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dateSat, Aug 23, 2008 at 6:32 PM

subjectRe: [TWOMIFTG] Lies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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Saying that an argument is simply "hate USA" is a valid argument...  sometimes.


If you have a legitimate argument, the fact that it might coincidentally be negative to the USA is not a problem.


But when the only logic of your argument is "Everything is the USA's fault" to a ridiculous extent, your argument transparently lack any legitimacy.


When the only real point behind your argument is "I (Jimmy) hate the USA" pointing out the logical bankruptcy of your argument is a legitimate response.


For example, when you abandon all sense of principle in order to hate the USA, this is obvious.  That is, you take inconsistent positions on any point of principle to be able to blame the USA.  


You blame the USA for what you do not blame other countries for doing.


You take contradictory positions so that you can always find fault with the USA.


You ignore the facts, fabricate facts, and refuse to even consider what is true vs. untrue simply so you can throw accusations at the USA (or Isarel).


All of this is simply hating the USA.


And it is entirely legitimate to point it out.


If on Tuesday you defend one country for doing something, and then on Wednesday attack the USA for doing the same thing, this clearly shows your argument to be illegitimate.



Jon Moseley



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you cannot be too logical to a man with an Agenda.

He wants Affirmative Action for his children.




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You are not GOD or Deputy GOD that nobody should dare disagree with you. I have my thoughts & opinions & you have your thoughts & opinions which should be exibited without any threats from either side. Why are you such a dictator that you cannot tolerate disent/disagreement??!! If so, why the heck are you on "OPEN DISCUSSION FORUMS??!!"



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A country is accumulation of her people. If we take a Poll of Americans after telling, what lies you have been propagating against USA and White Race for years on Internet, a few would love to end your life, some would love to beat the shit out of you and an overwhelming majority of people would say, "This Immigrant should be deported back to his country since he hates not only our country but also us".


None of them are going to be fooled with your statement that you love USA because in practice you are showing nothing but the opposite everyday on Internet. If any Non Moslim Immigrant was doing the same in a Moslim Country, he would face the same at least if not jail or Extra Judicial Killing but I guess, you have no brain to understand all this and you are going to keep arguing with me about this for rest of your miserable life.


I had stopped reading your posts to avoid you but you love take keep taking 'Pungaa' (fight) with me constantly. Now I have no choice left but to keep pounding on you. 


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Mr Turkman:...........your constant charge of "HATE USA" will neverwin you an argument/debate with me.For it is an obvious "THREAT"

weapon you use to shut me up. Below the belt, old chap, rather not cricket. Ihave defeated you always with half my brain-tied behind my back.....which is whyyou are reduced to only coming back with threats & personal attacks.

I could never live in a country I hate. I love the USA which has given theworld: ELVIS, Jazz, Dixie music, Rock & roll, SINATRA & LAS VEGAS!!! Areyou nuts, threatening me with hating the good-old US of A??!! STOP confusing

"LOVE FOR GOVERNMENT WITH LOVE FOR COUNTRY" Please go see ashrink.............regards.............I do not love any government, they are LIARS. But I certainly love the USA forthe chilled BEER it provides

 me.--- On Fri, 8/22/08, S Turkman <[email protected]> wrote:From: S Turkman <[email protected]>