventing certain catastrophe, Miller, fortunately, only suffered minor

Lynn Tracey, Chilliwack, British Columbia -- Just after nightfall on June 22
of last year, Tracey happened upon an accident victim who had been thrown
from his truck. She cleared the air passages of the badly disfigured and
unconscious victim to restore regular breathing. Tracey prevented the
motorist from going into shock as she monitored his vital signs until
medical help arrived from more than 20 miles away.

Paul Ostoich, Cottonwood, Calif. -- Traveling across a bridge on a flooded
county road in Red Bluff, Calif., Ostoich passed safely through danger only
to find a fellow motorist had not fared as well. He returned to the
waist-high floodwaters to rescue the stranded victim as the current, fueled
by an erupted dam, threatened to sweep them both away. Ostoich gathered up
the hysterical woman only moments before the swift waters carried her car

Gilles Heroux, Maranja, Fla. -- Traveling through Titusville, Fla., on a
mail run to Miami, Heroux was the first on the scene of a wrecked tractor
trailer that had exploded and flipped over, trapping its driver. Heroux
pulled the driver from the fiery wreckage through the truck's smashed
windshield. With the help of another motorist, he was able to move the
victim to safety before the truck exploded a second time.

Kelly Pate, Evansville, Ind. -- Traveling with his wife on a rainy evening
near Daytona Beach, Fla., Pate witnessed as a driver ahead lost control of
her vehicle, rolling it several times. The driver escaped relatively
unharmed, so Pate and two other motorists set about trying to roll the
vehicle back onto its wheels. As the four stood on the median, an unwary
motorist failed to yield to the stopped traffic, lost control of her vehicle
and struck the four people and the wrecked vehicle. Pate died later that
evening from his injuries, leaving behind his young bride and 2-year-old

Robert Dunn, Cimarron, Kan. -- Traveling west on I-40 in Eric, Okla., Dunn
witnessed as a car veered off the road, rolling several times, throwing out
two of its passengers before coming to a stop. While the two thrown from the
car -- an adult and an infant child -- were killed instantly, three
passengers in the vehicle survived. Dunn and another trucker provided
blankets and water for the remaining victims and prevented them from going
into shock.

James Cullins, Simsboro, La. -- When no one else would stop in the pouring
rain to help, Cullins came to the aid of a motorist who was badly injured on
the Red River Bridge in Bossier City, La. Having removed the woman from her
van, Cullins placed his jacket beneath her, covered her with his uniform
shirt and used his T-shirt to dress her wounds. He cleared her air passages
to help her breathe and kept her calm until help arrived.

Christopher Sackos, Lawrence, Mass. -- On the evening of Dec. 16, 1997,
Sackos realized what appeared to be a duffel bag lying near the side of
I-495 in Andover, Mass., was actually a barely conscious woman. Sackos
turned his rig sideways and slammed on the brakes to put himself between the
victim and the oncoming traffic that was certain to hit her. After summoning
help on his radio, Sackos used his jacket and a blanket to keep her warm
while resting her head on a pillow until help arrived.

William Basner II, Harbor Beach, Mich. -- Alerted by another driver that
there had been an accident, Basner arrived at the scene to find a wrecked
truck on fire with its passengers trapped inside. He extinguished the
flames, and with a police officer's help, removed the two passengers. The
driver had died on impact.

Joseph Rice, St. James, Mo. -- After watching a rig, engulfed in flames,
roll over several times, Rice rushed to the scene, breaking through the
windshield to get to the trapped driver. He managed to get the
half-conscious driver to release the seat belt that held him dangling in the
cab of the fiery rig. He pulled the driver to safety only to learn that a
second victim was trapped in the tractor's sleeping compartment. Despite
efforts by Rice and another motorists, the second victim perished in the

Wayne Carpenter, Keene, N.H. -- Carrying a load of cargo through Durham,
N.H., Carpenter witnessed a head-on collision between a car and truck in
which both vehicles erupted in flames. The driver of the truck and a
passenger in the car managed to free themselves from their fiery traps, but
the driver of the car was unconscious. Unable to control the quickly
spreading fires, Carpenter proceeded to pull the driver from the car and to
safety. Despite Carpenter's efforts and risking his own life, the driver was
pronounced dead at the scene.

Allan Ackles, Willseyville, N.Y. -- In the early morning hours of June 28,
Ackles was the first on the scene moments after motorist struck a rock cut
and sat unconscious in his now burning vehicle. The flames had grown beyond
the help of a fire extinguisher when Ackles and another motorist charged the
vehicle, removing its victim before it exploded.

Jamie Pritchard, Elk Park, N.C. -- Pritchard, carrying his family home down
I-81 near Marion, Va., saw a truck bump a smaller car into a guardrail; its
cargo -- a mother and four children. Seeing smoke coming from the car's
engine, Pritchard left his family sleeping in his rig to assist the victims.
Calming them, he checked for injuries and explained to the little girl in
the passenger seat that he was going to carry her to the safety of his
truck. Lifting her, he glanced over his shoulder in time to see another
vehicle heading toward them. Pritchard shoved the child back into the car,
but was struck himself and killed instantly.

Mitchell Stinson, Fairborn, Ohio -- After investigating what he thought were
strange lights off the side of the road, Stinson found a wrecked car
engulfed in flames, its driver trapped inside. After crossing a highway,
scaling a fence and crossing a creek, he and another motorist pried open the
car's window to remove the hysterical driver. Over his shoulder, Stinson
carried the rescued victim to safety just before the car exploded.

Michael Thatcher, Stillwater, Okla. -- On a cold and windy Dec. 4, 1997,
morning, Thatcher happened upon an accident scene that appeared to have no
victim. After further examining the scene, he found a young driver,
semi-frozen, on the side of the road. He wrapped her in his coat, keeping
her warm until the ambulance arrived one hour later.

Mark Savarie and Michael Asselin, Markstay, Ontario -- Arriving in their
trucks shortly after another rig slammed into a rock cut on Highway 17 in
Sudbury, Ontario, Savarie and Asselin set to dousing flames while freeing
the driver. Realizing the rig was transporting explosives, Savarie quickly
retrieved his first aid kit and tended to the driver's most serious
injuries. He then moved his partner's truck out of harm's way, using it to
create a barricade to prevent other drivers from approaching too closely to
the volatile scene. The rig exploded, destroying Savarie's new truck, which
was still parked nearby. Although debris was thrown nearly two miles from
the scene, no one was injured in the explosion.

Shane Strozinsky, Portland, Ore. -- While waiting at an intersection,
Strozinsky noticed an elderly, visually impaired gentleman unknowingly
walking into traffic. Having failed to capture the attention of the man with
the white cane by blasting his horn, Strozinsky left his vehicle to pull the
man out of harm's way. He then helped the gentleman safely reach his

Herbert Haagen, Punxsutawney, Pa. -- Making his way home on State Route 36,
Haagen came across a car sitting on the side the road, its tail end in
flames. Upon putting out the fire, he noticed the driver sprawled across the
front seat, his foot planted on the accelerator. Haagen walked the
apparently inebriated driver to a safe area to lie down.

Michael Shannon, Blacksburg, S.C. -- Just as Shannon was getting back on the
road after taking a rest, a car up ahead blew a tire, lost control and was
hit by another vehicle. It rolled several times before coming to a rest on
its side on the median. After pulling a young lady from the vehicle, Shannon
returned to rescue her mother, who sustained life-threatening injuries. He
performed emergency medical care on the elderly woman, reportedly saving her

David Adams, Deer Lodge, Tenn. -- Traveling on I-75, Adams spotted an
accident in which one of his fellow drivers had been rear-ended by another
truck, the driver of which was in serious condition. When none of the
onlookers would offer needed materials to tend to the driver's wounds, Adams
used his own T-shirt to apply a tourniquet to stop what could have been
fatal blood loss. He remained on the site, keeping the injured driver calm
until the paramedics could load him into an ambulance.

Cecil Hodges, Garland, Texas -- Crossing a bridge in Thayer, Mo., Hodges'
truck was hit by an oncoming pick-up truck. The driver's arm, which was
hanging out of the window as they passed each other, was torn nearly
completely off. Hodges left his rig to tend to the other driver. Using
training he learned as an Eagle Scout, he applied pressure to his shoulder
to prevent blood loss and possibly save the injured arm. The young man
survived the accident, but did eventually lose his arm.

James Rowlett, Sandyville, W.Va. -- Seeing smoke and fire ahead, Rowlett
left his rig and raced to an accident scene where a car had been severely
rear-ended, leaving the passengers dazed. With the help of two other
truckers, Rowlett doused the flames and fought through hot glass and steel
to rescue the five passengers trapped in the mangled wreckage. While the
five- month-old girl traveling in the back seat managed to survive, her
mother was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later this month, four finalists will be selected from the pool of State
Highway Heroes. The four and their spouses will be Goodyear's guests for an
all-expenses-paid trip March 24-28 to Louisville, Ky., where they will be
introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show, and Nashville, Tenn., where the
1998 Goodyear National Highway Hero will be announced on "The Nashville
Network's Prime Time Country" television program.



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