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NO where is it written that Isaac was a Jew and no such thing as a Jewis
ever recorded until 1000 years after the death of the 12 princes of
.... If so, produce that verse.
By repeating the same lies over and over, people are brainwashed into
believing these perversions. If you challenge them to produce the verses,
when they find they do not exist they get angry at the guy who exposed
the lie instead of the lying blabbies or lying preachers who deceived
Once a Lemmings is brainwashed their pride will force them to continueto
follow the lies of their false prophets. Think not, ok Lemmings produce
the scripture where Abraham, Isaac or Jacob are identified as Jews.
Produce the scripture where it is stated that "The Jews are God's chosen
people? These scriptures are written no where in the bible. All of these
are the concoction of liars and nothing else ... but you continue tosay
/ believe Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Jews?
Look in the mirror at a brainwashed Lemmings and know every time you
repeat these lies you compound the number of times you are a liar REV
21:8 ... all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burn with
fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Gee now we have
"Christian" liars / Lying "preachers" teaching us the word of God? ...Of
course I could be the liar, so give the verses which identify Abraham,
Isaac and Israel as Jews. Give the verses which state the Jews are God's
chosen people?
What you believe about the "Jews" you believe because you have been
brainwashed to believe it. As for those who have taught these lies, most
of them do so because they have been brainwashed into believing the lies.
In their ignorance these deceived teachers of lies have good intentions.
If a Jew is supposed to be an Israelite, then why don't they just usethe
word Israelite? Because the false rabbis of the cult of false Jews need
loop holes. As you listen to the deceivers note the number of times the
bible states Israelites and they switch that word with Jew.
Anyone can be a Jew, it is a matter of joining the organization, non
Israelites can be Jews.
Go not the way of the gentiles but go to the house of Israel vs the
substitution. Go not the way of the gentiles but go to the Jews. The
house of Israel is ONLY the physical descendants of the man Israel. Jews
are not the exclusive descendants of the house of Israel. An Eskimo can
be a Jew.
God did not give Israel to the Jews, God gave Israel to the seed of
Abraham. Note how they substitute the seed of Abraham with Jews. People
who are NOT the seed of Abraham can be Jews. People who are not Jewscan
be the seed of Abraham. People who are not Israelites can be the seedof
Abraham in fact Abraham had about a dozen named children .. all his seed
/ descendants and most of them were gentiles.
Understand how they use these little subtle substitutions to deceive
their Lemmings. Lemmings... trusting people who have good in their heart
and are made fools of by the false prophets / liars.
If an Israelite or a non Israelite can become a Jew, then a Jew is notan
Israelite and there is NOTHING a non Israelite can do to become an
Israelite (unless he can chose his parents).
The promises of the bible were not given to those who "convert" to
Judaism. The Israelites of the bible were not those who "converted" to
Judaism. All bible Israelites were a composite of Arabs and the promises
of God were given to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Simply lookat
the tribes I have listed here and know the descendants / seed of these
men are nothing but a composite of Arabs.
ACTS 22:3 I ... a Jew [S#2453] , born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, yet
brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, and taught accordingto
the perfect manner of the law of the fathers.
#1 At this time ( present tense ) Paul is a Jew.
#2 Born in Tarsus Cilicia ( also identified as a Roman citizen )
#3 Taught to the manner of the law of the fathers.
ACTS 23:6 Paul cried I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee
#4 Paul is a Pharisee. (of course Paul was not born a Pharisee, he hadto
BECOME a Pharisee )
PHILIPPIANS 3:5 Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of
the tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the law,a
#5 Circumcised on the 8th day ( the law given to the Israelites )
#6 The stock of Israel.. Paul is an Israelite.
#7 Paul is a Hebrew.
#8 As touching the law, a Pharisee. Being a Pharisee is a matter of
following / teaching the law.
ACTS 18:24 And a certain Jew [S#2453] named Apollos, born at Alexandria,
an eloquent man, and mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus.
#9 Apollos was a Jew born in Alexandria. Therefore (a) Jews were living
in Egypt or (b) Apollos was an Egyptian who became a Jew.
If a man sat in a swimming pool an hour ago and he is still sitting
there, it is impossible for him to get wet. He can not become wet ifhe
is already wet.
1_CORINTHIANS 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood
as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away
If Paul was born a man, he could not become a man. You can not become
something you are born as. You can not become what you already are.
1_CORINTHIANS 9:20 And to the Jews [S#2453] I BECAME as a Jew
[S#2453] , that I might gain the Jews [S#2453] ; to them that are under
the law, as
under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law;
If Paul was born a Jew, he could not become as a Jew nor could he become
a Jew.
When you are born, you are not doing any thing for any reason. You donot
think I am going to do this because... Above Paul said he BECAME as aJew
that he might gain the Jews.
The REASON he became as a Jew was so he could gain the Jews.
Became, Strong's Ref. # 1096, Romanized ginomai: a prolongation and
middle voice form of a primary verb; to cause to be ("gen"-erate), i.e.
(reflexively) to become (come into being), used with great latitude
(literal, figurative, intensive, etc.):
There is something that Paul did.. some action Paul took to cause tobe,
to become ... to come into being.
Getting born is not the reason Paul had to become as a Jew. Before Paul
was born there was no Paul to reason. Paul could not reason or know what
a Jew was until after he was born.
If being a Jew is being the physical descendant of the Israelites, Paul
could not become as a Jew. You can not become as any thing you already
Paul was a Benjamite: Benjamites are not born Jews, it is a matter of
choice to become a Jew.
Paul was an Israelite: Israelites are not Jews, it is a matter of choice
to become a Jew.
Using either form... as a Jew or like a Jew. You can not become likea
Negro if you are a Negro. You can not become like a painter if you
already a painter.
To become something, requires a transition from something you are not,to
something you are.
Any member of the Israelites who were Jews, were not born Jews. Becoming
a Jew is a matter of joining the club and has nothing to do with beinga
descendant of the Israelites.
Being a Jew is not a matter of heredity but a matter of choice. You can
not become any thing that you are from birth.
Some Israelites became Baal worshippers. Being born a Jew is like being
born a Baal worshipper. Some of the Israelites worshipped Baal, therefore
Baal worshippers are Israelites such is the logic of idiots and liars.
In the whole bible ONLY members of 3 tribes (Benjamin, Levi & Judah )are
ever identified as Jews. If one is a Jew by heredity, then the membersof
all 12 tribes would be Jews, but NO WHERE in the scriptures is this
information ever written ... well it is a matter of assumption?
Assumption is adding information that is NOT given. When you add your
assumptions and say they are the word of God, I guess that makes youa
liar. No where is 8 of the tribes ever identified as Jews. No existence
of any Jew is recorded until 1000 years after the death of Moses ( in2
Kings). Those identified as Jews were the split of the 3 tribes which
were in the Judah split of the kingdoms. The members of these 3 tribes
are the ONLY Jews ever identified in the whole bible.
If a Jew is one who's mother is a Jew, then how can one have a motherwho
is a Jew and not be a Jew?
If a Jew is one who's father is a Jew, then how can one have a Jewish
father and not be a Jew?
If being a Jew is being a physical descendant then one could not be a
physical descendant of a Jew with out being a Jew.
If one child of a set of parents was a Jew and a brother or sister ofthe
same set of parents was not a Jew, then :
#1 Being a Jew is NOT being a descendant of Jews or
#2 Neither parents were Jews in the first place.
#3 Tell me how one child could be a Jew and their sibling of the same
parents is not a Jew? ( If indeed being a descendant of a Jew makes onea
Jew )
If neither sibling is ever identified as a Jew and we know one of them
was not a Jew, then we know
#4 One is not a Jew by heritage or
#5 The parents of those siblings were not Jews.
The Edomites were descendants of Esau. The Edomites were not Jews.
Esau was the father of the Edomites. Esau was the twin brother of Jacob.
If being a Jew is being a descendant of Jews and IF Isaac was a Jew,then
so was the Edomites and Esau because Esau shared the very same parents
with Isaac. Because Esau / the Edomites were NOT Jews (descendants of
Isaac and Rebecca ) then neither were Isaac nor Rebecca, Jews themselves.
Jews are like Mouseketeers. It is not a matter of Heredity but it isa
matter of joining the club.
If Isaac or Rebecca were Jews and Jewish ness is a matter of heredity,
then Esau and the Edomites would have been Jews.
ESTHER 8:17 . And in every province, and in every city ... many of the
people of the land became Jews [3064] ; for the fear of the Jews [3064]
fell upon them.
All of these people who became Jews were Babylonians NOT Israelites !
They did not become Jews because they had any love or respect for
Judaism, they became Jews out of FEAR !
Israelites nor gentiles are Jews by birth. Being a Jew is a decisionto
join a group and has NOTHING to do with being the descendant of an
Even the sect calling themselves Jews in Israel, were not THE Israelites.
ONLY 3 tribes out of 12 are ever found in the Jewish organization andNON
Did Jesus give up his Jew membership?
JOHN 7:1 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not
walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.
Being a Jew was first one who belonged to a political sect, then it
formed a religious sect. The Jews were in Galilee, so Christ could not
avoid being around the Jews by hanging out in Galilee.
"NOT walk in Jewery"
EXODUS 16:4 will walk in my law
LEVITICUS 18:3 walk in their ordinances.
LEVITICUS 20:23 walk in the manners
LEVITICUS 26:3 walk in my statutes
DEUTERONOMY 8:6 to walk in his way
JOHN 7:1 Jesus would not walk in Jewry
JOHN 8:12 he that followeth me shall not walk in
There were 7 pages of verses which use this wording. The walking hereis
not with the feet but walking is being or doing something.
It appears that Jesus made himself a Jew ... part of a religious sect,
but of course he was not part of the sect that he denounced.
JOHN 7:1 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not
walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.
It appears after these events took place, Christ turned in his Jew
membership??? I can't figure out what it means. It is only my guess.If
you quote my guesses as some kind of bible truth, you are a fibber. Wedo
know that "walk in Jewry" is not a reference to foot travel, but it is
something Christ ceased from being or doing.
JOHN 4:6 Jesus sat on the well of Jacob
JOHN 4:7 a woman of Samaria came to draw water
JOHN 4:9 the woman said, How is it that you, being a Jew, ask drink of
me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the
JOHN 4:12 Samarian woman: Art you greater than our father Jacob, which
gave us the well, and drank thereof himself..
These SAMARITANS are the descendants of Jacob... Jacob and Israel isone
in the same. An Israelite is a descendant of the man Jacob / Israel ...
and yet we find these Samarians are Israelites / descendants of Jacoband
to the contrary these ISRAELITES are NOT JEWS !
Babelite Jews & Roman Mouseketeers
Note the cult assertion is that the Jews are the descendants of the
Israelites. Ask them this: If you are a descendant of the Israelitesthen
why don't you call yourselves Israelites instead of "Jews" ?
* "God gave Israel to the Jews." Give us the book chapter and verse where
this information is written.
* "Isaac was a Jew." Give us the book chapter and verse where this
information is written.
* "The Jews are God's chosen people." Give us the book chapter and verse
where this information is written.
* "The Jews are the apple of God's eye." Give us the book chapter and
verse where this information is written.
When I ask people to show me where such information is written, theycan
not show me because it does not exist. This assertion exist by
assumption, brainwashing and/or liars.
1+3 =13
Well if one is bias, retarded or a liar, they can pervert anything tofit
their concoction.
ACTS 15:5 But there rose up certain of the sect of the Pharisees which
believed, saying, That it was needful to circumcise and to command them
to keep the law of Moses.
ACTS 21:39 But Paul said, I am a man which am a Jew
ACTS 22:3 I am verily a man which am a Jew
ACTS 23:6 Paul cried out I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee
ACTS 26:7 Unto which promise our twelve tribes
Paul was a Pharisee, of the 12 tribes, which followed circumcision, the
Passover (Israelite laws) a Jew.
1+3 = 13 These Pharisees were Israelites, therefore Israelites and
Pharisees are the same thing... This is the kind of assumption it takes
to make Jews, the Israelites.
There was no such thing as a Pharisee in the time the princes of Israel
were born. There was no such thing as a Pharisee when Moses and the guys
received the laws of God.
The Pharisees did not exist until long after Moses, Joshua and the
Israelites who received God's laws (first 5 books of the bible.)
The Pharisees were a group that formed long after the existence of the
Israelites. If the Israelites existed BEFORE the Pharisees, Phariseescan
be descendants of Israelites, but Israelites are not Pharisees.
The Jews were a group that formed 1000 years after the death of the 12
princes of Israel. The Israelites existed before any such thing as anJew
ever existed.
Jews CAN be descendants of the Israelites, but Israelites are not Jews...
and we will produce Jews who were NOT descendants of the Israelites in
that time and today.
The multitude of those professing to be Jews today are European Babelites
( descendants of those scattered out of the middle east at the towerof
Babel BEFORE the first Israelite was ever born )
1+3=13 The Romans were Mouseketeers
Annette is one of the first and maybe the first Mouseketeer. Annetteis a
descendant of Italians and of course Italians are descendants of the
Romans... Therefore the Romans were Mouseketeers.
No, the Mouseketeers did not exist until the 1950's and no one can be
part of a group that never existed before or in their life time.
Neither Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, the 12 princes of
Israel... David nor Solomon were Jews. There was no such group untilthe
split of the divided kingdoms.
Don't give me your 1+3 = 13, give us the book, chapter and verse of the
existence of a Jew before the split of the kingdom.
Only 3 of the 12 tribes got involved in the group formed and only partof
those 12 tribes.
Others who became Jews, were NON Israelite Babylonians. Today there are
thousands of "gentiles becoming Jews" every year. The only reason for
anyone to assert Israelites are Jews is because they are retarded,
insane, ignorant or liars. Now they who have read this no longer have
ignorance as their excuse.
The Israelites are Pharisees
The Israelites are Jews.
The Israelites are Saducees
The Romans were Mouseketeers
So much for that concocted line of BS
Oh, another little problem, how could the Mouseketeers be Romans when
there were other Mouseketeers who were not of Italian descent?
To prove the Jews were Israelites a guy sends these scriptures
Ezra 5:1 Ezra 5 Ezra 5:1-2 Now Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the
prophet, a descendant of Iddo, prophesied to the Jews in Judah and
Jerusalem in the name of the God of Israel, who was over them.
Ezra 6:14 Ezra 6 Ezra 6:13-15 So the elders of the Jews continued to
build and prosper under the preaching of Haggai the prophet and
Zechariah, a descendant of Iddo. They finished building the temple
according to the command of the God of Israel and the decrees of Cyrus,
Darius and Artaxerxes, kings of Persia.
Note: All of these references are AFTER the split of the Kingdoms of
Judah and Israel.
Tell me where you find any non Levite Jews involved in teaching or other
priest duties in the OT? You do not because it was disallowed by the
law... but in the NT what are the "Jews" involved in ?
Yes we find 3 tribes involved in the Jewish organization and only 3
Kind of like finding a bald china man and saying see, all Chinese are
The Jews did not exist until 2 kings, that is 1000 years after the death
of the princes of Israel.
At first they were a political group similar to our confederates, they
were a group loyal to the southern kingdom.
Later in history the original meaning of the word was mutated into being
Israelites, something like gay mutation to homo.
To be an Israelite, one must be a physical descendant.
Being a Jew is like being a Mousekeeter, all one has to do is join the
Paul was a descendant of the Israelite from the tribe of Benjamin. If
being a Jew is being a physical descendant of the Israelites, no onecan
become a Jew, they are born a Jew.
Paul said he BECAME A JEW, now how could that be UNLESS it was a
political or religious organization?
ESTHER 8:17 ... (Babylonians) many of the people of the land became Jews
[3064] ; for the fear of the Jews [3064] fell upon them.
When the Jews first organized, they were only a political group loyalto
the south division. They were a powerful political group like the Nazis
of Germany. Yes they worked on the temple, but so did other non
The Masons have told me that their ancestors worked on Solomon's temple,
so that makes them Jews? Like the modern day cult they blab their mouths
with out a lick of evidence. Wanna be a Jew or a descendant of the
Israelites, just join the Masons, Mormons of Jehovah witnesses and you
can be one. Just join other cults of "Jews".
The Jews were only composed of 3 tribes and only part of them were Jews.
They were a powerful political group when they first started.
ESTHER 8:17 And many of the people of the land became Jews [3064] ; for
the fear of the Jews [3064] fell upon them.
No these Babylonians did not join the Jew club because they wanted to
worship in their religion. Like many Germans who joined the nazis, they
did so because they feared the powerful nazi political group.
Anyone can be a Jew, but to be an Israelite one must be a physical
descendant of the man Israel.
Let me see... any day of the week I can read in some "Jewish" form where
a woman and her husband "converted" to Judaism, by the time they have
grandchildren, these grandchildren will say... oh we are descendantsof
the Israelites, such is the farce of the counterfeit "Jews".
When I begin to discuss the Khazar and Sporadic ( Europeans who
"converted" to Judaism ) you can simply go to the internet or get outan
encyclopedia to find out who they were.
Next you can go to their sites and find all of those "Jews" who claimto
be descendants of the Khazars or Sporadic Jews. As you read through what
they say, your option is to believe they are liars or to say ok... just
looky at all of this sect that actually come from the Khazars or Sporadic
... those who converted to "Judaism". They are NOT the descendants ofthe
If these Europeans converted to become Jews, then they were descendants
of the Babelites, NOT descendants of the Israelites.
You can track them as they moved through Europe into Russia... and know
these Babelite Europeans asserting they are descendants of the Israelites
are but brainwashed or liars.
The Israelites are Pharisees
The Israelites are Jews.
The Israelites are Saducees
The Romans were Mouseketeers
For the brainwashed, retarded and liars 1+3 = 13
descendants of the Israelites they were an organization. As for the
European cult who calls themselves Jews .
Nazi "Jews" Other links 
Death Camps: One thing that makes one wonder is how they were sent tothe
prison camps "to be executed" but we keep hearing them tell how theywere
in the camps for two or three years and some of them even told how they
were in two or three prison camps. 
NBC Dateline June 9, 2002 - Hitler's Nazi Jews?
Those calling themselves Jews know they had thousands of their relatives
in the Nazi Army. This program just put it in the faces of people thatI
have been telling for years.
One good thing about Yahoo Archives is you can go back to see what
someone has said. You will find my words about the "Jews" in Hitler's
Nazi army long before this program was put together or before this guy
wrote his book.
In this program they put on like they were only in the Nazi Army a couple
years and then were yanked out. It is a nice crock but that is all itis.
They were in the military of the Germans until there was no more Nazi
If being a Jew is supposed to be a descendant of the Israelites, then
anyone who says someone is part Jew, is an idiot or a liar. If one isa
descendant of the Israelites he could not be part descendant, he either
IS or IS NOT a descendant of the Israelites.
In the Torah the Israelites were NOTHING but a pot luck of people created
out of the Israelites who came from the Arabs and Israelites who spread
the seed of Israel into EVERY ARAB NATION / TRIBE AROUND THEM. 
I just read one post of a guy making excuses... He said these nazi Jews
had Jewish relatives but that was a long time ago? Well If they are a
descendant, then no amount of time can change that status.  
A male goy / gentile marries a female goy. The male "converts to
Judaism", they have a family. Three generations later a great grandson
finds out grandpa was a "Jew" and now that grand child is a descendantof
the Israelites, right Jethro?  
As far as being descendants of the Israelites... when someone " findsout
their ancestors were Jewish", the only thing they have found out is they
had ancestors in a cult claiming to be descendants of the Israeliteswhen
they had NO possible evidence.. They might be Lemmings by heritage, but
they are not Jewish by heritage. 
As I said you can't tell a "Jew" from any other German, Russian or
European because that is all that cult is. Look at the picture belowand
determine for yourself which one of these guys are supposed to be Jews.
Here are some more proud little "Jews" goose stepping in the nazi army.
You can't tell any "Jew" from any other European because that is allthey
were / are ... a racist cult of Europeans claiming to be "the real
Israelites". (Mischlinge part Jew? ). If being a Jew is following the
religion of the Israelites, there is not one Jew on earth. If being aJew
is being a physical descendant of the Israelites, there can be no part
Jew and anyone who claims they can track their ancestors to the
Israelites is one idiot or bald face liar. 
The rest of the Germans / nazis shared the same ancestors of the cultof
false Jews.  All "Jews" were common Europeans who had been sucked intoa
cult of brainwashed idiots.
How many nazi Jews... The author writing the book on Jews in the nazi
army, found out his mother was a descendant of these calling themselves
Puffing themselves up by association
When people become important, note how the Blight cult adds them to their
famous Jews list. Madam not-so-bright, Evils, Einstein. ( of course
Einstein was an atheist so if he was right there could be no such thing
as a Jew )
It is like becoming a member in the Mormon church, once you are in, they
find links to your ancestors you never had any idea of.
In this guy's book he found about 150,000 "Jews" in the nazi army.
When they were drafting them in the army
* No one was doing any family tree search
* Those Germans who had any knowledge of the false Jew cult members of
their family trees kept their shame concealed.
Do you know all of your grandparents who have existed? You have had 4
grand parents, 8 great grandparents, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024,
2048 ... just 9 generations ago you had 2,048 grandparents on earth who
actually lived in the same time period as all of that generation of your
grandparents lived. Around the year 1700, every German alive in 1940had
about 2,048 grandparents alive in the year 1700.
There are of records of Europeans, their inventions and all kinds ofinfo
about Europeans before Christ. By the account of the tower of Babel,
people would have been scattered into Europe about 3000 BC.
The Israelites were scattered about 300 BC. If we start from the timeof
Christ until 1940, that would be 1940 years.
In 1940, how many grandparents did EVERY German have around the year1390
Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8388608
In 1000 AD every German ( like everyone else on earth) had millions of
It is impossible to know or ever find out who their grandparents BUTYOU
KNOW these are shared grandparents, they share those grandparents with
millions of other people today.
In 1940 Germany no one knew who their ancestors were and like today,no
one ever thought about such things.
When finding these "Jewish" nazis, no nazi could track their ancestors,
those who knew they had relatives in a couple generations ( is the
greatest time most people can track their relatives ) in the Blight cult
kept it under the lid.
In the cult members calling themselves "Jews", we know they are keeping
their mouths shut about their nazi relatives in the Nazi military.
We know all of those good little "Jewish" women who slept with the nazis
during WW2 are not telling anyone about the fathers of their children.
Out of the population of Germany most women, children or the old people
never served in the army (until the final 8 months). The male soldiers
may have made up 1/4th of the population, so what ever amount of "Jewish"
nazi soldiers that could be documented would have to be multiplied by4 (
or the number found ) to guess at the amount of nazi Jews.
Each German had a multitude of grandparents, so to know who their
ancestors were, they would have to be tracked through every set of
grandparents through every generation.
Year 1390 AD, every one living in Germany ... Generation 22 Grandparents
What is the name of all of your grandparents that existed in 1390? It
would virtually impossible that every German did not have Blight cult
members in their ancestors.
Remember, having "Jewish" ancestors does not mean you are a descendantof
the Israelites. It only means you had ancestors who belonged to a cult
claiming to be descendants of the Israelites. ( All bible Jews were Arabs
if the bible is true and if it is false there is no such thing as a Jew
or an Israelite ).
In the fake Jew identity, all of your grandparents could be Jews andyou
would not be a descendant of the Israelites. Say some Eskimos starteda
cult and called themselves the Levites. With no reason or no evidenceof
any links to the Levites, they assert they are the descendants of the
If all 4 of Eddy Eskimo's grandparents call themselves Levites, thatdoes
not make Eddy a Levite, unless he chooses to make himself one of thecult
members, in which case Eddy becomes a fool or a liar, not a Levite.
The German nazi "Jews" having "Jew" grandparents, were not Jews at all.
Their grandparents were fools or liars, Jimmy German who did not jointhe
cult, just decided not to be a fool or a liar.
The number of Germans who share the SAME ancestors as the Blight cult,
can be multiplied by the number of British, Dutch, French, Hungarian,
Swiss, Italian, Polish, Russians who also share the SAME ancestors with
the Blight cult of false Jews.
Those calling themselves "Jews" have No different heritage than any other
Europeans, they are just brainwashed, fools or blatant liars.
Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8,388,608
Tell me the names of all of your grandparents who lived from 1940 to1390
then tell me the names of every other grandparent of every other German
who lived from 1940 to 1390.
If it is possible, give me your proofs. If it is impossible and you
assert that you are descendants of the Israelites or that you have any
different heritage than any other European ...
If it is impossible and you assert it to be a fact ( you are different/
you are a descendant of the Israelites ) to state what it is impossible
for you to prove, you are one idiot.
Year 1915 Generation 1 Grandparents 4
Year 1890 Generation 2 Grandparents 8
Year 1865 Generation 3 Grandparents 16
Year 1840 Generation 4 Grandparents 32
Year 1815 Generation 5 Grandparents 64
Year 1790 Generation 6 Grandparents 128
Year 1765 Generation 7 Grandparents 256
Year 1740 Generation 8 Grandparents 512
Year 1715 Generation 9 Grandparents 1024
Year 1690 Generation 10 Grandparents 2048
Year 1665 Generation 11 Grandparents 4096
Year 1640 Generation 12 Grandparents 8192
Year 1615 Generation 13 Grandparents 16384
Year 1590 Generation 14 Grandparents 32768
Year 1565 Generation 15 Grandparents 65536
Year 1540 Generation 16 Grandparents 131072
Year 1515 Generation 17 Grandparents 262144
Year 1490 Generation 18 Grandparents 524288
Year 1465 Generation 19 Grandparents 1048576
Year 1440 Generation 20 Grandparents 2097152
Year 1415 Generation 21 Grandparents 4194304
Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8388608
So tell me the name of every grandparent of every European from 1940to
1390 AD?
The overwhelming odds are that every nazi shared ancestors with the false
Jew cult members and the fact is those who assert they are descendantsof
the Israelites or that they are of a different heritage than any other
European, is ignorant, brainwashed, a fool or a Blatant liar
It is impossible for anyone on earth to know who their ancestors werefor
the last 2,500 years.
By the scriptures we do know that we can track the Israelites to their
parents and grandparents... and we know we can trace their heritage to
Hittites, Havites, Iraqis, Canaanites, Jebusites, Moabites, Ammoites,
Amoirtes, Egyptians, Syrians... ARABS !
By anthropology and archeology we know there were no blond hair, fair
skin or blue eye people in the middle east, all Israelites were a
composite of those Arabs identified by the scriptures... and yet we have
this cult of Europeans who call themselves "Jews".
Those who called themselves Jews through out Europe were just
brainwashed, ignorant, idiots or liars. The rest of the Europeans who
found they had "Jews" in their family trees, did not have descendantsof
the Israelites in their family trees, they just had brainwashed Lemmings,
idiots or liars in their family trees.
"Race map" Compare the native people of Europe with those of India, Iran,
Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Africa... compare native Europeans with the native
people of the middle east. 
Above is a "race map". Look at the pages here that give the exact verses
which give the families that ALL Israelites came out of Ammorites,
Amorites, Syrians, Chaldeans/Iraqis, Philistines, Jebusites, Moabites,
Midianites, Canaanites, Lebanese ( Sidon/Zidon) Egyptians...  
How is it that EVERY ISRAELITE OF THE BIBLE was a descendant of the Arabs
of the middle east and yet this cult of Europeans are all blond hair,
blue, eye, fair skin... Anglo Saxons / Aryans? Other than their BS, the
cult calling themselves "Jews" are NOT descendants of the Israelites.
They are brainwashed Lemmings who belong to a racist cult. Racist? Yes
"If you are not one of them, you are inferior, you were just put on earth
to serve them". 
You can sure tell the native people of the middle east from the Germans,
but you can NOT tell the "Jew" nazis from any other German because the
cult calling themselves Jews were nothing but Euro Babelites in the first
place.  Tell me, which of the nazi soldiers below is a "Jew" if you can
tell them apart ? 
Any Jew with forged papers could pass through any check point with out
any problem because they were nothing but a cult of Europeans in the
first place. The picture below is different. There are 5 of the "Jew"
nazi soldiers and another old guy who is a descendant of the middle east
native people instead of of the Europeans. How hard is it for you topick
out this native of the middle east from the Europeans in this line up?
Here the proud little "Jews" are having their pictures taken in their
nazi uniforms. 
Below is one proud little "Jewish" family having their picture takenof
their little nazi son in his nazi uniform? Decorated veterans and
high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals... good little nazi
"The revelation that Germans of Jewish blood served Hitler must comeas a
profound shock." I don't know about a shock but it sure is a crock. There
is NO such thing as German blood. Even Hitler was not a native born
German. The Germans were just a composite of the people of Europe,
Russians, Dutch... in some WW2 films I have seen where the British Royal
family was married into the Germans. 
Living in Germany did not give them any kind of blood and there is NO
such thing as Jewish blood. These cult members are just ordinary
Europeans from the same ancestors and who were marrying each other asfar
back as recorded history. 
In older things I have read, the numbers of nazi "Jews" were not great,
but as people keep on looking into this, the numbers keep on multiplying.
Here they said there were tens of thousands of "Jews" in the nazi Army..
If you have looked at the study on family trees, you know how peopleare
linked together with thousands of others through our grandparents. If
they look, the problem will be trying to find out which of the nazi
soldiers was not related. 
Bryan Mark Rigg is the author of this book "Hitler's Jewish soldiers".I
know he is a lot better writer than I. It would be worth reading if you
read more than web pages. "he has served as a volunteer in the Israeli
Army... Ooops 
"Rigg ran across records indicating that his mother's family tree
Like Duh, anyone who as examined the family tree studies can projectthat
almost every European can track their heritage to  "Jews", Italians,
Germans, French ... a whole pot luck of people. We are all linked
together through our ancestors... and each of us have had millions of
grandparents who we can NEVER begin to know about. 
IF the bible is false there is no such thing as a Jew or an Israelite.If
the bible is true, by the bible we can prove every Israelite was a
composite of Ammorites, Hittites, Iraqis, Philistines, Syrians,
Cananites, Jebusites, Havites, Moabites, Midianites, Egyptians... Arabs.
This cult of false "Jews" are nothing but Europeans. They have no
different blood than the rest of us. The only difference between us is
they have been brainwashed into believe they (Aryan Europeans) are "the
real Israelites". 
Author Riggs on the bottom right 
One of the "Jews" was the same as our 5 star generals in the nazi Army.
When the problem of being "Jews" came up, they were not booted out asin
one account here. They were in the nazi army until the end of the war.In
one segment of this program, they told how those of "Jewish" heritage
only needed to apply for an exempt status.. In this joke Hitler was inon
it. They would simply sign up for an exempt status and after it was
processed this status would exempt them from "being Jews". It really
makes one giggle until their belly hurts. 
They told how one nazi Jew got 3 medals.. probably deserved it for
killing a bunch of American and British soldiers, I guess ? They also
reported after the war, these nazi "Jews" chose to stay in Germany ...
their homeland instead of going to Palestine to rob and murder thosepoor
The only thing different in the cult calling themselves Jews and therest
of the Europeans is that they have been sucked into a cult and have been
brainwashed beyond common sense. 
 Hmmm I wonder how many of those "Jews" in the synagogues are the
children / grandchildren of the nazi soldiers. On other the History
channel, one of the topics I have made note of is about the German
soldiers and the "Jewish" women that they took to the sack. I supposeany
of the women that were not real ugly in the prison camps were quite handy
to the nazis. If they were lucky maybe even a Jew nazi took them to bed
in the prison camps? 
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millions dead in the Middle East

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