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Holocaust Hoax

Jews are pretty good liars most of the time, but they tell so many lies they are bound to trip themselves up sometimes. Their exaggerations, half-truths, and outright inventions about the so- called "Holocaust," easily the most lied-about topic ever, are a good example.

Excellent description of the jew!

Unfortunately, many patriots fail to counter the Jews' "Holocaust" lies effectively; instead they let themselves be lured into the semantic trap of "Holocaust denial." That is, they tacitly accept the Jews' rules of debate. The first of those rules is that one must either accept or reject the "Holocaust" mythology as a whole: no quibbling over details permitted. If one does not accept without question or quibble the magical number of "six million" Jews who were led into gas chambers disguised as shower houses and given a faceful of Zyklon-B instead of hot water when they turned on the faucet, for example, one is a "Holocaust denier," who believes that the "Holocaust" is entirely fictitious, and the German government treated Jews just like everyone else during the Second World War. That, of course, is an impossible position to defend.

The "Holocaust" myth, as mentioned above, is a structure built of lies, exaggerations, and half- truths, and the way to discredit it is to subject these individual building blocks -- the details -- to critical scrutiny.

And to make sure that every jew who ever engaged in this hoax against Christians is PUNISHED ten times more severely than ANY Christian was ever punished for “holocaust denial”, i.e., David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and Germar Rudolf who’ve served YEARS in prison on behalf of the despicable jew and this abominable jew LIE.

To be specific, the August 10, 1994, issue of The Christian Science Monitor carried an article (page 12) by Jewess Linda Joffee about growing anti-Semitism in Germany and the efforts of the Jews and their collaborators to combat it. Under the heading "Growing Anti-Semitism Concerns German Jews," Ms. Joffee writes:

"About 560,000 Jews lived in Germany when the Nazis came to power in 1933. Almost all died in the Holocaust. There are about 50,000 Jews in Germany today."

The first sentence in Ms. Joffee's statement is true. The second sentence is a bald-faced lie. Fortunately, it can easily be shown as such by anyone with access to a library which carries books with world demographic data for the last 60 years or so.

The truth of the matter is that as soon as a National Socialist government was elected in Germany in 1933, the Germans began working hard to persuade Jews to emigrate. They did this by enacting legislation which progressively excluded Jews from one sector of German life after another. Jews were not permitted to teach in Germany, except in Jewish schools; they were not permitted to publish newspapers, magazines, or books, except those published specifically for Jews; they were banned from the practice of medicine (except the treating of Jewish patients) and law; and they were excluded from many areas of trade and industry, especially from those businesses requiring a government license.

The main complaint Germans had about jews is *EXACTLY* the same complaint we American have today:  they occupy ALL the positions of power and authority in media, education, law, entertainment, publishing, and now even internet.  Germans wanted and *DESERVED* to run their own country, not have the jew steal it like the jew stole ours.

This legislation was not motivated by petty spite or by economic considerations, but by a determination to free Germany from Jewish influence. When the National Socialists came to power in 1933, Jews were vastly over-represented in the media, in teaching, and in the legal and medical professions. For example, 42 per cent of the physicians practicing in Berlin in 1933 were Jews, as were 48 per cent of the attorneys. To the National Socialists this was an intolerable situation, and they set about remedying it in a typically thorough and efficient manner.

The Jews screamed bloody murder about the National Socialist campaign to take Germany away from them and give it back to the German people. As early as 1934 Jews around the world declared an economic boycott of Germany in retaliation. As it became apparent to them, however, that Adolf Hitler was the most popular leader Germany had ever had, that the National Socialists could neither be bought off nor voted out of office, and that there really was no future for Jews in Germany, they began to look for easier pickings elsewhere. The great majority of them eventually emigrated.

Hitler was a jew who never received support from more than 15% of the German population.  It was HE who, in the midst of losing a war, redirected valuable war materiel and resources and transportation and soldiers to transporting the jews OUT of Germany, away from cities like Dresden and Hamburg and Koln, perhaps costing him the war.  Had Hitler left the jews behind, they would have discovered the REAL holocaust--flames to 22,000 feet which almost knocked down our own bombers!  Had it not been for Hitler and WWII, there would have been 264 million more Christians in the world in 1948 than there were—THAT was the holocaust.


Hitler SAVED the jews: had he wanted to KILL them, a simple bullet to the head would have saved a LOT of valuable war resources, probably enough to have WON the war.  Auschwitz is in Poland, not Germany—if eight million jews were sent there as g-d’s chosen race claims there were, then NONE of the 600 thousand jews previously in Germany could have been left behind.  And in 1988, the jews themselves claim there were 300 THOUSAND jews in Germany [if there was a holocaust of your race, would YOU go back there?], and 18 million in the world—twice as many as they claimed there were in 1948, only two generations earlier.  Not even Africa experienced that kind of population increase, and they are worse than rabbits.

By the time the Second World War began in September 1939 there were only about 200,000 Jews left in Germany, and a number of them succeeded in leaving after that.

These news items appeared in issue number 114 of National Vanguard magazine. For further information, write National Vanguard Books, PO Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.

Having just visited Salispils and Rumbula Forest in Latvia [where there were almost NO jews before WWII, only TWO synagogues, and one was burned down by the Nazis] as the Latvian president was “apologizing” to the jews for the 200,000 jews “shot” in the forest, I was ENRAGED.  There’s not a SINGLE bone, not a SINGLE ash, and not a SINGLE bullet hole, and this is a THICK FOREST where it would be almost impossible to fire a gun and not hit a tree.  Plaques of German cities which allegedly represent the jews sent to Latvia from Germany to be “shot” made me even more disgusted than before about this GIANT HOAX.  If there were 8 million jews in Auschwitz, and 200 thousand jews in Rumbula, then ALL of the jews must have left Germany before the end of WWII.  YET, according to FOUR JEW SOURCES 1) The American Jewish Committee, Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 2) Judaica Encyclopedia, 3) The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, and 4) The jews, their History, Culture, and Religion, the worldwide population of jews INCREASED by 584,549 between 1941 and 1948!