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I don't know if it's true or not, but thought if I tell you what I was told, so you could come to your own conclusion.

I was having a chat to a person on AOL by instant message, who claimed to work for a local authority in the government (council) housing department.

I know you can't believe everything you hear on the internet, but was wondering if you might be interested in what they said. I took off their AOL screen name to protect their identity..

Anon:  am male brit, born in west london, as a housing officer

wson [01:20]:
 oh for council housing? I applied once, but was told if i'm not a single mother, I wouldn't have any chance
Anon:  yep..i work for a local authority
Anon:  is government policy
Anon:  want some in-side news..?
wson [01:26]:  ok
Anon:  suppose your following whats happening in the Mid East..?
wson [01:27]:  sort of
Anon :  there are thousands of jews leaving isreal settle in the west
Anon :  most have gone to america
wson [01:28]:  why? interesting
Anon:  but, most have also decided to make England their home too
wson [01:28]:  how do you know this info?
Anon :  just do..
Anon :  they are worried about a huge backlash
wson [01:30]:  just do? so no real proof then
Anon:  how can i provide proof ..?
Anon:  willing to chill out at the Arrivals lounge
wson [01:31]:  how do you know then?
Anon:  at heathrow, gatwick airport..etc
Anon:  with a huge notepad..
wson [01:31]:  why would you know about it?
Anon:  ok..just read up on it
wson [01:32]:  oh, so you only know from reading about it on the internet?
Anon:  most of the jews are the ones that are the less well off
Anon:  internet is sometimes full of zionist shit too
wson [01:33]:  so what, they're going to apply for government housing?

 or do we get to install loads more -park benches in Regents & Hyde Park

wson [01:34]:  I see
Anon :  situation at the council is breaking point
wson [01:35]:  but we don't have enough housng
Anon :  exactly
Anon:  i keep wondering..why is the government doing this
Anon :  who are they really loyal to
wson [01:36]:  but whites in zimbabwe are more in danger than they are

Anon:  i agree..but their plight is seen as secondary
wson [01:38]:  so why are they allowed in? we can't take any more asylum seekers or our education and health service would be overcrowded even more
Anon:  i think Blair is a jew in disguise
wson [01:39]:  
don't be silly

Anon:  disreali why not him
Anon:  micheal..howard..PM in waiting is a jew
wson [01:41]:  yes
Anon:  what do you do for a living
wson [01:42]:  admin
Anon [01:43]:  ok..
Anon:  what was that about AOL..keeping an eye on you..
wson [01:39]:  i got an aol warning for posting things against jews
Anon:  BTW..who is BigBrother..? bet he is that beady eyed Ariel Sharon bastard
Anon:  the children killer
wson [01:45]:  big brother is a thing George orwell made, about the government having control over the people
Anon:  i know..cant believe we still live in 1984
wson [01:46]:  do you really know that stuff as inside info? or just some racist web site?
Anon:  am not racist

Anon:  get to find out a lot of stuff
wson [01:47]:  ok, so the government really said it?
Anon:  the media chooses not to report
Anon:  if you can visit heathrow terminal 1 & 3
Anon:  just take a walk..during arrivals..
Anon:  figures will then speak for them selves
Anon:  & that is ONLY weekends












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