Since jews have now redefined "holocaust denial" to be an assertion that ONE less than 6 million jews died in a "holocaust",   if a gentile [but not a jew?] claims that only 5,999,998 jews died in a holocaust, he is guilty of TWO counts of holocaust denial.

Obviously, this is patently unfair in this putative Christian nation, as  the most egregious holocaust deniers are jews, and it is their rampant CRIMINAL behavior in the realm of holocaust denial which causes gentiles to become criminals and "deny the holocaust".   As pointed out in the article below, this amounts to entrapment, and the only way to eliminate this entrapment is to cut holocaust denial off at its root [requiring the instant imprisonment or execution of ANY jew involved in holocaust denial].

When the jewish newspaper "The Daily Express" on March 24, 1933 claimed that there were only 600,000 jews in Germany and only 14 million jews in the world, this "minimized" the holocaust because it under-reported the number of jews in the world by 2,643,120.  In 1949, the jewish experts revised their population estimates for the number of jews in the world in 1939 to 16,643,120, up from the 15,192,089 which they had estimated in 1943.  iow, AFTER WWII these jewish sources knew that there were 1,451,031 MORE jews in the world nine years earlier than they knew there were in 1943.

By minimizing the number of jews in the world before the war, The Daily Express minimized the holocaust, which legally is criminal denial of the holocaust.

Truth is no excuse.  As the Ernst Zundel trial proved, an inability to predict the future is even less of an excuse.  Where the Daily Express was guilty of only 1,192,089 counts of holocaust denial BEFORE the war, this revision of the 1939 population of jews makes them guilty of 2,643,120 counts of holocaust denial AFTER the war.  As we all know by now, for such an egregious crime, there is NO statute of limitations, so The Daily Express, its authors and writers, AND ALL ITS READERS who failed to object to this criminal holocaust denial, are already guilty as charged without the bothersome necessity of a show trial like Zundel's.

Furthermore, since these sources also claimed that there were 153,000 jews in Germany AFTER the war, they also are claiming that the maximum number of jews in Germany [not including emigration from Germany] who could have been holocausted is 447,000 [600,000 jews in Germany before the war - 153,000 jews after the war], which is actually 5,553,000 counts of holocaust denial.

What about jews like Einstein who came to the US?  What about the rapid increase of jews in Russia? What about the four million jews who immigrated to "Israel"?    Didn't some of them come from Germany?

It is clear that four jewish organizations have to commit criminal holocaust denial for the sole purpose of causing us "gentiles" to become guilty of an equivalent if not worse form of holocaust denial, which in legal terms is "entrapment".  Under holocaust denial laws, these four organizations must be investigated immediately, brought to trial, and if found guilty, disbanded instantly, and all responsible staff and members be punished or imprisoned in a manner commensurate with the five years that Ernst Zundel was sentenced to prison:

  1. The Daily Express.
  2. The American Jewish Committee.
  3. The American Jewish Yearbook.
  4. Jewish Statistical Bureau of the American Synagogue Council.

We cannot have one law for "gentiles" and another law for jews.  If Ernst Zundel deserved to be imprisoned for 5 years for his rather minor form of questioning certain technical details of the holocaust which is virtually unpublished, then these wholesale deniers of the holocaust, whose works are now in EVERY U.S. library, all deserve LIFE sentences, if not DEATH sentences.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

What's good for the gentiles is good for the joose.

SEE?  It's a win/win for everyone!!!

Except White men.




Because of their LIES, innocent WHITE MEN have been persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned, and KILLED.

For criminal holocaust denial.

And the most criminal, the most egregious, the most flagrant, the most vicious, holocaust deniers around are --jews

In 1924, jews said there were 15,286,000 jews in the world.

Then in 1928, jews said there were 15,315,359 jews, an increase of less than 0.05% annually.

By 1929, that jumped to 15,630,000, a whopping 2% increase in one year, and stayed at that level thru 1930.

Ten years later, in 1939, before WWII even began to involve jews, their population plunged to a mere 15,290,983, a drop of 2.2%, indicative of not exactly a robust race.

This pattern was repeated in 1940.

In 1941, the jew population for 1938 was adjusted upward to 15,748,091, suggesting jews were paying close attention to their population figures and that they had discovered that the population increased 0.7% rather than decreased 2.2% during that decade.

In 1945, still paying close attention to their fragile rate of growth, the population of jews was down by 60,000 to only 15,688,259. However, the other populations of many of the countries jews lived in suffered losses of up to 24% as the result of WWII, while there were now 2.6% more jews than there were in 1924.

This pattern was repeated in 1946 and 1947and 1948.

Then suddenly, in 1949, after decades of watching their population numbers so closely, jews suddenly discovered that they had completely missed the fact that there were only 5,376,520 jews missing, 623,480 jews short of the obligatory 6 million. Criminal holocaust denial kicks in when you claim that there was ONE jew less than 6 million holocausted, meaning that this criminal holocaust denial organization is guilty of 623,480 counts of holocaust denial.

This criminal pattern of holocaust denial was repeated in 1950 using exactly the same figures.

This minute attention to detail, so carefully reporting any minor change in the population of jews, then going back and adjusting the figures to reflect updates as they come in--totally belies the inability of these organizations to note a FORTY PERCENT reduction in jews, for more than FIVE YEARS.

  1. We must note that it was THEY who claimed for a decade that there were less than 15,749,000 jews in the world, AND that it was THEY who retroactively adjusted this figure upward by 895,029.

  2. Therefore, they are retroactively guilty of another 895,029 counts of criminal holocaust denial, times two [they did it at least twice].  In addition to this, after all this deliberation, and study, and research, these JEWISH sources unilaterally agreed that there were only 15,290,983 jews in the entire world in 1940, just prior to WWII.  So for what reason would they in 1949, 4 years after the war, INCREASE their estimate for 1940 from 15,290,983 to 16,643,120, a whopping increase of 1,352,137--almost THREE TIMES as many jews as there ever were in Germany?  How could they know more about the 1940 jewish population nine years later in 1949, than they knew in 1940?  This adds another 1,352,137 counts of criminal holocaust denial!

  3. They also failed to include ANY immigration of jews to the US, even though up to 70% of our immigrants were jews in some years, averaging close to 50,000 annually prior to the 8 years they omitted. This is an additional 400,000 jews who were quietly dropped out of their statistics in a failed attempt to achieve the magic number of six million dead jews.

  4. There were never 3 million jews in Poland. The maximum number there ever were is 300,000, so their estimate of 88,000 for 1950 represents a reducation of 212,000 jews, not 2,912,000. This additional figure of 2,700,000 missing jews is just another failed attempt to achieve that magic 6 million.


Thus the total under-representation of the number of jews missing missing in the holocaust, relative to the widely reported six million figure, according to these JEWISH statistical resources themselves, is as follows: 

633,480 jews short of the obligatory six million figure.

1,352,137 jews arbitrarily added to the 1940 population of jews.

400,000 jew immigrants to the US not included.

2,700,000 jews over-estimated for Poland.

 Total = 5,085,617

Thus these three jewish organizations CONSPIRED to deny the holocaust by  the amount of 5,085,617 jews.  They were SHORT of this SIX MILLION figure by a whopping EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT (85%).

Is it “holocaust denial” to quote JEWISH sources which DENY the Holocaust?


1924 = 15,286,000 jews

1925 = 15,630,000 jews

1928 = 15,315,359 jews

1929 = 15,630,000 jews

1933 = 14,000,000 jews

1938 = 15,748,091 jews

1939 = 15,290,983 jews

1939 = 16,643,120 jews [revised as of 1949, a retroactive increase of 1,352,137]

1940 = 15,290,983 jews

1941 = 15,784,091 jews

1945 = 15,688,259 jews

1946 = 15,688,259 jews

1947 = 15,688,259 jews

1948 = 15,688,259 jews

1949 = 11,266,600 jews

1950 = 11,266,600 jews

1955 = 11,627,450 jews

1963 = 12,867,000 jews

1975 = 14,353,790 jews

1983 = 16,820,850 jews

1986 = 16,932,000 jews

1987 = 17,981,460 jews

1988 = 18,075,400 jews

1997 = 14,890,000 jews

2000 = 13,201,111 jews