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JDL Terrorist Rhonda Goldman, Disciple of Abe Foxman

Issuing Terrorist Threats Over the Internet

The Christian Party hereby demands that the following JDL terrorists, who issued terrorist threats across the internet against forum members, in violation of The Patriot Act and other federal laws, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, summarily goose-stepped to our nation's borders, and banned from ever re-entering this putative Christian nation ever again

Such terrorists do not deserve one whit of protection from this putative Christian nation, nor the 273 million putative Christians living within its borders.  Already, ongoing internet polls indicate that up to 85% of Americans would instantly exile the jews if given the chance.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jewish Defense League [mailto:[email protected]]
>Sent: Sat 21 Feb 2004 12:47
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: your email
>Thank you for sending us your message, which has been routed through a
>neo-nazi site. We appreciate having your address and phone number, as we
>like to know who and where the Jew-haters are.
>Rhonda Goldman
>Jewish Defense League

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In a message dated 5/12/04 9:35:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:


Well, la-de freakin' da :) 
In other words, it's time to
grow the heck up, and accept the reality, that as long as people are on this planet, people will form groups, (yea, they do that) and some of those groups will choose to avoid / harbor suspicion towards other groups.  And guess what:  sometimes, there's darn good reasons. 

And furthermore, there's a big difference between "suspicion" and "violence."   Check your dictionary!  As for (the oversized buzzword) "hate,"  it's one thing to hate a person or a group, but it's entirely another to act upon that hate.  In other words, talk is a great way to simply let off steam - like the jdl (or whatever) doesn't do the same :)   Har har, and double har!

Oh, and by the way :)  your precious jdl (or whatever) is neither big nor bad enough to change (how many thousands of years of???) human nature.  Is that reality a bubble-buster?  If so, well, that's just tuff-beans!

Anyway, my question is:  just where the heck do you think you get off!
Especially, when you come around acting as if yours is the only group of people who've been kicked around.   Think you're so smart, well then by darned, act like it!   In other words, reread some history - Helots under the Spartans, Goths under the Romans, British under the Vikings, Irish under the British....

As in, quit yer whining already...hello???


Susan E. Botchie

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JDL Terrorist Glenn Spencer Issues Terrorist Threat Over the Internet


Them vs. Us

by Edgar J. Steele

April 23, 2004

Earlier this week, I sent you a piece entitled, "For Freedom," in which I made clear that tomorrow's Zundel Revisionist Conference will take place, as scheduled, albeit at a new location.  In it, I explained how the Jewish Defense League (JDL) was behind an attempt at total censorship by forcing the owner of the leased hall to cancel its contract.  This news outraged a good number of people, as well it should.

In that same essay, I vowed that the JDL would never shut me up, not so long as I draw breath, and explained why, years ago, they were responsible for my children receiving death threats simply because I did my job as a lawyer and provided a legal defense to someone the Jews hated.  I included links to the recorded threats left for one of my children and myself (there are others):  Link 1, Link 2.  JDL thug Mark Wiles brazenly identified himself in the second message.

Well, the JDL and Mark Wiles are at it again.   Yesterday, they threatened me once more and were audacious enough to do it in writing.  I also have received anonymous death threats this week.  My wife has received strange, menacing phone calls at our private, unlisted telephone number.

I provide the JDL threat in its entirety below, with my response directly before it.  You need to read my response first, so as to understand the coded threat contained within the JDL message.  Of course, they would never say, "We're going to kill you," or the like.  They do it with veiled references.  Thus, first you must understand what the significance of the presence of Mark Wiles is and what is meant by the "relationship" he has been directed by his JDL employers to "renew" with me.

They are determined to disrupt the rescheduled conference.  They will not succeed.  They will not succeed because I and others like myself - and good people like you - will not let them.  More than ever, it is crucial that you attend, if it is at all possible.  Here is the URL for the web site that will provide you all the directions you need to get there and to make a difference with us: .  

This is your chance to do more than simply meet some of us and hear us speak.  Here is your chance to make a statement merely by showing up.  Here is your chance to do something, to play a game bigger than the one your life has called for, to date.

If you absolutely cannot attend, please listen to at least some of the conference, which will be broadcast over the internet at the same URL.  The taped delay will be about an hour, I am told.  I am scheduled to talk at about 3 p.m., PDT.

The tactics of the JDL are just so typical of Jewish oppression all over America these days, which has been accelerated by the increasing public awareness that our sons and daughters are dying for the sake of Israel...that so much of our tax money is spent supporting and defending Israel, and advancing its interests...that our good name internationally has been destroyed through the actions of the last three Administrations for the sake of Israel...that our congressmen and senators have been bought and paid for by those acting in the interest of Israel.

It isn't a case of "us vs. them," which is the lie they spread by claiming we are anti-Semitic and must be punished for our improper thinking.  It is critical that you understand what really is going on.   It is Them vs. Us, just the way it always has been, down through time.  

Ask yourself why the Jews have been expelled from one country after another, for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Ask yourself why people like myself, who could barely spell the word Jew before, have become tireless in our efforts to unmask the Jewish terrorists amongst us.  Ask yourself why little Palestinian children are willing to risk being shot in the head for the satisfaction of throwing rocks at armored Israeli tanks.  Because it's Them vs. Us, that's why.  They are the destroyers and interlopers, just as they will try to be tomorrow.   Don't let them.

Make a difference.  If you respect me and what I have to say, come and tell me so in person.   Drive through the night.  Hop on a plane after work.  Hitchhike.  I've never said this to you before, but I need your help.  I don't ask for your money and I don't ask you to volunteer for anything.  I ask you for the single most valuable thing you possess: You - your presence and your support.

It will be my honor to shake your hand and thank you personally for showing up.  When the JDL draws the line in the dirt tomorrow, show them that we won't stand for censorship.  We won't stand for their threatening little girls.  We won't stand for their taking away our rights.

Join me in showing the JDL that they will never break our spirit.  

They will never silence us.  

They will never take our freedom.

If not for me, do it for yourself, just as I do it for Us every day of my life now.  Like it or not, it's Them vs. Us, for now.   Make a difference, before it becomes Them or Us.

-----Original Message-----
From: Edgar J. Steele [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 9:01 AM
To: [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: RE: [Fwd: Your resurrected hate conference.]

Mr. Maniaci -


You claim to be peaceful, then promise to have your "good friend" Mark Wiles with you in Sacramento this weekend to "renew (our) relationship?"  The same Mark Wiles from Nevada, the JDL free-range goon squad enforcer and former lead henchman for the late Irv Rubin?


Lessee now, that would be the relationship that entailed Wiles' threatening my family and me with physical harm, of course. 


That would also be the relationship which saw him physically assault me in front of the courthouse in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, during the Aryan Nations trial. 


The relationship which saw your organization issue a death threat to my little 8-year-old girl, as well as every other member of my family.


Would that include Mr. Wiles' episode of gun waving in front of the home of my client at the time of that trial, too?


Simply because I dared to provide legal representation to the defendants in that trial.  At that time, of course, I had yet to start writing or speaking out against terrorists and criminals such as yourself.  In a very real sense, your organization created me, you know.  Just as you create all anti-Semites.


I recognize that this is just your cute way of threatening me, Mr. Maniaci.  Are you also behind the anonymous death threats I have been receiving this week?


For all the good it will do, I will turn your threat over to the FBI and the Sacramento Police Department and demand physical protection from you and your Nazi-esque thugs.


Your word means nothing, Mr. Maniaci.  It is the word of a craven coward who threatens little girls.  The word of a man terrified the world might learn the truth about himself and the terrorist organization of which he is a member.  In short, the word of a bully, a liar and a thief; just one of so many Jewish thieves who have stolen our America and robbed us of our rights, our heritage and our culture.


Interestingly, Israeli Barry Chamish originally had been on the agenda to provide the very dialogue you disingenuously mention, from the point of view of Jewish Supremacists like yourself, but your tactics have prevented his attendance now.  His stated intention was to convince all attendees of the incorrectness of our position.  Even he is outraged at your bullyboy methods, so reminiscent of the way that Israel deals with the Palestinians.


You seek no dialogue.  You seek only to shout down and shut out.  When you can't do that, then you and your followers resort to death threats to little girls and brazen physical violence.  When that doesn't work, your fellow travelers always have found that a bullet to the base of the skulls of your enemies is most effective, as so often demonstrated by you Jews following the Bolshevik takeover in Russia last century.


Come on down, Mr. Maniaci.  You and your fellow travelers may kill our children as you have threatened.  You may even kill many of us, as you have done so many times past and in lands distant.  But you will never break our spirit.  You will never silence us.  You will never take our freedom.


Edgar J. Steele


-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Maniaci - Jewish Defense League, Chairman [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 1:11 AM
To: Edgar Steele
Subject: [Fwd: Your resurrected hate conference.]
Importance: High

Mr. Edgar Steele,

Dear Ed,

I realize that you are one of the preeminent defenders of the First Amendment, and insist that your rights therein not be infringed upon. You are going to enjoy your rights on Saturday.  However, by keeping that location a secret, you are essentially denying our free speech rights.

If we don't know where you are, then you have trampled upon the rights that you so vehemently insist that you protect. Is it not then your moral obligation to tell us the location so that we may peacefully counter demonstrate?

You have my word that we will be non-violent. After all, haven't you said repeatedly that the Jews have no guts?  Be a good sport, besides, my good friend, Mr. Wiles will be with me and he is anxious to renew your relationship.

Who are you afraid of, a few old and feeble Jews? Give me a break!


Bill Maniaci
Jewish Defense League, Chairman

Bill Maniaci
Chairman, Jewish Defense League

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Was Irv Rubin Killed In 911 Mop-Up?

Exclusive To American Free Press
By Michael Collins Piper

Did the late Irv Rubin have inside knowledge about the fact
that Israeli intelligence operatives were trailing the alleged
9-11 hijackers while they were "on the ground" in California?
When JDL chief Irv Rubin's friends cry that their leader may
have been murdered in federal custody, they may not be far
off the mark. Rubin may have known too much for his own
good and threatened to reveal-during his scheduled trial-his
Mossad connection.
Undoubtedly, Rubin and his henchman, Earl Krugel, were as
surprised as anybody when the Justice Department charged
them last year with conspiring to blow up a mosque and the
office of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).
For years Rubin and Krugel and the JDL were almost
"untouchable," given free rein to practice their terrorist
activities with virtually no sanction whatsoever.
As such, there appears to be a lot more to the quite
unexpected indictment of Rubin and Krugel than meets
the eye.
As a growing body of evidence indicates, much of which
has already been reported in AFP, Israeli intelligence
operatives were almost certainly monitoring at least some
of the Sept. 11 hijackers when the hijackers-to-be were
operating in California prior to 9-11. And considering the
fact that the JDL is known to have closely cooperated on
numerous fronts with Israeli intelligence, it is likely that
Rubin-now conveniently dead by "suicide"-and Krugel
may have been aware of this operation.
The history of the JDL and its founder, Brooklyn-born Meir
Kahane-best-remembered today as the "militant rabbi" gunned
down after being elected to the Israeli parliament-indicates that
the JDL has functioned as an arm of Israel's intelligence service,
the Mossad.
Kahane's biographer, Robert Friedman, revealed that "high-
ranking members of Mossad" were directing Kahane and that
the "central player" was former Mossad operations chief (and
later prime minister) Yitzhak Shamir, an outspoken critic of
Kahane himself had been an asset of the FBI and the CIA,
including a stint for the CIA in Africa, posing as a "news
In 1965, under the name "Michael King," Kahane and one
Joseph Churba formed a group to mobilize campus support
for the Vietnam War, a venture that was part of a CIA operation
"working both sides" of the Vietnam War issue, with the CIA
funding anti-war groups at the very same time.
In 1968 Kahane shed his "Michael King" personage and evolved
into the Meir Kahane we remember today. His colleague Churba
(also a rabbi) rose to power as an influential behind-the-scenes
asset for Israeli intelligence in U.S. foreign policy-making circles, promoted by the John Birch Society, and funded by the CIA-
backed empire of Korean cult leader Sun Myung Moon, now
a major figure promoting the interests of Israel in American "conservative" circles.
The ultimate trial of JDL figure Krugel-if it ever happens-should
be watched closely.
If the Justice Department of Israel's strong supporter, Attorney
General John Ashcroft, suddenly decides-citing "national
security," perhaps-to conceal information in the course of
Krugel's prosecution, a lot of "conspiracy theorists" might start
thinking that it's all part of the official 9-11 cover-up.

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From: "Patriot Network" <[email protected]>

 by H. Millard (c) 2001
          After reading of the arrests this week of
Irv Rubin, 56,chairman of the Jewish Defense League,
and Earl Krugel, 59, a member ofthat organization, for
allegedly plotting to blow upa Mosque and the offices
of Arab-American CongressmanDarrell Issa, R-Calif., I
decided to find out what theSouthern Poverty Law
Center had to say about the JDL.After all, the
non-profit SPLC, claims on its web site thatit is
internationally known for "its tracking of hate
groups." Surely, I thought, the SPLC would have
something on its web site about the JDL. I waswrong.
On the SPLC web site, I found a list of 602 groups
that the SPLC considers "hate groups." Actually, the
number is somewhat misleading, because the SPLC counts
each of the chapters of a group as though it were a
separate group. Thus, there are only three Black
Separatist groups listed, but with all their
chapters, they are counted as 48 of the 602. But,
let's not quibble; that might be hateful. Hate is
something to be hated, by gum, and it's hateful to
question hate. According to the site, "All hate groups
have beliefs or practices that attack or denigrate an
entire class of people, typically for their beliefs or
immutable characteristics." "Class of people" was not
further defined, but my dictionary defines "class," in
the apparent sense intended by the SPLC, as "a group,
set, or kind sharing common attributes."
          The site also states "Only organizations
known to be active in 2000, whether that activity
included marches, rallies, speeches meetings,
leafleting, publishing literature or criminal acts,
were counted in the listing. Entities that appear to
exist only in cyberspace are not included because they
are likely to be individual Web publishers who like to
portray themselves as powerful, organized groups."
Now, a question that some might ask is whether or not
an "anti-hate group" could, itself, be considered a
hate group if it denigrates, by characterizing as a
"hate group," an entire class of people--say, members
of some church--based on the beliefs of the entire
class? Never mind. Such an inquiry might send us off
on a hateful path, where we might actually question
qualifications and motives of any person or group of
persons in one group who call other groups hate
groups. In other words, what sort of professional
education and experience does one have to have to be a
hate expert?
          The SPLC web site makes it easy to find hate
with a drop down window where the SPLC has broken down
its 602 "hate groups" into seven categories: Ku Klux
Klan, Neo-Nazi, Skinhead, Identity, Black Separatist,
Neo-Confederate, and Other.
          I went through all seven categories, and
unless I missed something, there was no mention of the
JDL or any other Jewish group (as of 12/15/01).
Instead, I found groups such as the Westboro Baptist
Church; Crusade against Corruption; the Council of
Conservative Citizens; National Organization for
European American Rights; American Renaissance, a
couple of immigration reform groups and many more,
including Ku Klux Klan groups.
          There were also groups with "Israel" in
their name, but they were under the "Christian
Identity" heading, which includes churches that the
SPLC characterizes as being " fundamentally racist and
          I figured that I must have missed the JDL,
so I checked again. Even then, I still couldn't find
any mention of the JDL. I did find more Christian
Churches and other religious organizations including
at least one Muslim group, but there was no mention of
the JDL or other Jewish groups, that I could see.
          Then again, maybe, the JDL isn't a "hate
group," at all. Perhaps the JDL isn't like that
hateful Baptist Church, or like those hateful
immigration reform groups that want our laws upheld,
or like those hateful conservative groups, or like
those hateful publishing houses. So, I went back to
the news reports of the arrest of Rubin and Krugel to
see if I could find a clue about the nature of the
JDL, that would indicate why it isn't on the SPLC
          According to these news reports, an
affidavit filed in the case claims that Krugel was
secretly audio taped and allegedly said that Arabs
"need a wakeup call," and the JDL needed to d
something to one of their 'filthy' mosques.
Congressman Issa was apparently targeted because he is
an Arab-American. It was also reported that the
arrests weren't made because of the things allegedly
said by Rubin and Krugel, but because some explosive
powder allegedly to be used in making bombs had been
delivered to Krugel.
          News reports also carried accounts of past
JDL activities that included marches, rallies,
speeches, meetings, leafleting, publishing literature;
so it's probably reasonable to believe that the JDL
doesn't just exist in cyberspace, which would have
excluded them from the SPLC's list.
          I also noticed that the SPLC doesn't list
any Latino or Asian hate groups on their web site.
Could it be, I wondered, that Latinos and Asians
along with Jews are simply free of hate? I took a
couple of minutes and did a quick internet search that
turned up Jewish, Latino, and Asian versions of some
of the European American groups listed. So,why are
European American groups listed as hate groups
while some Jewish, Latino and Asian groups, aren't?
Could it be because many European Americans are haters
no matter what they say or do, and Jews, Latinos and
Asians aren't haters no matter what they say or do?
Somehow, that doesn't seem right.
          I next checked some of the web sites of the
European American alleged hate groups listed. Many of
the groups seem to be interested in constitutional
issues; others are interested in matters of heritage
and many are political or religious in nature. Many
of them use direct, working class language instead of
the circumspect language of the academy, and many of
them weren't politically correct, but in America we
have a tradition of having a robust exchange of ideas,
and most of these sites were in the best traditions of
this nation. I couldn't find any calls to violence on
the European American sites I checked, but I didn't
check them all. In contrast, some of the non-European
American sites--that, as mentioned, didn't make
it to the SPLC hate group list--did seem to come very
close to advocating violence, revolution and even the
taking back of parts of the United States to be part of Mexico.



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