Israelis raped 86 Palestinian women, slaughtered husbands & family members

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LONDON, UK, 23 June 2002 -- Over 80 women in Nablus were raped and
beaten by Israeli troops, who also killed many of their husbands and
relatives trying to intervene, according to a testimony sent to British
Labour MP Lynne Jones.

The testimony was sent by Anthony Razook by e-mail from Bethlehem
[Palestine] after witnessing three Israeli soldiers taking turns to
violate his four-months pregnant sister and shooting her husband three
times in the back of the neck.

"In Nablus, there were calls made from cell phones that tell us over 86
women were raped and beaten and there is many of the men, their husbands
that have been killed when they were trying to stop these soldiers," he

His e-mail, which is posted on the MP's Website, appealed for help,
saying "your country doesn't allow you to know the news of what is
really happening."

Jones said that although the report, which is dated April 8 [2002], had
not been authenticated, she had written to Amnesty International and
Human Rights Watch to ask them to investigate.

But according to the Jewish Chronicle, the Israeli Embassy in London has
said the accusations were "slanderous and completely false."

In response, Jones said that nobody had persuaded her with evidence that
the testimony was false.

"It came to me at the time of the events in Jenin and Bethlehem. If it
is not true, why should anyone write these things," she asked.-- (IRNA).

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Comments by LYNNE JONES
Member of British Parliament (Labour)

One of the communications I have received from a constituent included a
testimony forwarded to her reporting the rape of Palestinian women by
Israeli soldiers. This is reproduced below. This report has not been
authenticated but I have written to Amnesty International and Human
Rights Watch to ask them to investigate.

E-Mail Testimony Reporting the Rape of Palestinian Women by Israeli

Palestinians Report Israelis Raping Women - April 8, 2002

"I am Anthony Razook, I am writing to you tonight, the local time here
is 9:49 pm in the night time, in Bethlehem, Palestine. I came with some
friends to the camp of the Antiochian Orthodox in the United States,
some few years back, and now I am writing to you all in distress for
some help for our peoples in Palestine. Last night, the Israeli tanks
and military personal, broke into our homes, they entered my sister and
her husband's home around 2:30 in the morning this morning. They
proceeded to attack my sister, one of the military men made attacks on
her that were not appropriate, he violated her in more than one way. My
sister is 4 months pregneat, and for sure she has most likely lost the
baby, when he was finished violating her, two other army men did the
same thing. When she refused and tried to fight them off, they beat her,
more in the stomach, her husband Marwahn was shot three times in the
back of the neck, when he tried to stop them, this morning at around 5
in the morning he died from the wounds. When they stopped violating my
sister they then threw her on the bed, all of this horrible things were
witnessed by her seven year old son, my nephew Michel. At the end of
them beating and violating my sister, they then stole her jewellery, her
monies, and some other things, at that point they went and totally
destroyed different things in her apartment home. As of this morning,
she feels that she had a miscarriage of the baby, also, these same
soldiers came into our home, and we were blessed from God that my father
had cash (almost two thousand shekals) and he gave it to the soldiers,
he also took gold from his own neck, from myself, and my younger sister
and my mother. The soldiers in Hebrew, (we understand Hebrew) told my
father that his wife was too old and unattractive to have sexually
things with, and that we should feel lucky about this- but that they had
all shared the woman in the apartment before (my sister) - then my
mother asked to please allow the soldiers to bring medicine for my
sister, and to please help to remove my brother in law body, from the
apartment, they would not, my poor mother was to afraid to cry, as to
what had happened because they would kill us too- please, you must help
us. We are being persecuted and their is not an end in sight. Your
country doesn't allow you to know the news of what is really happening
to our peoples. In Nablus, their were calls made from cell phones that
tell us that over 86 woman's were raped and beaten and theirs is many of
people men, their husbands that have been killed when they are trying to
stop these soldiers. Your government is standing and allowing this to
happen. None of the Arabic countries are helping us? What are we to do?
Please help us, I must go- i was gracious from God to have enough
battery in my lap computer to send u this e-mail. i am scared that i
will not be able to read ur responses, please help us, please."

This report has not been authenticated but I have written to Amnesty
International and Human Rights Watch to ask them to investigate.

I have received a large number of complaints about the posting of this
email testimony from members of the Jewish community. Please click here
for a copy of my response to these concerns.

A copy of my "core" reply to complaints regarding the posting of an
email testimony reporting the rape of Palestinian women by Israeli
soldiers is posted below:

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19 June 2002

Thank you for your email regarding the report of the rape of Palestinian
women by Israeli soldiers posted on my website.

I was shocked at the contents of the email report and in the context of
the other war crimes reported from the Occupied Territories I considered
this report worth taking seriously. I do not think that we can ignore
such reports when we are daily hearing accounts of grave human rights
abuses, apparently condoned by the Israeli Government. Amnesty
International has stated that evidence compiled from the Occupied
Territories regarding the actions of the Israeli Defence Force
"indicates that serious breaches of international human rights and
humanitarian law were committed, including war crimes."

As you are aware, I have written to Amnesty International and Human
Rights Watch to ask them to investigate the report and I have been
explicit that the report has not been authenticated and I consider this
an acceptable way to raise my concern about this information.

If you have evidence to show that this report is `propaganda' I should
be grateful if you could send this to me.

As you will note from the information on my website, with regard to the
terrible scenes reported in April from Jenin, during a debate on 16
April, Ben Bradshaw, in his role as Under Secretary of State at the
Foreign and Commonwealth Office reported that:

Our defence attache in Tel Aviv made a trip to Jenin today with two
colleagues and has returned safely. His report states:

"All the available evidence is that the" -- Israeli defence force --
"used disproportionate and excessive force. What we cannot say is how
many people in the camp were killed, who they were and how they died.
This may take some time to be established."

I hope that I speak for the House in calling this evening on the Israeli
Government to allow full and unrestricted access to international
charities to the Jenin camp.

I am gravely concerned that the investigation of reported human rights
abuses in the Occupied Territories is being blocked by the Israeli
Government who have refused to allow a UN fact finding mission into
Jenin. Again, assurances from the Israeli Embassy are not adequate. As
long as Israel continues its illegal occupation and military offensive,
including the prevention of humanitarian assistance on the West Bank and
Gaza, as reported by UNICEF, I will continue to raise my concerns about
the effects of these actions on the Palestinian people.

I make it clear on my website, that I condemn the attacks on Israeli
citizens perpetrated by suicide bombers and I was deeply saddened to
hear of the dreadful suicide attack yesterday on the bus in Jerusalem
and the recent attack on the bus at Megiddo. I can fully understand the
fear that these dreadful attacks provoke in innocent people trying to
live a normal life. However, Israeli action so far is more likely to
encourage rather than prevent further atrocities.

I have also signed Commons motions condemning anti-semitic attacks such
as desecrations of cemeteries (for example see EDM 1223).

Yours sincerely,