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The human genome is 3.12 billion base pairs.  The sequence of these base
pairs determines all of the characteristics of the final product [read:
people].  It's a bit like programming in machine language where the only
options are zero and one.

The odds that two base pairs will fall into the proper sequence on their own
are 50/50.

The odds that 3 will fall into the proper sequence are one out of 3!, or one
out of 6.

The odds that 4 ... 24.

5 ... 120.

6 ... 720

7 ... 5,040.

8 ... 40,320.

9 ... 362,880.

10 ... 3,628,800.

In other words, the odds that just 10 base pairs would fall into the proper
sequence at random are one in three million six hundred twenty eight
thousand eight hundred.

Do you get a sense for where this would end up if you carried it all the way
out to 3.12 billion?  You would have a number whose zeros are many times
greater than the number of zeroes which would follow the total number of
stars in all of the 50 billion galaxies which each contain 50 billion stars.

Not even addressing how the proteins were created, how they form the base
pairs, how this is organized into chromosomes, etc., these  "simple"
building blocks of the human genome are one thousand times more complex than
Windows 98, which took many resources and many creative designers from the
world's largest software development company a decade to develop.

In other words, if you believe that it's improbable that Windows 98 would
have developed on its own out of sand and gravel without intelligent [read:
human] interference, then you must believe that it is more than a thousand
times less likely that the human genome would have also.

"Evolutionists" claim that, given enough time, anything is possible.  What
they don't realize is that as time goes on in such a development, the odds
of it happening on its own DECREASE, not increase. In other words, carry
this out to an infinite length of time and the probability is 1 divided by

This isn't a "creationist" theory.  This is a simple mathematical and
scientific fact.  The only "theory" around here is that Darwin had a
"theory".  All he had were the bumbling observations of a non-scientist,
non-mathematician who SHOULD have been taught the above long before he
boarded the HMS Beagle.

Celera Genomics Completes the First Assembly of the Human Genome; Assembled Genome Has 3.12 Billion Base Pairs.

Issue: June 26, 2000

Business Editors/Health and Medical Writers

ROCKVILLE, MD.--(BW HealthWire)--June 26, 2000

Celera Genomics (NYSE: CRA), a PE Corporation business, today announced that it has completed the first assembly of the human genome, which has revealed a total of 3.12 billion base pairs in the human genome. An assembled genome is one where the location and order of the letters of genetic code along the chromosomes are known. Celera now begins the analysis and annotation phase.

Celera uses two independent approaches to assemble the human genome. First, Celera's Whole Genome Shotgun Assembly utilizes all of the Celera generated sequence data from the DNA of five individuals. Celera assembled the human genome using 26.4 million sequences of 550 base pairs long for a total of 14.5 billion base pairs sequenced, or 4.6X sequence coverage. At 4.6X more than 99 percent of the genome is covered. Celera's whole genome shotgun sequencing technique involves sequencing from both ends of the double strands of DNA sequence. Celera's use of these paired end sequences is a key tool for assembling the genome.

Celera's paired end-sequencing strategy has now produced paired sequence reads that cover the human genome 35.6 times or 35.6X of paired sequence and clone coverage. This unprecedented genome coverage was achieved using a new system for isolating fragments of DNA for sequencing developed by Celera scientists Hamilton Smith and Robert Holt. This new system enables Celera to obtain particularly long segments for sequencing derived from stretches of DNA 50,000 letters long. These long segments provided almost 50 percent of the paired sequence coverage and aided greatly in producing long stretches of accurately ordered DNA. In addition, Celera included data from GenBank, the public database, produced primarily by the public genome effort. In order to eliminate any bias to the assembly associated with the incomplete map and assembly information from the GenBank data, Celera shredded the data into 13.6 million segments 550 base pairs long for a total of 7.48 billion base pairs. These data produced additional redundancy.

The calculation to perform the assembly involved 500 million trillion base to base comparisons requiring over 20,000 CPU (central processor unit) hours on Celera's supercomputer. This believed to be the largest computational biology calculation to date.

The second assembly method used by Celera is its "Regional Assembler." This is being used to cross validate the results from the whole genome shotgun assembly. Celera used the bacteria artificial chromosome (BAC) data from GenBank sorted into regions along the chromosomes. Celera data was placed to the identified regions followed by the assembly into proper order utilizing Celera's shotgun assembler. The results of this assembly process are sequence segments known as "scaffolds" reconstituting the 24 human chromosomes. Most of the genome is covered by sequence scaffolds of one million base pairs or larger.





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