21 Ways "Public Schools" Harm Your Children

  by R. C. Hoiles


    R.C. Hoiles was the publisher of the Santa Ana Register, now the Orange
County Register, the flagship of media giant, Freedom Communications. We
are commemorating the 40th anniversary of Mr. Hoiles publication of his
great vituperation against "gun-run schools." It has been edited for
length, a process newspaperman Hoiles would understand.

   It is a crime of crimes to compel pupils to attend schools where the
teacher dare not teach moral laws. It is hard to conceive how anything can
do more harm than the kind of "education" we are getting in tax-run schools.

   Now, what are the things that government schools dare not teach?

   1. They dare not teach the spirit of the Constitution as set forth in the
first official document of the United States, the Declaration of
Independence. They dare not teach it because it says that all men, not just
the majority, are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,
among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

   A man isn't free to pursue happiness when the majority in any school
district, state or nation can coerce him to pay for a school that he
believes violates the principles upon which this government was formed.

   The school teachers dare not emphasize this part of the Declaration of
Independence. They dare not explain the true meaning of this statement. If
they were successful in explaining and teaching the true meaning of these
ideologies, there would be no gun-run schools.

   2. Again, they dare not teach that to secure these rights governments are
instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the
governed. They have to completely repudiate the ideas of the American way
of life. They have to teach the old-world philosophy of the divine right of
governments, only now they call it the divine right of the majority rather
than the divine right of kings.

   3. They dare not teach in government schools the meaning of liberty. It
is doubtful whether any teacher in gun-run schools dares define the kind of
liberty the Founding Fathers mutually pledged to each other their lives,
their fortunes and their sacred honor to support. If the government schools
successfully taught the meaning of the liberty our Founding Fathers had in
mind, there would be no government schools that starve the intellects of
our children.

   4. The government schools dare not teach the meaning of the Golden Rule.
If they were successful in getting their pupils to understand that they
should not force other people to pay for something they did not want, then
they could see that it was a violation of the Golden Rule to force others
to pay for their schooling.

   They, of course, dare not teach their pupils to believe that if it is
wicked and a violation of the Golden Rule for one man to do a thing, it is
still wicked and a violation of the Golden Rule if 49 per cent or 99 per
cent of the people do the same thing. They, thus, dare not teach the youth
that the ideal government, the only kind of government that can be of value
to mankind, is one that is limited to the use of defensive force and never
has a right, under any circumstances, to initiate force.

   I want to continue suggesting things that tax-run schools dare not teach.

   5. They dare not teach the First Commandment: "Thou shalt have no other
Gods before me" because they are bowing down and worshipping the will of
the majority rather than the eternal laws of God that no man made and no
man can unmake.

   6. They dare not teach "Thou shalt not covet," because they are violating
the Coveting Commandment.

   They believe they do not need to teach well enough that people will
voluntarily pay their salaries. They get their pay by violence rather than
by rendering service well enough so that those who pay them believe they
are benefited by their employment.

   7. They dare not teach discipline and self-reliance because they are not
disciplining themselves enough to render such service that they can be paid
voluntarily. The teachers take the shortcut and use a police club to get
their money. That certainly is not discipline, nor is it self-reliance.

  8. They dare not teach thrift and the harm that comes from getting into debt.

   They dare not do this because the government burdens every child and
every person in the United States with a monstrous debt.

   9. They dare not teach respect for individual initiative because
government schools are based on lack of respect for other people's
initiative. They are based on the theory that "We've got the power and the
individual is helpless and we're going to make him pay for anything our
agents think is education."

   10. They dare not teach humility and meekness because the means used by
government schools are the exact opposite of humility and meekness. Are
believers in tax-run schools so sure they are right that they are willing
to initiate force to make people support their ideas of education? They see
themselves as so exalted that they have lost all humility and meekness. And
remember, "He who exalts himself shall become abased."

   11. They dare not teach children to reason. They have to teach them not
to recognize a contradiction or a dilemma. If the pupils were taught to
reason, they would recognize the tyranny that is bound to follow making
people pay for things and ideas they abhor.

   12. They dare not teach the harm that follows socialism, communism,
collectivism and fascism for to do so would let pupils realize that
aggressive force is part of socialism, communism, collectivism and fascism.

   13. They dare not teach that what man wants must be obtained on a
voluntary basis. They dare not teach this because they get what they want
on an involuntary basis.

   14. They dare not teach the difference between socialism and private
ownership of property. They dare not explain that under socialism the only
way a man can benefit is by injuring another, as in the case in compelling
people to pay for schools they think will destroy the country.

   15. They dare not explain that in free enterprise, including free
enterprise in education, the gain of one is the gain of all.

   16. Tax-run schools dare not teach love and charity because they are
using aggressive force. They seem to think that aggressive force is better
than persuasion by love and charity.

   "Hitherto the plans of the educationalists have achieved very little of
what they attempted, and indeed we may well thank the beneficent obstinacy
of real mothers, real nurses, and (above all) real children for preserving
the human race in such sanity as it still posses."

  --C.S. Lewis

   17. They cannot teach patience because they are so impatient about
getting what they seem to believe is an education that they dare not wait
to persuade those who should employ them to pay their salaries.

   18. They cannot teach peace and goodwill because they are an example of
the opposite of peace and goodwill. They are an example of initiating
force, of threatening to get from others by aggressive force what they
think they should get.

   19. They cannot teach that the government is a servant of individuals
because they believe it should be supported by giving it a monopoly to use
aggressive force to make people pay. They can only teach that it is a
master of the individual.

   20. They cannot teach justice because their method of supporting the
schools is based on injustice--arbitrary, initiated force.

   21. They cannot teach that each man is responsible for his own life
because they deny that by using force to take part of man's energy against
his will, and man cannot be responsible for his life unless he has the
right to choose.

   There is nothing more important for parents than their duty to see that
their children are treated fairly and have an opportunity to learn from
schools that can teach these great moral principles and axioms. It is not
the money we're wasting in our tax-run schools that is so important, but it
is that our children are not being taught the moral laws that tax-less
schools can teach.

   It is because children can be taught what is right in tax-less schools
and they cannot be so taught in tax-run schools that I am obliged to do
what little I can to get parents to see that they are not doing their duty
to their children by sending them to tax-run schools.

  What we need above everything else is more people devoting more time to
seeing that the youth of the land are instilled with belief in the great
moral laws, the Golden Rule, and the Declaration of Independence.
Government schools cannot teach successfully the will to learn. The best
way to teach anything is by example. But the superintendent and managers of
the schools themselves are not enough interested in the will to learn to be
willing to answer questions as they would before a court to determine
whether what they are doing is in harmony with what they profess to
believe. If there is anything a man of integrity should want to learn, it
is whether what he is doing is in harmony and consistent with what he says.