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Social Factor US Ireland Ratio US:Ireland
TIMSS Score 500 527 0.95
Men's Life Expectancy-years 73 73.6 0.99
Alcohol Consumption liters/capita 6.8 9.2 0.74
Motor Vehicle Fatality Rate/100,000 Pop. 17.7 7.4 2.4
Homicide Rate per 100,000 Pop 9.0 1.2 7.5
Suicide Rate 12.3 7.4 1.7
Chronic Liver Disease 11.2 5.5 2.0
Rapes per 100,000 Population 178 8 22.2


Ireland has a longer life expectancy than the US, as do most European and many Asian nations.  Australia's life expectancy is four years longer than ours, and it is precisely because they consume more alcohol than we do.   Random life expectancy and alcohol consumption data from independent sources confirms that, showing that each 2 liter increase in annual per capita alcohol consumption increases life expectancy by an average of one year.  

Multiple independent studies from around the world support those random data.  They show that increased alcohol consumption reduces heart disease--a LOT.  Our recent 18% reduction in alcohol consumption is estimated to have increased heart disease deaths by 35,000 per year.  Dr. Thomas A. Pearson, head of the American Heart Association's nutrition committee "... if current drinkers stopped drinking, heart disease related deaths ... would increase by 80,000 each year in the U.S."  

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Source: An Garda S�och�na

The number of homicides recorded in Ireland since 1995 is significantly above the

average for earlier periods. A decrease in the number of homicides was recorded

in 2003, for the first time since 1997 (see Graph 9.4). The exceptional peak in

1974 was due to the bombings in Dublin and Monaghan.

Ireland with a homicide rate of around 1.5 per 100,000 has one of the lowest rates

in the EU in recent years (see Table 9.5).

To investigate how deep this goes, get yourself REALLY angry and see  

If you're impressed by all the public interest commercials which show violent, alcoholic men, you should note that less than 1% of the American population are alcoholics, and most of them are women.

If there is a problem with alcohol in Ireland, it is that they don't consume enough of it.  Countries like Spain, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, who all have even longer life expectancies than Ireland, also consume much more alcohol.

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Did The Welsh Discover America?

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Bradley and his colleagues at Trinity College in Dublin examined the Y chromosomes of men with Gaelic surnames in the western-most province of Connaught, and found that 98.3 percent had a group of genes on the Y chromosome known as haplogroup.

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Men with Gaelic surnames coming from the west of Ireland are descendants of the oldest inhabitants of Europe. In a recent study, scientists at Trinity College, Dublin, created a new genetic map of the people of Ireland. By comparing this map to European genetic maps they have shown that the Irish are one of the last remnants of the pre-Neolithic hunters and gatherers who were living throughout Europe over 10,000 years ago, before the invention of agriculture. The Irish really ARE different.

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``We're looking at what Western Europeans may have originally been like,'' said Daniel Bradley, a geneticist at Trinity College in Dublin and a study co-author. ``Ireland ... may be relatively untouched by the major demographic happenings on the continent.'' About 98 percent of the men in Connaught, Ireland's westernmost province, carry the genetic variation that is less common on the eastern side of the island.

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Dr. Dan Bradley co-wrote a paper in 2000 which caused quite a stir. Irish men with Gaelic names are seen to be homogeneous and on an island-wide basis we group back to before 1,000 BC. In other words, back even before we took on the Celtic culture for which we are famous. The present study of 2,000 samples could move the likely date forward or back a bit - either way telling us about our common past.

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Daniel Bradley conducted the research along with colleagues at Trinity College in Dublin and explains the phenomenon as such: "When you look at this old genetic geography of Ireland what you find is that in the West (of the country) we are almost exclusively of one type of Y chromosome Genetic diversity follows geography to some extent."  The authors have published their work in the journal Nature where one can better understand some of the findings, for instance 98.3% of the Irish men with Gaelic surnames in the western province of Connaught possessed the haplogroup 1 gene, while only 1.8% of the men in Turkey did. One can trace the presence of haplogroup 1 across Europe beginning in the Far East in almost non-existent numbers over to Ireland where it is present in almost 100% of the men.   The point of the research is not exactly what haplogroup is and does but rather that it is a geographical, genetic, cultural method of separation among varied groups of people.




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