This latest recall of Fujitsu hard disk drives is the final nail in the coffin.

WHY HP IS DEAD--September 4, 2002

When Carly banned Easter Holiday at HP and replaced it with Martin Luther King Day, she didn't insult just the Easter Bunny, or mere Christian employees at HP who were shocked by such an egregious act.  She insulted every Christian in the nation.  She insulted 86-95% of HP's customer base.   She also insulted a good part of the 12% of Americans who are Blacks who recognize what a con game Martin Luther King and a celebration of his name has been.  Most Blacks know what happened to Black fathers who were thrown out of their own homes and whose families destroyed by misguided welfare and affirmative action programs in the name of "Martin Luther King, Jr".  All Americans know that most Americans, Black or White, have been adversely affected by his con game.

Carly could not possibly have expected HP to ever recover from such an insult.  She knew as well as anyone that HP's customers didn't buy HP products because they were great products, or were competitively priced.  She knew that they bought them because they identified HP as an apple-pie American company, even though they didn't know and didn't want to know how much of HP's manufacturing was done off-shore.  For every major HP product, there are at least 10 other manufacturers who made a better product--but they were not American names.   Carly knew that, even though many of those foreign products were much less expensive, or had more features, or were more reliable, or had better warranties, or had better support, or all of the above, HPs customers had a certain loyalty that foreign companies didn't enjoy.

Carly knew that she destroyed that loyalty in one single day, the instant she announced the end of Easter holiday at HP.   America watched in awe as she made one mistake after another, as HP stock tumbled 20%, then 40%, then 60%, another 17% just in the last two weeks, for a total loss of 81%. As of two weeks ago, HP stock would have to increase 4.5 TIMES just to get back to the level it was on the day she banned Easter Holiday.  As of today, it would have to increase 5.5 TIMES, and we still predict that HP stock will bottom out at around $5 per share within a few more months, where it would have to increase 14 TIMES just to get back to where it was two years ago when Carly banned Easter.

Yet our news media continues to praise her and the other women CEO's who collectively spearheaded more than $200 billion worth of stockholder losses as "intellectual giants", and even "heros".  How could heading up $200 billion worth of corporate losses be viewed as being a "hero" unless the aim is to destroy the culture, or the economy, or the White Race, or the stock market, or retirement accounts?  What is the point of such language?  What kind of a moron interprets anything about this chart as "heroic"?hpsep2002.jpg (22747 bytes)

Who is trying to fool who?  Today, when a previous HP customer looks at an HP product, about the only thing they see is an anti-American slogan.  Carly managed to make a Japanese product look more appealing from a religious as well as a technical perspective.  It actually seems more "American" to buy a product from a Japanese or even Chinese company who has never insulted Christians, nor banned popular national holidays on a whim, nor honored an undesirable characted like MLK.

August 29,2002

OK, so we missed the prediction.   Almost one year ago, we predicted that HP (now HPQ) stock would drop from 68 to below 5 by the end of August, but here we are on August 29 and it never got lower than 11.33.  All the same, HP stock would have to increase 6 fold just to get back to the same level it was at before Carly banned Easter and plugged in Martin Luther King Day.

Banning Easter is probably the STUPIDEST thing a CEO ever did in this country, so we're not quite ready to admit defeat yet.  Our prediction is still that it will fall to less than 5, but now we predict that it won't happen until November 2002--another three months from now. This will represent a 92% decrease in the value of the stock, which is actually kind relative to the damage that morons like Carly caused to this Christian nation.

Thank God for dealing this blow to the devil!hpq2.gif (24313 bytes)


July 24, 2002 Update

HP stock is on target to meet our April 12, 2002 prediction that it would be at 3 1/2 by August 2002  It reached a low today of 11.33.  To get back to its value of 69 in 2000, it would have to increase in value six times.  This is a loss of 84% which we still predict to reach 95% by August 2002.

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April 12, 2002 Update

HP stock was at an all time record high of 70 on August 4, 2000 when Carly Fiorina announced that the Easter Holiday would be replaced by Martin Luther King, Jr., a KNOWN plagiarist, philanderer, and communist.   We predicted at that time that HP stock would be down 75% within 2 years.   Well, we were wrong--it took only a year and one month for it to plunge 80%.   We now predict that the total bleeding will leave it at 3.5 by August 2002, for a total loss of 95% of its August 4, 2000 value.Compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, HP's loss, as a percentage of its value, is 13 times greater.

It's not nice to mess with God, Carly!

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NOV 8, 2001 UPDATE

HP Board disagrees with Fiorina's most significant decision:  to by Compaq Computers.  And so does the stock market which saw HP stock plunge a heady 79% while the DJIA remained relatively unchanged.

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Oct 8, 2001 UPDATE

HP stock continues its downward spiral, from 68 on August 6, 2000 when Carly announced that Easter would be replaced by "Martin Luther King Day" (compensated for the stock splits) to 14.50 on Sept. 20, 2001, a whopping 78.7% plunge. There appears to be no end to the slide, making HWP a great candidate for trading short.

We predict HP stock will plunge to less than 5 within the next 90 days!

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Sept 2, 2001UPDATE

From the day in August 2000 that Carly Fiorina announced that Easter would be replaced with Martin Luther King Day, and the same day that we announced our boycott of HP, to today, September 4, 2001, one year later, HP stock has been in a steady decline, falling to almost a quarter of its value when she made this announcement.

Thank you, God, for dealing the devil this blow.

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November 13, 2000

Carly Fiorina announced that HP's earnings are down, and the value of HP instantly dropped 20%.

Their $1 billion restructuring plan didn't work, and their $20 billion acquisition has been CANCELLED!!

Keep up the boycott!!

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This is completely sick.

  1. First, MLK's main accomplishment may have been the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which is unconstitutional, and which didn't help blacks one bit. All it did was give the federal government powers that it never had before, which it then used to destroy black families and imprison black men.
  2. Second, as the writer points out, not even MLK himself, as a Christian, would have agreed to abandoning Easter, for any personality, not even George Washington.
  3. Third, MLK is a known plagiarist, and plagiarists are criminals. Had he lived, he would have been discovered and lived his life in disgrace.
  4. Fourth, the jews are using MLK as a tool in their race bating of Blacks against Whites. HP should be informed of this fact and warned not to give comfort to the enemy.
  5. Fifth, if HP does this, my HP products are going into the trash heap, instantly. This is really unconscionable.

Martin Luther King placed above Jesus by Hewlett Packer.
A SierraTimes Editorial - � 2000 Sunday, August 6, 2000 | 11:12 AM

HP Replaces Easter with MLK Observance
by Brett Welch - Posted: 08.03.00
Intro from Tyler W. Here in California, Hewlett-Packard has announced that they will drop the Easter Holiday from their vacation list and add Martin Luther King Day to the Holiday Vacation list. We have no problem with MLK, he was a great man. But here is what my friend wrote to the head of Human Resources to explain his disdain for this move:

Regarding the observance of M.L.K. Day, what's going on with this company? How is the promotion of an inclusive workplace served by removing one holiday and replacing it with another? The celebration of Dr. King's life is not a day to "renew our commitment to an inclusive workplace that values and welcomes diversity at all levels." Are we being told that the observance of Dr. King's life is more important than the ancient custom regarding the observance of faith? I wonder what Dr. King would say, he himself, being an ordained minister.

The national celebration days of the birth of Washington, Lincoln and King are set aside to remind us of the sacrifices these great citizens made for the advancement of our nation. They are color blind holidays, celebrations of the human spirit and the values of American culture. With one stroke HP has just told their employees that the Spring Holiday, which is actually Good Friday, has no relevance to a community of shared interests. I need not remind you that in the United States, as well as most of the regions were our international employees reside, the Easter Holiday is the most sacred on the Christian calendar. What is next? Are we to forgo the observance of the Christmas Holiday or Thanksgiving due to the expediency of political correctness?

Many years ago when the U.S. Congress officially recognized Dr. King's birthday as a national holiday I was very pleased with their actions. Having been old enough to remember Dr. King's work, his speeches, not to mention his assassination, I was glad to know the nation was going to honor a man of such historical vision. I am disappointed however, with HP replacing the Spring Holiday to make room for another holiday, and then wrapping it in the guise of political correctness. The issues of inclusion and diversity are better served when we as Americans are brought together because of our shared commonality as citizens of this nation.

If HP is attempting to make a stand, as it always should, as a model company for others to follow then it should demonstrate that desire through the empowerment of its employees. An honored and respected workforce comes not from the actions of political expediency but rather on sustained actions of honesty, devotion and a shared commercial interest of the people who run the business. I am grateful and honored to work at HP because of the managers and colleagues who I share the workplace with. This latest action makes me feel as if the company is moving in a direction of political expediency and not in a direction of commercial growth and corporate citizenship.


Brett Welch