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Home Schooling Hurricane

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This was sent to me and I thought you all might find it of interest,...B.

Home Schooling Hurricane

Sunni Maravillosa

For those who can't stand to follow Clinton's
actions these days, I offer the following public service
announcement, complete with virtual barf bag for
those with sensitive stomachs. While on a recent
"school reform" tour (what, there aren't enough metal
detectors and dogs yet?), he offered his opinions on
homeschooling, and made it clear that this is an as-yet
untapped area for federal meddling. He warned
parents who homeschool, "your children have to
prove that they're learning on a regular basis, and if
they don't prove that they're learning then they have
to go into a school-either into a parochial or private
school or a public school."

Excuse me???

This goes far beyond the idiocy of "it takes a village"
thinking and shows the naked truth of the statists'
goals with respect to children: to control as many as
possible, beginning as early as possible. If you think
that the bit about "parochial or private school" lets
him off the hook, you're forgetting that those are already
regulated by the state (generally by the individual
states themselves), and subject to the state for
licensing and approval to operate. Most states'
requirements are such that these schools must fulfill
the government prison -- er, schools' -- mandated
attendance time, curriculum, and testing requirements.
Of course, the oft-repeated bleat used to justify
federal action is "for the good of the children". But
even a cursory look at the evidence regarding home
schooling demolishes this claim's validity.

A quick course for the opponents of home schooling
As the home schooling movement has grown in the
United States, many do-gooders have advanced
numerous reasons why home schooling is worse than
"group schooling" -- the term I'll use to indicate
attending a public or private school -- and used them
to heighten parents' concerns regarding home
schooling. Some are based on academic achievement;
one claim is that home-schooled children don't learn
as much as group-schooled children. Another is that a
parent who isn't a certified teacher won't be an
effective teacher for his or her children.

Studies comparing home-schooled and group-schooled
students have consistently debunked these myths.
The most recent one, a 1998 study of 20,760 students
(11,930 families) by Dr. Lawrence Rudner
( is the most
well-constructed thus far, and presents a clear view of
what homeschooling offers children. The study
compared home-schooled students on the same tests
as most public schools use, and found that
home-schooled students typically outperform their
group-schooled counterparts. Their median scores for
each subtest (different content areas, such as
mathematics and language skills) are typically in the
70th and 80th percentiles, meaning that as a group,
home-schooled children perform higher than 70 to 89
percent of group-schooled students. What's even
more telling is that Dr. Rudner notes that to avoid
methodological criticisms, he chose a more
conservative route whenever possible in forming his
comparisons between home-schooled and
group-schooled children (such as comparing the
groups based on what grade the home-schooled child
would be in based on age, rather than academic
achievement); it's therefore likely that home-schooled
children are doing better than these statistics

As part of a demographic survey, parents were asked
to indicate if either of them had a teaching
certificate; only about 25 percent of the families in
the study contained a state-certified teacher.
So, clearly, a piece of paper from the state saying one
is capable of teaching is not necessary to home-school

For those who choose it, home schooling is a very
successful means of educating their children. As
Rudner unequivocally states, there are important
demographic differences between parents who
choose to home school and those who choose group
schooling for their children. Probably the most
important is commitment to their children's education;
home schooling parents are willing to make wholesale
lifestyle changes for years in order to give their
children what they perceive to be the best education
for them.

One of the most interesting things demonstrated by
home schooling is that the amount of money spent on
education is not as important as the public-school
advocates would have us believe. Government-supported
schools typically spend thousands of dollars per child
each year on "educational materials" (this includes
such things as free lunch programs and the like),
whereas most home schoolers (above 70 percent) spend
less than $600 per year on educational materials.

Why the fear?

As I already said, Rudner's study is consistent with
earlier studies that have produced equally striking
results; home-schooled children typically are more
successful academically than group-schooled children,
including on the very tests that are geared toward
producing high scores in group-schooled populations.
So why have many states, and now Clinton, spoken
out with calls to fix something that is obviously not
broken? They are afraid. I think there are two
interlocking reasons for their fear.

Home schooling is an inherently individualistic activity
on both the parents' and child's parts. While it is
currently true that most home schoolers choose that
path at least in part to teach their children religious
material or values, a growing number of home
schoolers have no such ideological base
(freedom-loving parents are numerous among these).
Beyond offering challenging material in nonstandard
formats, most children in a home-schooling
environment learn to think critically-a very
threatening skill for those who want to rule over us.
Having the freedom of choice that home schooling
offers enables young minds to expand, examining and
questioning and exploring-also not good skills for
those expected to behave like herd animals. The
freedom of the home schooling environment
undermines the increasing control of the state in
almost every facet of life, and is a challenge to
those who want to maintain or increase that

America's public schools are not about education any
more; they are consumed with obtaining and
maintaining control. They are among the most
regimented, repressive environments one can find,
with their rules regarding what one may and may not
bring to wear, ingest, and talk about on school
property, their segregation of children into groups
based solely on age, their artificial chopping of the
day into segments devoted to specific topics of study,
their incessant testing and probing of children's minds
for any seed of individualistic thought, and their
"textbooks" designed to be understood by the
dumbest child at a particular grade level and offensive
to no one. The degree to which children are
escaping this draconian system -- and the trend
seems to be that more and more children never
set foot in a public school -- is the degree to
which the state is losing its grip on controlling its
herd of cattle.
Winds of discontent are already sweeping the land,
primarily in the adults who value freedom, respect
individualism, and simply want to be left alone to live
their lives peacefully. If current trends continue and
home-schooling increases, particularly among
pro-freedom individuals, those winds will increase. As
home-schooled young people come of age realizing
that the state has sold them pack after pack of lies,
and has robbed them of aspects of all of their basic
human rights, those winds will become a
hurricane-and most likely, just as unpredictable in
the eyes of the statists.

Whatever else he may be, Clinton is no fool when it
comes to power. He knows that trying to rein in home
schooling in the name of academic standards is a
fraud. This attempt to impose government regulations
on home-schooled children is a desperate means of
trying to close one of the last "loopholes" through
which freedom flows in the United States. What he
and others of his ilk are counting on is that we don't
recognize that.

Sunni Maravillosa is a psychologist and web mistress
for the Liberty Round Table (URL


from The Laissez Faire City Times, Vol 4, No
24, June 12, 2000



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