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87% Of jews Want Sodomy To Be Legalized


Survey Results: Vast Majority of Jews Favor Gay Marriage
News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-09-22 22:17:42 [ Printer friendly ]
Instinct tells them it's best for Jews.

Most White men and women still believe that the traditional family, with a male breadwinner and protector and a female homemaker, is not only worth saving, but that it's the natural way for men and women to live and by far the best way to raise emotionally and spiritually healthy children. That's dangerous for Jews.

Jews understand there are certain characteristics which are essential for group survival in all societies. A sense of group identity and exclusiveness, for example. The Jews have it to an extraordinary degree, and we used to have it before they went to work on us. Another common survival characteristic is a strong family structure.

Instinct has guided our parasites to co-opt the "gay rights" movement as a nation-destroying and race-destroying weapon to serve their own ends — to tear down the family structure of the host society.

Evidence of this Jewish survival instinct was presented in today's release of the results of an American Jewish Committee survey.
The American Jewish Committee survey found that 87 percent of Jews support "gay" marriage — support strikingly at odds with the majority of Americans, they admit.

The aim of the Jews is to survive and thrive [undetected and unobserved] as parasites in another people's land. The strategy involves conditioning the goyim to believe that homosexuality is as natural a condition as heterosexuality, that homosexuality is in no way undesirable or reprehensible, that the only difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals is in their choice of sexual partners, and that homosexuals and heterosexuals should be treated exactly the same by society.

The core idea the Jews are insinuating into the minds of our people is that no sexual orientation, no race, no set of moral values, no type of family structure, no standard of beauty, no cultural tradition — that is, no art, no music, no literature — is better than any other. They're all equivalent. A "family" consisting of two adult homosexuals and an adopted child is just as "normal," just as deserving of public acceptance, respect, insurance benefits, and marriage rights as a family consisting of a man and a woman and their natural children.

That's the message — and its corollary, of course, is that we all should let our guard down against the Jews. We should not be suspicious of them. We shouldn't regard them as different or dangerous and try to keep them out. We shouldn't try to stop them from taking over. They may seem a little different, but that's only superficial. Really, we're all equivalent. No group is better than any other group.

Indoctrinating a host population with that poisonous message has been the Jews' key to taking over, sucking dry, and destroying society after society. It is the method they use for softening up a society so that they can suck its blood. When they approach any healthy, homogeneous society, in which the people have a strong sense of identity and community, the Jews are outsiders. They are different, and they are regarded with suspicion. If they try sucking any blood, they'll be slapped down hard.

So their first task is to undermine the people's sense of community and identity and at the same time to destroy their homogeneity, to make the society more diverse. Then the Jews can slip in unnoticed and take over. But by that time the society no longer is healthy; it has been poisoned. The people no longer have the will to resist.

— The AJCommittee survey was conducted through telephone calls to 1,000 Jews between Aug. 18 and Sept. 1. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.
Source: Jeff Hook



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