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The Spanish Inquisition & Other Jewish Hoaxes

According to the jewish view which Americans have of the Spanish Inquisition, this was one more evil action by Christians against poor, defenseless jews.  But this view studiously ignores that Spain was a world power during the entire time that the Spanish Inquisition was in force, and that the end of the Inquisition was also the end of Spain's dominance in world power.  It also ignores that getting rid of jews gave Christians in Spain a very stable culture, with a murder rate one sixth, a rape rate one fiftieth, and an incarceration rate one seventh, of ours

It also ignores that if the US had an incarceration rate equivalent to Spain's, 1.8 million of the 2.1 million Americans now in prison wouldn't be there, and that if we had had a murder rate since 1900 equivalent to Spain's, 875,000 fewer American citizens would have been murdered in the 20th Century alone.

Spain is proof that it is not impossible for Christians to rid themselves of jews and establish social stability.  In fact, before we permitted jews to be judges and lawyers and educators and politicians, before jewish politicians passed one single gun control law, before jewish justices attempted to overrule the will of the Christian majority by legalizing sodomy, before jews engineered the legalization of abortion against the will of the half of the American population which views abortion as murder and the two thirds who oppose legalized abortions, before jews were involved in teaching anti-Christianity to our children in public schools, before bearing false witness was enshrined as a "woman's right", before jews denigrated White Christian men for "discriminating against" blacks and women, before our existing adultery laws were laughed at by jewish judges, before presidents were advised by hundreds of jews who claimed that a welfare queen and single-mother is a "hero" while putting the real heroes like Bob Cheney in prison, before jews banned Christians from saying a simple spoken Christian prayer in their classrooms while most of their own children were in private schools or Israel where they study the TALMUD, our murder rate was even lower than Spain's.

Our murder rate was 1.1 in 1903, but it skyrocketed to 10.5 by 1991, an "inexplicible" 9.5 fold increase in only 88 years.   Just since 1959, with all the jewish/liberal/feminist "solutions" we could possibly imagine, the number of American men behind bars increased ten fold at the SAME time that the number of murders increased 3.3 fold.  What else could possibly be better evidence of a systematic attempt to destroy our culture, using our own institutions to do it?

Jews have convinced many American men that the American woman is the owner of two thirds of the wealth in the nation which had the world's highest incomes, less than 6% of workplace fatalities & prison inmates, custodian of nine tenths of the children of divorce, a super-citizen by affirmative action and "equal protection", 80% of federal beneficiaries, a non-taxpayer; & a murder or suicide victim one fifth as often, lives 7 years longer, 11% more of the vote, than men; but is "discriminated against".

You BET!

Jews have also convinced many American men that our culture was built on the backs of slaves, blacks, and Mexicans who did all the manual labor which created the world's once-highest standard of living ever known by 1965.   The problem is that the total productivity of all 900 million of the cousins of black Americans who live in Africa, who earn an average of $650 per YEAR, is only $585 billion, which is not much more than the $450 billion which the 33 million American blacks receive each year in additional educational expenses, welfare, and tax credits alone, not including wage subsidies.  There are 8.7 million American blacks in the work force who earn a median income of $21,593, for total earnings of $188 billion per year, which means that American blacks receive $262 billion more in charity from White Christian men than their entire contribution to the U.S. economy each year.

If these White Christian men who allegedly abused American blacks had not brought them from Africa [a "factoid" which is disputed by our Forefathers' preoccupation with outlawing slavery and giving ex-slaves the vote], they would right now be expected to die 20 years earlier, to have a 50% chance of dying of AIDS, to earn one twentieth as much as they now earn, and to be a meal for the cannibals who still live there.  Had they returned to Africa to settle in Liberia as many ex-slaves did, half of them would now be refugees fleeing from the latest civil war in 1995 being waged by blacks who have proven by example that they are incapable of ruling themselves.


The Salem witch trials involved the execution of how many people? How many of them were men? Who were the accusers of the victims? What keeps the Salem witch trials alive in our memories, while Waco becomes forgotten so quickly, even though a far larger number of victims was involved. Weren't the people who got killed at Waco victims of a witch hunt?

During the Spanish Inquisition a total of 60,000 victims were prosecuted. Not even as many as are being prosecuted in the US in a single year now. The Spanish Inquisition lasted for 600 years -- that means that an average of 1,000 victims were prosecuted per year. Even at the population levels that existed in those days, that is a relatively small number of victims, a far cry from the massive persecution of witches that is taking place today.

In all of that, let's not forget that the word "witch" is gender neutral and that, although the feminists exploit our tendency to jump to conclusions and therefore nurture the image of female witches, the reality is that the majority of all "witches" prosecuted were men -- prominent and wealthy men. The were persecuted for no other reason than to gain quick access to their wealth -- income equalization and asset transfer to the state and, of course, to state officials, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, executioners and all of their wives.

We hear much about six million Jews who were exterminated for the same reason. What we don't hear much about is that the Jews were half of the victims, that there were six million non-Jews and gentiles who got killed as well, but that all of them were killed for the same reason as the men and women during the witch hunts: for no other reason than to gain quick access to their wealth -- income equalization and asset transfer to the state and, of course, to state officials, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, executioners and all of their wives.

What is puzzling is that we don't hear very much about the far greater number of victims who were killed by communist regimes (at least about 100 million during the last century), for the very same reasons: to gain quick access to their wealth -- income equalization and asset transfer to the state and, of course, to state officials, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, executioners and all of their wives.

However, closer to home, we hear much about the consequences of the mingling of people from modern technological societies with stone-age tribes, but we don't hear much about the thousands upon thousands of innocent people who are languishing in our jails and prisons right now (we are now more humane and no longer burn them at the stake or in the ovens) for no other reason than to gain quick access to their wealth -- income equalization and asset transfer to the state and, of course, to state officials, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, executioners and all of their wives.

Let there be no mistake, even if the individual victim of the modern witch hunts has no assets, the process of persecuting and prosecuting him is still enormously profitable. The victims of the modern witch hunts are one of our most valuable resources. Finding them, accusing, prosecuting, punishing, incarcerating and tracking them provides enormous profits to to the state and, of course, to state officials, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, executioners and all of their wives. Of course, "executioners" means in that case the prison industry and all of those who make their living and enormous profits from it.

That has been going on for as long as we have had civilization, but it never was possible to make it a booming industry on such a large scale (now world-wide) and one of the largest contributors to the gross domestic product until we began to pick on certain classes of people and implemented systematic propaganda campaigns to denigrate and vilify them first and then began to exploit and exterminate them.

First it was the witches, then the land- and property owners in the U.S.S.R., then the Jews in German-occupied territories (plus just as many gentiles and other non-Jews, but who turned them all in, helped round them up and handed them over to the Germans for "processing"?), then the intelligentsia in Red China, and now, although it had always been preferentially men in all of those categories who had been receiving most of the attention, now it is *only and all men*, including only and all boys from about kindergarten age upward.

Welcome to the feminist paradise -- eternal peace and good will to men.

I don't know whether that answers your question, but a fundamental advice in getting to the root of any story is to follow the money. Find out who ultimately benefits and you'll know why something is being done. It is *never* all of society that benefits. It is *always* motivated by nothing other than greed, with no other aim than to gain quick access to the victims' wealth (or, by proxy, that of all of society). It is income equalization and asset transfer to the state and, of course, to state officials, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, executioners and all of their wives and camp followers.


PS. The witch hunts in Europe caused enormous devastation in some local areas, they aggravated the famines that often sparked them, because there were not enough men left to till the fields and vineyards that came to lay fallow and turned to weeds.

The witch hunts in the U.S.S.R., in Red China and in Nazi-occupied territories had similar results. Ask yourself what benefits society derives from the current witch hunt. Is it not just as devastating, if not yet in degree, but at least in magnitude? Isn't all of Western society turning to weeds?

We used to be proud of the things we achieved as a society. What has happened during the last three decades that could possibly make us proud? Canada's debt due to the cost of the current witch hunt is presently at $3.5 trillion.


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From: [email protected]

Subject: The Alhambra Decree



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The Alhambra Decree


This is the decree of expulsion promulgated by Queen Isabella and Kind
Ferdinand of Spain in 1492, which forced the Spanish Jews, the
Sephardim, to leave Spain for ever.
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, by the grace of God, King and Queen
of Castile, Leon, Aragon and other dominions of the crown - to the
prince Juan, to dukes, marquees, counts, the holy orders, priors, knight
commanders, lords of the castles, cavaliers, and to all Jews, men and
women of whatever age, and to anyone else this letter may concern -
health and grace unto you.
You well know that in our dominion, there are certain bad Christians
that judaised and committed apostasy against our Holy Catholic faith,
much of it the cause of communications between Jews and Christians.
Therefore, in the year 1480, we ordered that the Jews be separated from
the cities and towns of our domains and that they be given separate
quarters, hoping that by such separation the situation would be
remedied. And we ordered that and an Inquisition be established in
such domains; and in twelve years it has functioned, the Inquisition has
found many guilty persons.
Furthermore, we are informed by the Inquisition and others that the
great harm done to the Christians persists, and it continues because of
the conversations and communications that they have with the Jews, such
Jews trying by whatever manner to subvert our holy Catholic faith and
trying to draw faithful Christians away from their beliefs.
These Jews instruct these Christians in the ceremonies and observances
of their Law, circumcising their children, and giving them books with
which to pray, and declaring unto them the days of fasting, and meeting
with them to teach them the histories of their Law, notifying them when
to expect Passover and how to observe it, giving them the unleavened
bread and ceremonially prepared meats, and instructing them in things
from which they should abstain, both with regard to
food items and other things requiring observances of their Law of Moses,
making them understand that there is no other law or truth besides it.
All of which then is clear that, on the basis of confessions from such
Jews as well as those perverted by them, that it has resulted in great
damage and detriment of our holy Catholic faith.
And because we knew that the true remedy of such damages and
difficulties lay in the severing of all communications
between the said Jews with the Christians and in sending them forth from
all our reigns, we sought to content ourselves with ordering the said
Jews from all the cities and villages and places of Andalusia where it
appeared that they had done major damage, believing that this would
suffice so that those from other cities and villages and places in our
reigns and holdings would cease to commit the aforesaid. And because we
have been informed that neither this, nor the justices done
for some of the said Jews found very culpable in the said crimes and
transgressions against our holy Catholic faith, has been a complete
remedy to obviate and to correct such opprobrium and offense to the
Christian faith and religion; because every day it appears that the said
Jews increase in continuing their evil and harmful purposes wherever
they reside and converse; and because there is no place left whereby to
more offend our holy faith, as much as those which God has
protected to this day as in those already affected, it is left for this
Holy Mother Church to mend and reduce the matter to its previous state
inasmuch as, because of our frailty of humanity, it could occur that we
could succumb to the diabolical temptation that continually wars against
us so easily if its principal cause were not removed, which would be to
expel the said Jews from the kingdom. Because whenever a grave and
detestable crime is committed by some members of a given
group, it is reasonable that the group be dissolved or annihilated, the
minors for the majors being punished one for the other; and that those
who pervert the good and honest living on the cities and villages and
who by their contagion could harm others, be expelled from the midst the
people, still yet for other minor causes, that would be of harm to the
Republic, and all the more so for the major of these crimes, dangerous
and contagious as it is.
Therefore, with the council and advice of the eminent men and cavaliers
of our reign, and of other persons of knowledge and conscience of our
Supreme Council, after much deliberation, it is agreed and resolved that
all Jews and Jewesses be ordered to leave our kingdoms, and that they
never be allowed to return.
And we further order in this edict that all Jews and Jewesses of
whatever age that reside in our domain and territories, that they leave
with their sons and daughters. their servants and relatives, large and
small, of whatever age, by the end of July of this year, and that they
dare not return to our lands, not so much as to take a step on them not
trespass upon them in any other manner whatsoever. Any Jew who does not
comply with this edict and is to be found in our kingdom and
domains, or who return to the kingdom in any manner, will incur
punishment by death and confiscation of all their belongings.
We further order that no person in our kingdom of whatever station or
noble status hide or keep or defend any Jew or Jewess, either publicly
or secretly, from the end of July onwards, in their homes or elsewhere
in our reign, upon punishment of loss of their belongings, vassals,
fortresses, and hereditary privileges.
So that the said Jews may dispose of their household and belongings in
the given time period, for the present we provide our assurance of royal
protection and security so that , until the end of the month of July,
they may sell and exchange their belongings and furniture and other
items, and to dispose of them freely as they wish; and that during said
time, no one is
to do them harm or injury or injustice to their persons or to their
goods, which is contrary to justice, and which shall incur the
punishment that befalls those who violate our royal security.
Thus we grant permission to the said Jews and Jewesses to take out their
goods and belongings out of our reigns, either by sea or by land, with
the condition that they not take out either gold or silver or minted
money or any other items prohibited by the laws of the kingdom.
Therefore, we order all councilors, justices, magistrates. cavaliers,
shield-bearers, officials, good men of the city of Burgos and of other
cities and villages of our reigns and dominions, and all our vassals and
subjects, that they observe and comply with this letter and all that is
contained in it, and that they give all the help and favor that is
necessary for its execution, subject to punishment by our sovereign
grace and by confiscation of all their goods and offices for our royal
state house.
And so that this may come to the notice of all, and so that no one may
pretend ignorance, we order that this edict be proclaimed in all the
plazas and usual meeting places of any given city; and that in the major
cities and villages of the diocese, that it be done by the town crier in
the presence of the public scribe. and that neither one nor the other
should do the contrary of what was desired, subject to the punishment by
our sovereign grace and deprivation of their offices and by
confiscation of their goods to whosoever does the contrary.
And we further order that evidence be provided to the court, in the
manner of signed testimony, regarding the manner in which the edict is
being carried out.
Given in this city of Granada on the thirty first day of March in the
year of our Lord Jesus Christ -1492. Signed, I, the King, I the Queen,
Juan de Coloma, Secretary of the King and Queen, which I have written by
order of our Majesties.





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