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Top: Jewish Leaders Folder: Joseph Pulitzer

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bulletJoseph Pulitzer--Publisher -- Biography in 1882
bulletJoseph Pulitzer--Extensive Biography by Joe Therkelsen
bulletFounder of Columbia University School of Journalism
bulletPulitzer Promoted Spanish-American War Mongering for Circulation
bulletJoseph Pulitzer and His Prize
bulletPulitzer's Grave in Woodlawn, NY
bulletJewish Newsgroup Discussions

Joseph Pulitzer, An Hungarian Jew

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Joseph Pulitzer, Publisher

Prominent Men and Women of the Day,
Thos. W. Herringshaw, Copyright 1888, A. B. Gehman & Co.

Until lately the name of Joseph Pulitzer was not familiar to the public. He is a Hungarian by birth, and of Hebrew blood.

After a period of successful journalist work and enterprise in St. Louis, he bought the New York "World," the circulation of which, at that time, was very small.

Numerous illustrations, a racy style, and "sensation" characterize the new York "World," as edited by Mr. Pulitzer.

Through the exertions of the "World," over a hundred thousand dollars was collected for the pedestal of "Liberty Enlightening the World." He was member of the forty-ninth congress.

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Click Here for John Therkelsen's Extensive Biography of Joseph Pulitzer's Life

If the link above is totally dead, try clicking here.

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Pulitzer's War Mongering


by Joy Tomme


In 1895, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer promoted the Spanish American War--a war between Spain and Cuba--to bolster circulation of the Hearst New York Morning Journal and Pulitzer's St. Louis Post-Dispatch. By 1896 the American Congress demanded that the United States intervene. Since the war was fought mainly on water, it quickly ended because the U.S. had a superior navy. Our losses were considered piddling. And newspapers sold like crazy.


War is good for the economy, it's good for political reputations, and God knows it's good for the media. Only the general population--the ones who fight, die, mourn and pay the price--hate war.


In the century since the Hearst/Pulitzer Spanish American War, very little has changed in politics and the media. In 1895 the newspapers showed photographs of Spanish general Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau, "the Butcher," rounding up Cubans and putting them in concentration camps where they were exposed to hunger, disease, and primitive sanitation. The pictures roused the American Congress to a frenzy of outrage. It is said the American public also demanded that the United States get involved. But who knows? The "American public" may simply have been a few people interviewed.

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