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Traitor Hultgreen Crashes $40 million Navy Tomcat Into An Aircraft Carrier

Already, two of the 14 women combat pilots in the nation have destroyed millions of dollars of government property and killed themselves

What kind of country will we become if permit our women to kill themselves like this?

bulletElaine Donnelly opposes women in combat, has written proof that pilot error killed Kara Hultgreen
bulletThe death of a female pilot Capt. Amy Lynn Svoboda in the crash of an Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt attack jet Tuesday night at a desert training range in southwestern Arizona, was one of just 14 women flying fighters for the service
bulletWoman pilot killed during training flight
bullet"Pilot B" was as incompetent as Hultgreen and would have crashed another $40 million military jet if Donnelly hadn't forced the military's hand
bulletIsraeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan: "women reduced the combat effectiveness of Haganah units because men took steps to protect them out of 'fear of what the Arabs would do to [the] women if they captured them.'"
bulletAfter court martialing 286 men for adultery, the US Air Force destroyed what's left of military morale by refusing to punish female bomber pilot Kelly Flinn for adultery
bulletThe airlines have shown that women pilots are FOUR TIMES more likely than men per hour flown to crash.


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July 1998

Naval Institute Press Publishes Book from the First Woman Fighter Pilot to Die in the Line of Duty

Call Sign Revlon: The Life and Death of Navy Fighter Pilot Kara Hultgreen by Sally Spears

Lt. Kara Hultgreen was just twenty-nine and the U.S. Navy's first fully qualified female fleet fighter pilot when her F-14 Tomcat slammed into the Pacific Ocean in October 1994. Her death was not only a tragic loss to her family but a serious blow to a Navy struggling to redefine the roll of women in its ranks. The image of this beautiful and vibrant young woman with her fierce warplane -- plastered across the front pages of newspapers around the world after the crash -- provoked strong emotions and gave new life to the controversy. Those who believed women had no place in combat airplanes attacked Kara's abilities and the navy's motives for assigning her to a combat squadron. The release of her carrier qualification records and the navy's report blaming the crash on engine malfunction only enflamed the debate.


Today the opposing sides are as firmly entrenched as ever and it is doubtful the publication of this book will alter their opinions. But that is not its purpose. Written by Kara's mother, San Antonio attorney Sally Spears, Call Sign Revlon goes behind the headlines to tell the story of a remarkable woman who made history. It presents Kara's shortcomings along with her strengths -- the ups and downs of a personal life along with her professional career, drawing freely from Kara's journals and from extensive interviews. It describes how her ambition to fly combat aircraft collided with the customs of the navy, the mores of society, and, until the repeal of the combat exclusion laws in 1991, with the law of the United States.


Without question Lieutenant Hultgreen fit the traditional mold of fighter pilots: brash, smart, aggressive, cocky to the point of arrogance. Like the rest, she made mistakes but also performed well -- the only thing that distinguished her from her fellow pilots was her gender. But as this book clearly shows, it was Kara's determination and perseverance that helped her become one of the first women to qualify as an F-14 carrier pilot -- an inspiration to young people everywhere. By turns personally revealing and professionally insightful, Call Sign Revlon will be published in October and available for $27.95 at bookstores or direct from the Naval Institute. To order call toll free 800-233-8764 or visit the web site at


For more information, contact:

Susan Artigiani
Naval Institute Press
[email protected]



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