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The Club of Rome met in 1968 to discuss the implementation of their plan for world domination and that year the Firearms Act 1968 was enacted in the United Kingdom.

Coincidence? Not a chance.

Long live the Fighters,


---------- From: Chris W. Stark <[email protected]> To: [email protected] Subject: [Gun Owners Alliance Alert] Heston and the 1968 GCA - Conversion or Confusion? Date: Wed, Aug 21, 2002, 4:00 am


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20 August 2002 ++++++++++++++++++

Heston and the 1968 GCA - Conversion or Confusion?

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A good friend has severely criticized me for bringing up NRA President Charlton Heston's record of working with the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration to pass the Gun Control Act of 1968.

If you didn't know that, and you didn't know some of the things that Heston has said that made many of us cringe, or infuriated us, go to our website at:

"You should cut him some slack. That was over 30 years ago, and people change their minds about a lot of things in that many years," my friend wrote.

Quite true. We certainly hope people will change. We do want converts to our pro-2nd amendment camp!

After praising the carefully drafted scripts and speeches that Heston has delivered so skillfully, and the wonderful articles his ghostwriters have written, my friend continued to write:

"So on the whole, I feel Heston's put a good image on gun owners and gun ownership. That's his function in the NRA. So when you consider a replacement President, select a poster boy. That's' the criteria. When you fill in those NRA BoD ballots, pay attention, you are setting NRA policy (well, should be)."

My friend also told me "I do believe he has admitted to changing his views since his 1968 GCA anti-gun days."

But he couldn't remember exactly when the apology/admission occurred.

That's because it never happened. Not that I can find.

Heston was the public spokesman, for NRA several years before running against, and narrowly defeating, NRA Vice President Neal Knox in 1997, by only 4 votes on the 76 member board. It took Moses to defeat Knox, out of his well-deserved spot, on the NRA Board.

In several Radio and TV interviews shortly after that election, Heston explained that he did it for the purpose of taking "radicals" and "extremists" off the NRA board of directors, mentioning Knox, as being one of the radicals he was trying to, and was successful in defeating.

Wow. Look at and tell me if Neal Knox is a radical.

Some see "Extremists" where others see "Principled Defenders of the Second Amendment". It depends on the position where you're looking from, AND if you are willing to subject yourself to just "blindly" follow Moses, or to challenge your traditional views of the NRA, and think for yourself.

Now, isn't that an interesting proposal. THINK FOR YOURSELF. A rare skill in today's generation.

"When did Heston convert?" This is the BIG question MANY ask. If you want the answer, and ARE willing to think for yourself (and risk knowing the truth....God forbid), then follow VERY CLOSELY, the comments below. Read it as many times as it takes to get the BIG picture:


In Heston's 1977 book, "An Actor's Life," he defends his 1968 GCA anti-gun position, as found at

Heston began doing television ads for NRA about 1990, only 13 years or so later. That's only 13 years after defending his 1968 Gun Control Act anti-gun actions as fount at:

13 years is not long, in the life of a man who was then, over 65 years old. Frankly, at 65, most never change. Too set in one's ways, by then. Shoot, I am 41, and find that I can sometimes be unteachable, which is not good. The older you get, the harder to "convert" to a different methodology. Not impossible, but MUCH harder.

But I ask you this: Contrast the way Heston has failed to discuss his conversion on guns, to his conversion from smoking, which he referred to continuously, AND very effectively, in pushing California's anti-smoking initiative. His story of converting on the gun issue, and why, would be wonderfully effective as well!

But he's never told it! If you know of this "elusive" story, PLEASE fill me in, and send it to me!

Somehow though, I doubt you will be more successful than I, in finding it.

The closest that Heston's ever come in discussing his conversion to becoming pro-2nd amendment, was on the TV program, "60 Minutes", when Mike Wallace, host, asked him.

You can read about this at

Heston said ONLY, "I've made many mistakes in my life."

Great. Haven't we all???

But he NEVER said he thought the anti-gun GCA '68 was one of the "...many mistakes in my life." Interesting, isn't it? Straight and to the point, Heston was not.

Conversion or Confusion, folks?

When pressed by Host Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes", Heston told the story of being converted by a Barry Goldwater billboard: "In his heart, you know he's right." And he told Wallace, that one morning he agreed with the billboard.

Wonderful story, Chuck.

Problem is: Goldwater ran in 1964, four years before Heston volunteered to help the LBJ White House in passing the anti-gun control act of 1968.

Was the "Barry Goldwater billboard" still up, after all those years, Chuck?

If I had that kind of record, no one would trust me for a fleeting moment.

But then again, I'm not Moses.

Now you know, "The R E S T of the Story."

NRA. The "winning" team?

And if you are on the "REAL" winning team, and you have a website, why not consider joining our webring known as, "Gun Owners Alliance for a No-Compromise NRA."

Go to for more information.

With Respect,

Gun Owners Alliance Chris W. Stark - Director



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