IQ of Racists Is Two Points Lower



To proclaim from the rooftops that racists have a 2 point lower IQ than others, presumably “non-racists” as if there is such a thing now, is ludicrous for a dozen reasons, a few of which are below.  With everyone being called a racist, all the way from those who support existing immigration laws, to simply disagreeing with someone that you should not care about the preservation of your own race, there can be no non-racists.  Even American Blacks who are 20% Caucasoid and 80% Negroids from Africa where there are more than 80 different races of Negroids, are racist about their own non-race and in fact are able to get away with the most racist and even criminally racist comments simply because of their inferior non-race.  Not a single American Hispanic will come out against La Raza, the most openly racist organization on the planet, who publicly and unabashedly proclaims that their main objective is to take over a quarter of the country, making 100% of Hispanics more racist than any single White man has ever been permitted to be.  Asians make no bones about their own belief in their putative superior IQ and are never criticized for it, so why would even a single Asian reject their own racial identity and claim to be non-racist, particularly when so many math test scores support their belief?  While we have been led to believe that the average IQ of American Blacks is 85, the simple fact is that the most pampered and expensive and mixed-race Blacks on the PLANET live in Washington, DC where their children score 4 IAEP points lower than Blacks in Mozambique where the average IQ is 72, putting their IQ closer to 70 rather than 85. And “White” Hispanics actually score lower on SAT and GRE than Mexicans from Mexico where the average IQ is 87, putting their average IQ closer to the 85 which American Blacks supposedly have.

Which brings us to the 128 supposed AVERAGE IQ of the 2% of the population who are jews but whose brethren back in Israel have an average IQ of only 94, EXCEPT that they routinely score lower on international tests like PISA and TIMSS than Greece where the average IQ is only 92, AND their driving record is so poor that they drive worse than countries like India and South Africa with IQ’s respectively of 81 and 72.  Considering how politicized and biased and obviously manipulated these international test scores have become, and how important it is to an infrastructure and a technologically advancing society to build safe roads, and how these traffic safety records have gotten so little political attention, it’s a safe bet that the real PRACTICAL IQ of jews in Israel is closer to 72 than to 94, AND that American jews perform no better.

What then could possibly be the average IQ of American Whites if the average IQ of the US is estimated by Professor Lynn to be 98?

13% are Blacks with an IQ of 70

13% are Hispanics with an IQ of 85

2% are jews with an IQ of 72

2% are Asians with an IQ of 106

70% are Whites with an IQ of X

.13 x 70 + .13 x 85 + .02 x 72 + .02 x 106 + .70 x X = 98

9.1 + 11.05 + 1.44 + 2.12 + .7X = 98

.7X = 74.29

X = 106.1


Even IF we make the gross assumption that there ARE non-racists, where can you possibly measure a 2 point spread between racists and non-racists when the spread between the lowest and highest IQs within this population group is 36.1?  And if we do it with just one population group, Whites, and make the gross assumption that half are racists and half are non-racists, then non-racist Whites have an IQ OF 107.1 and racist Whites have an IQ of 105.1.  This means that they have an average IQ 33.1 points higher than the jews who are the ones who most often quote this “research”, which perfectly explains why they would pass on such information which makes them look so silly, with a straight face.  No statistician or mathematician or physicist or chemist or engineer is going to take seriously any research which claims to have detected a two IQ point difference in ANY population group, much less this one, because they know that the standard deviation is higher than that.  It would be like using a yard stick made out of a rubber band to measure the height of Kobe Bryant.

Since jews are even more racist than Blacks, a 2 point spread in their IQ of 72 puts the racist jews at 71 and the non-racist jews at 73, so far down on the totem pole that both are just about underground.  How meaningful is it to say that non-racist jews score “only” 33.1 points lower than Whites, but racist jews score a whopping 35.1 points lower?