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3 I Will: a warning to young men

When a young man gets married in church he is asked: do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife to which he usually replies "I will". This is what he is actually agreeing to:

Although he may be the most dutiful husband he may find: that his wife is having an affair, or his wife and children have disappeared in the night. There are 315K marriages each year and 178K divorces. Around 75% of all divorces are called for by wives.

After separation he may find that he enters a serious depression. This can typically last two years and during this period his work motivational level may be at 25%. His work may decide to fire him adding to his problems. In addition his wife may have left him with a mountain of debts on credit cards and loans to pay.

The resulting period of low self esteem will be the period of high vulnerability when 'so called' friends, family, neighbours, and acquaintances who may have harboured a grudge decide to strike. Therefore he may become involved in further rows which further increase his isolation and depth of dispair.

A seriously disturbed emotional state may mean that he is involved in a work related accident, or a car accident. As a result he may become temporarily or permanently disabled.

If children are involved he is most likely to be expelled from the family home (91% of all custody goes to the mother). Something that he may have worked hard for all his life.

If he goes to court to decide the future of the children he will find that a judge, will decide what he should do with his own children. Only last centuary the man was considered head of the family and removing a father from his children would have been unthinkable. The judges will listen to recommendations from court welfare officers who should visit the family. The welfare officers work in the probation service which deals with mostly male criminals, this may make it difficult for them to see men in a positive light. The result is that Judges award custody to the mother in 91% of the cases. The result of mother-custody is that the child is more likely to be criminal, to take drugs, and to perform less well at school. Hardly in the childs best interests.

He may find himself hounded by the CSA. This can come just at a time when he is getting over the loss of his wife and the fact that he may become a stranger to his children and coming to terms with his situation. He may have virtually all his wages stripped from him and the possibility of spending a lifetime in slavery without his children may be too much to bear. So far 39 people have lost their lives in suicide as a result of the CSA pressure.

All future contact with the kids may be blocked by a malicious judge, or a mother. The statistics show that 50% of all fathers of divorce loose all contact with their children after 3 years for ever.

Stripped of the Cash, Cars, Kids, and Castle and invited to join in a lifetime of poverty and slavery he will be a very angry person indeed. Many men now consider the state to be their enemy.



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