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Say No to Extinction

At the end of August, 2000, white people  became a 49.8% minority of the
population of California, USA.  Back in  1970 eight out of ten
Californians had been white.  (See the  accompanying article.)

White people are currently about 60% of the  population of London, UK,
but on current demographic trends they will be a  minority by 2010.
(See the accompanying article.)

On current  trends the white, founding population of Australia will
become a minority by  about 2050.  (Leading demographer Dr Charles Price
predicted in People  & Place, Vol 4 No 4, that Anglo-Celts would make up
only 62.2% of the  Australian population by 2025.)

According to the US Census Bureau, whites  will become a minority in the
US between 2055 and 2060.  (See the  accompanying article.)

By 2100 indigenous white people will be a minority  in the UK.  (See
Guardian Unlimited, Sunday, 3 September 2000,2763,363783,00.html)

According  to the accompanying article, the population of Europe by 2050
will be just 7%  of the total world population.  By then, however,
will be  outnumbered in many parts of Europe.

Why does all this matter?

It  matters because ethnic minorities in predominantly non-white nations
are  almost invariably dispossessed and seriously persecuted.  Think of
the  poison gas attacks on Kurdish villages in Iraq.  Think of the
treatment  of Indonesian minorities like the West Papuans and East
Timorese.  Think  of the dispossession of white farming families in
Zimbabwe.  Or the  genocide of Tibetans and Uighurs by the Chinese.  Or
the white women in  Africa gang-raped by blacks who apparently believe
this is a cure for AIDS  (see, e.g., The Australian, 9 Feb 1990).  If
do not do something NOW  to stop this happening, you are condemning your
own children and  grand-children to be dispossessed, and putting them on
the path to eventual  extinction.

But what can one individual do?

The first step toward  solving a problem is to acknowledge it.  In this
case, all white people  around the world must be made aware that their
entire race is facing  extinction within a few generations.  If you do
not want this to happen  you must alert everyone you know to the
seriousness of this  problem.

How much of my time would be needed?

At most, half an  hour.  Just half an hour out of your whole lifetime!
Surely you can  afford thirty minutes to help save your own children and
grandchildren?   Remember, extinction is FOREVER.

So what can I do?

Simply send  this alert and the accompanying article to ten other
plus one  politician who represents you at any level of government.  If
the first  ten people who receive this alert forward it to ten others
(plus one  politician), and if all the later recipients do the same,
within 20 days  it will have been received by 10 BILLION addressees  and
by many, many  white politicians.

How can I send it?

You can email it, post it,  hand it to people, or letterbox it.  There
no need to identify who  you are, unless you wish to.  Either way, JUST
DO IT within 24  hours.  Pass this alert on to ten others, plus one
politician who  represents YOU at any level of government.

Can I do more to  help?

Of course you can.  You could send this alert and the  accompanying
article to more than ten people and more than one  politician.  You
seek to have them republished in a journal or  newsletter or some other
publication to which you have access.  If you  have access to the
Internet, you could post them in newsgroups.  If you  are a webmaster,
you could create a site devoted to this subject  and  promote it!.  If
you are bilingual, you could translate this alert and  the accompanying
article into another European language, then send them to at  least ten
speakers of that language, and be sure to ask those ten to do  likewise.


PLEASE send copies of this alert and the accompanying article to  at
least ten other people (plus at least one politician) WITHIN 24 HOURS.
Act now before it's too  late!


The  last days of a white world
We are near a global watershed - a time when white  people will not be
the majority in the developed world, Britain  included.  The Guardian's
Anthony Browne reports

It was news and  no news; the most significant milestone in one of the
most profound changes  to affect the US in the past century, and yet a
non-event.  Last week  the US Census Bureau issued figures showing that
non-hispanic whites made up  49.8 per cent of the population of

Anglo-Saxon whites are  already a minority in Hawaii and the District of
Columbia.  Now they are  an ethnic minority in the country's most
populous state, the one most usually  identified with the American

As recently as 1970, eight out of 10  Californians were white.  Fuelled
by immigration at its highest rate  since the start of the last century,
and higher fertility rates, the Asian  and Latino populations of
California have risen by almost a third since  1990.  At the same time,
with limited immigration and low birth rates,  the population of
non-hispanic whites has fallen by 3 per cent.  By  2040, hispanics are
expected to be the overall majority in the  state.

Where California goes, the rest of America is predicted to  follow.  At
present 72 per cent of the US population is non-hispanic  whites; the US
Census Bureau predicts they will become a minority between  2055 and

The shifting sands of the US reflect wider - and highly  controversial -
changes elsewhere in the world.  It is an area in which  few
dare to tread for fear of being accused of racism.   'You cannot quote
- a word out of place and I get crapped on from a very  great height,'
said one academic.  'Whatever you say you are deemed  racist'.

The past millennium was more than anything the era of the  whites.  Just
500 years ago, few had ventured outside their European  homeland.  Then,
with several acts of genocide(?) clearing the way, they  settled in
America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and, to a  lesser extent,
southern Africa.

But now, around the world, whites are  falling as a proportion of
population.  The United Nations collects and  produces a vast array of
statistics on population, but produces none relating  to race or ethnic
origin.  Indeed few countries collect their own  figures on ethnicity -
in Europe, only the UK and the Netherlands  do.

However, the UN's State of the World Population 1999 predicted that  98
per cent of the growth in the world's population by 2025 will occur  in
lesser developed regions, principally Africa and Asia.  The  most
significant reason for this is lower birth rates in rich countries:  in
61 countries, mainly the rich ones, people are no longer having  enough
babies to replace themselves.

In its World Population Profile  1998, the US Census Bureau predicted
that by the second decade of this  century all the net gain in world
population will be in developing  countries.  'The future of human
population growth has been determined,  and is being determined, in the
world's poorer nations,' it said.

The  global centre of gravity is changing.  In 1900 Europe had a quarter
of  the world's population, and three times that of Africa; by 2050
Europe is  predicted to have just 7 per cent of the world population,
a third that  of Africa.  The ageing and declining populations of
predominantly white  nations have prompted forecasts of - and calls for
more immigration from  the young and growing populations of developing
nations to make up the  shortfall.

In Britain the number of ethnic minority citizens has risen  from a few
tens of thousands in the 1950s, to more than 3 million - or around  6
cent of the total population.  While the number of whites is  virtually
static, higher fertility and net immigration means the number  from
ethnic minorities is growing by 2 to 3 per cent a year.

One  demographer, who didn't want to be named for fear of being called
racist,  said: 'It's a matter of pure arithmetic that, if nothing else
happens,  non-Europeans will become a majority and whites a minority in
the UK.   That would probably be the first time an indigenous population
has  voluntarily become a minority in its historic homeland.'

Lee Jasper, race  relations adviser to the Mayor of London, Ken
Livingstone, predicted a  similar future, telling The Observer : 'Where
America goes, Europe follows 30  years later.  There is a potential for
whites to become a minority in  some European countries.'

In Britain, that is almost certain to happen in  London, and in the
relatively near future.  'At the moment ethnic  minorities are about 40
per cent in London.  The demographics show that  white people in London
will become a minority by 2010,' said Jasper.   'We could have a
black Britain by the turn of the  century.'

In the United Kingdom, the number of people from ethnic  minorities has
risen from a few tens of thousands in 1950 to more than 3  million now.

In Italy, the birth rate is so low that, without  immigration, the
population is predicted to decline by 16 million by  2050.

The United States government predicts that non-hispanic whites  will
become a minority in the country by 2055.

The United Nations  predicts that 98 per cent of world population growth
until 2025 will be in  developing nations.

The population of Europe is expected to drop from 25  per cent of the
world total in 1900 to 7 per cent in the next 50  years.

Ed Toner

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