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Thomas Jefferson Would Not Be Happy About Bob Cheney's Treatment!

April 2, 1997

The first impression one gets when stepping onto the shores of Japan is that it is a country which practices the principles espoused by Thomas Jefferson and the other framers of the US Constitution. One of the first impressions upon returning is that the US is a country which has lost all such visions. Japan is a small island compared to the US, it has a population about half our size, but by some estimates its economic output as measured by GDP will soon be larger than the US. While marriage and families have remained stable in Japan for centuries, the US the divorce rate doubled (to 10 times that at the turn of the century) and illegitimacy quintupled just in the last 3 decades. While Japan's incarceration and murder rates declined, now imprisoning only 55,348 of its citizens, the US murder rate tripled, at the same time that the incarceration rate quadrupled, putting 1,726,400 of its citizens in prison -- 31 times as many as Japan. Where Japan resolves 96.7% of its murders with a justice system staffed by 276,505 employees, the US resolves less than 62% of its murders with a justice system staffed by 1,650,782 employees -- 2.8 times as many employees per capita who are doing something seriously wrong. Affirmative action has not dealt the US an even hand when it comes to "justice", and it is a key reason that we have 750,000 lawyers and Japan must struggle along with only 12,000.

We spend more than enough money to resolve murders and to house violent criminals, but the media espouses that we need to spend even more. Rather than resolving murders and housing violent criminals, the "new" US spends its precious resources to imprison fathers like Bob Cheney, who is now on the 44th day of his second heroic hunger strike for fatherhood. Every cent which is spent to imprison and denigrate fathers like Bob Cheney is money denied from resolving the 79,000 murders which have gone unsolved in the US just in the last decade--a media event of much more significance to "we the people" than the Heaven's Gate deaths to which the media flocks like vultures to a crab fest. This makes Nero's fiddle seem like the Oracle of Delphi by comparison. Ignoring the destruction done to fatherhood by mistreating Bob Cheney, while instead sending 400 reporters to gloat over 32 dead cult members, is like examining ants in a microscope while being trampled underfoot by elephants. 32 cult deaths is less than a $100 million problem,while fatherlessness is a multi-trillion problem.

Is it that big a deal? Thomas Jefferson would not be happy with it--he helped overthrow England because he didn't like something much less threatening than this. Now those treacherous laws of England which we sought to escape require one sixth as many lawyers per capita as our current laws--from the frying pan into the fire with a constitution which was designed specifically to ensure that things like this didn't happen to Bob Cheney and to his children and to our children and to the children of Waco. If we don't prosecute murderers, then there will be more murders, and our murder rate could triple again in the next 3 decades. But that is not the worst problem, because if we continue to increase the rate at which we incarcerate men like Bob Cheney, while failing to even look for murderers to imprison, at the rate such imprisonment is growing, the US will spend a full quarter of its GDP just on criminal "justice" by then. How big a deal is that? Had we hit this issue in the face just 3 decades ago, and had we taken the proper course then instead of the one we are now on, the US incarceration rate could have been lower than Japan's, as it once was, we would now have no public debt, and personal savings rather than being only $212 Billion would now be $3.2 Trillion. It is past time to sock this issue square between the eyes, media support or political support or not.

Besides imprisoning fathers like Bob Cheney, what else does this ponderous bureaucracy do to justify so many extra people? With 738,000 more lawyers, 1,671,052 more prison inmates, and 1,374,277 more justice system employees than a country only half our size, which solves all but 55 murders per year, while our bungling bureaucracy is so intent on destroying any vestiges of productive men like Bob Cheney that, just in the last decade, it didn't resolve more than 70,000 murders, there must be other things which keep it occupied, right? Yes, we do have a higher crime rate than Japan. Per capita we have 2.6 times as many thefts, 1.7 times as many embezzlements, and 4.5 times as many murder arrests. Japan doesn't have the "child abuse industry" which was spawned by Capta and the Mondale Act in the US, under which many parents are imprisoned while their newly-pathological children grow up with Child Protective Services, but it does prosecute rapists who would appear on the surface to be about 18.3 times less numerous per capita (2,610 reports in Japan versus 104,810 in the US), until you consider that this is merely a feminist or legalist tool to use sex to gain political power while destroying families, and little else.While there are 18.3 times as many reports of rape in the US, there are only 8.7 times as many arrests, which suggests something very sinister is happening under feminist rule. First, this degree of over-reporting of rape is a signal that something is not right. Second, it would seem that the system makes up for under-prosecution for murder by over-prosecution for rape, as revealed by the FBI's study of the DNA evidence of men in prison for rape which proved that one third of them were not even the perpetrator. This is irrefutable scientific evidence of the innocence of men who have been victims of over-prosecution by these extra 1,374,277 employees who haven't had the time to even locate 70,000 murderers nor to prosecute as many as 1,028,800 of those who filed false accusations of rape in the last decade. Consider these figures for reports of rape from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report for just one year:

Total Reported Allegations 109,060 100%

Unfounded Reports 77,255 70.8%

Arrests 32,805 30.0%

Not Sufficient Evidence 11,154 10.2%

Number Incarcerated 18,840 17.3%

DNA Mismatch 6,180 5.7%

DNA Matched 12,660 16.1%

DNA Matched But Possibly Innocent 6,180 5.7%

Highest Probability of Guilt 6,180 5.7%

Potentially False Allegations 102,880 94.3%

Feminism is political power just like a terrorist's bomb is political power. It has the ability to destroy while enriching very few. Feminism is violent, because failure to prosecute those who knowingly file false accusations which, according to the experts, does more damage than most of the alleged rapes themselves, is an act of outright violence. If feminism was not so effective at protecting those filing these unscrupulous charges, men like Bob Cheney would be earning $150,000 per year today and contributing to paying off our public debt, while those who misuse our political and criminal processes would be where they couldn't practice their art. Rather than a prison population of primarily men, there would be more women than men, and the economy and society would be infinitely better off for it, not because there would be so many women in prison, but because there COULD and should be so fewer men. Our own history is proof enough of that, but we have Japan as a credible example as well.

Our attorney general made her mark with false accusations of a different breed--child abuse--first as a prosecutor and then as an excuse to put the lives of 87 innocent men, women, and children at risk in Waco. The cheerful laughter of these fellow citizens and human beings won't be heard in the meadows or on the airwaves any more because "protecting" them from child abuse was more important than protecting their lives or their constitutional rights. Had just one constitutional right been afforded to them, this could never and would have never have happened, which provides keen insight into how much power the nuclear bomb of one single false feminist accusation has. It is the gift that keeps on giving, with the OK City and Randy Weaver's wife bombing being just two possible results. If one false accusation does this much damage, and if the damage keeps on growing, then multiply it by 1,914,000 to get insight ito the total damage done to society, because that is how many "unsubstantiated" reports of child abuse there were just last year. Since 1973 "unsubstantiated" (read: false) allegations of child abuse and child sexual abuse increased by 8.2 and 28.6 times respectively, constituting more than two thirds of the 3,219,000 annual reports of child abuse. In a bizarre twist of logic, it is true that Waco was a more effective and less costly solution than represented by the above.

Imprisoning Bob Cheney is not bad just for Bob Cheney, nor just for his son, nor just for his descendants, but for this nation as a "free" democracy. What can be worse for the nation than to spend more money imprisoning fathers just for being fathers than to find and punish murderers? Where is Bob's democracy? What value are all of these 738,000 extra lawyers, 62.5 times as many as Japan, if they can't find their way around a court room effectively enough to find one of those 20 constitutional rights being denied him? Stephen McGee at the University of Arizona estimates that each additional lawyer entering the profession subtracts $250,000 from GDP. Affirmative action litigation has been estimated to be a bigger loss than this to the economy all by itself. If they don't contribute positively to GDP, if they don't support the constitution, if they continue to lobby for unconstitutional affirmative action even long after voters issue a two thirds mandate to end it, if they accept the judges' decisions to imprison fathers and innocent men while ignoring murderers and false accusations, then why do we need so many lawyers?

The Ten Commandments of the Bible are written on half a page and contain all the law that was required to effectively organize society for millenia. Penal codes and family law codes written in the last half a century require 13,787 pages to understand, and all they do is:

1.Proscribe the ability of citizens to follow 7 of the Ten Commandments.

2.Disguise the fact that they accomplish #1 above.

3.Make each citizen a law breaker.

4.Destroy families at a record rate.

5.Support the massive legal infrastructure.

What shall "we the people" do about it? It is clear that the media will never even play a role in simply reporting on the problem, much less correcting it. Not a single politician even utters a word of encouragement to suggest they understand or are aware of what has happened, much less have they become a part of the solution. Feminists don't even understand the destruction they have wrought, so how would they fix the problem even if they wanted to? Their mantra is replete with demands to taxpayers to spend more for prisons and laws and politicians and bureaucrats and government, without even casually referring to the fact that we already have 3,783,329 more lawyers, prison inmates, and justice employees than a country only half our size which solves all but 55 murders per year, while our bungling bureaucracy is so intent on removing all vestiges of fatherhood from Bob Cheney that just in a single decade it can't take time out resolve more than 70,000 murders. You can't ask for much less than this as a taxpayer.

How much worse will it get it if :we the people" don't intercede? What is the process by which "we the people" could or should intercede? Why should we expect the media to stop misrepresenting the problem so that there can be a concensus amoungst enough of "we the people" to do something about it? Thomas Jefferson Would Not Be Happy, God is not happy, and we should not be happy about our letting Bob Cheney starve to death. More laws and lawyers and feminists and victimization and courts is not the answer-- strong fatherhood is, and we know it. We have the schools, universities, educators, mythos, sociologists, and data to prove that feminism has been catastrophic in every way we know, and in ways we don't even recognize yet. What we already know is bad, and we already know that.

Japan is a different culture than the US. It is so different that we have a lot to learn from that difference. The credibility of a nation which spends so little for government and achieves so much in education, scoring 45% higher than the US in international math competition, cannot be ignored. One of the most vital differerences is the fact that fathers like Bob Cheney have never and could never be imprisoned under Japanese law. The father is the undisputed head of his household and his government can't and won't think of interfering in his family affairs or removing his hard earned money in so many new and innovative ways. The notion that our government can do a better job of parenting than fathers is a disgrace to men, the flag, Thomas Jefferson and the framers, the Bible, God, all Americans, and the Constitution. It is precisely the reason that we have such a higher crime rate in the first place, and we know it. The fact that he can't earn a living while imprisoned is a fact which make sense to the ordinary citizen but which is purportedly lost to the courts, and we know that. His imprisonment is another gift that keeps on giving, and we know that.

Divorce, illegitimacy, murder, crime, drug abuse, and incarceration rates equivalent to Japan are achievable with relatively little knowledge and effort. Obtaining that knowledge and expending that minimal effort would be far more effective than following the current course. Such a worthy goal can be reached by taking a hard look at Japan, understanding what that effort is, and doing it. We will start by ending Bob Cheney's hunger strike, the right way--not with his starving to death nor continuing to deny him his fatherhood. Your comments and suggestions on how you think this can be accomplished are respectfully requested, negative or positive. Your researching the above facts and figures to correct errors and to assure accuracy is invited. Your providing supporting documentation and statistics would be greatly appreciated. Your advice on how to use this statement to begin the healing process of fatherhood is direly needed. Your presenting this statement to appropriate universities, authorities, and other possible supporters is vital--to Bob Cheney, yourself, Thomas Jefferson, and society.



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