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jews are 36% Negroid


DNA studies prove that jews have as much as 36% Negroid genes, and NO Israelite, Caucasian, or White genes.  Other jewish sources report that jews also have Turkish, Khazarian, and Mongolian genes

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A.E. Mourant in The Genetics of Jews (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1978) cites reports of blood group tests on thousands of individual Jews in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. A strain of genetic homogeneity runs through Jewry. Jews as a group differ from their host populations as a group having a Negro admixture of 5 to 10 per cent. This refutes the Khazar theory of Jewish origin. Even in Russia there have been very few Khazars.

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The following statement deserves introspection:

bullet<<<"...as a group (every Sephardim and Askenazim) have a Negro admixture of  5 to 10 per cent.">>>

What's interesting about this statement is that "American" jews claim that ALL races have nigger ancestry, but that jews themselves, according to their OWN DNA studies, have 25% to 35% Negroid blood.

Might it be that "American" jews miscegenated with niggers more than jews elsewhere?  Or is that just another jew LIE whose sole intent is to legitimize miscegenation of all races, even their own, to provide "moral" justification for their hideous agenda.

Joni Ferris displays her astoundingly abject ignorance, yet AGAIN !

     "Since you aren't Jewish, you would have black blood in you.

    Jews have kept mostly to themselves, forced to live only among each other.

    But I have noticed that Gentiles have mixed with races they have conquered.

    I think someone should make you, John Knight, take a gene test.

    More than likely, you have black and indian ancestry in it.

    It is very rare that a JEW would have any mixed blood at all!"

Alas Joni you really should check out a few Jewish authorities before
you persist in making a fool of yourself.

The following totally contradicts your fantasy of Jewish racial 'purity'.

"Jews and Genetics"

A.E. Mourant in The Genetics of Jews (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1978) cites reports of blood group tests on thousands of individual Jews in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. A strain of genetic homogeneity runs through Jewry. Jews as a group differ from their host populations as a group having a Negro admixture of 5 to 10 per cent. This refutes the Khazar theory of Jewish origin. Even in Russia there have been very few Khazars.

Mourant says:
"Looking at the complete blood group picture of either the Ashkenazim or the Sephardim separately, one may observe that neither of these populations resemble closely the people among whom they now or recently have lived, and the range of variation between separate samples of the Ashkenazim compared with one another and the Sephardim compared with one another, is so small that we can be sure that each is essentially a single population group. When, however, we compare Ashkenazim with Sephardim we find that there are indeed systematic differences between them. But these are so small that we can hardly avoid the conclusion that the two populations have a common origin, and a common original blood group picture, only slightly modified in one direction or another by their different histories since separation."[9] Mourant (et al) examined the blood groups and other inherited blood factors, such as systems of plasma proteins, red-cell enzymes, hemoglobin system, systems of lymphocyte and tissue antigens, the histocompatibility or HLA systems, other polymorphic systems including the secretion into the saliva of the antigens of the ABO blood-group system and the ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide. Here is a summary of their research.

The Samaritans

- The Kell gene K is absent so is the African marker gene Jsa and African marker Fy4
and absent also is Mongoloid marker gene Dia.
- Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency present in most other Jewish
populations is rare.
- Frequency of the phenylthiocarbamide tester gene is 75 per cent. High in the author's
- Frequency of male color blindness is high as are congenital abnormalities such as
deafness and neuromuscular diseases.

The Oriental Jews

- This includes Kurdish Jews, Persian Jews, the Jews of Bukhara, Jews between the
Caspian and the Black Seas, the Jews of Afghanistan and Jews of India.
- With respect to the ABO blood groups there are primarily high A and B frequencies.
The Karaites in Iraq and the Bene-Israel Jews of Bombay have very high B frequencies
for example. The Cochin Jews of Kerala, "White Jews" have higher A frequency than
the "Black Jews".
- There is a high frequency of M gene in Jews of the Arabian Peninsula and generally
in indigenous populations in South-west Asia, including Iraq (Babylonian Jews) Iraq
Kurdish Jews and Iran Kurdish Jews.

Yemenite Jews

- North and South Yemenite Jews have a high frequency of Fy4, the African
gene marker and also a high frequency of Jka (Kidd) gene which has higher      levels in African than in Caucasoid populations
- Glucose-6-phospahte dehydrogenase deficiency is present in most Jewish
populations except for the Ashkenazim Jews of Eastern Europe.
- Yemenite Jews have a well-defined set of African marker genes. Thus
both the Yemenite Jewish populations have some African genes.


- There is very high frequency of the B gene especially the Karaites of Hit, Iraq,
and a high M gene frequency.
- Karaites of Iraq in the Rh system have 53 per cent of the Rh-negative Cde
complex, which is one of the highest levels known.

Jews of Africa

- This includes Jews in Egypt, North Africa from Libya to Morocco, and the
Falashas "Black Jews" of Ethiopia.
- Such Jews have a higher B gene frequency than non-Jews, and generally a
higher A frequency. The M gene frequency is higher in Jews than in non-Jews.
- With regard to Rhesus groups, nearly all Jewish populations everywhere show
frequencies of RO or cDe complex slightly higher than the European level of 2-3
per cent, which indicates a small amount of African admixture in these Jews
Falashas of Ethiopia Rh frequencies suggest that they are at least 50 per cent
of Negroid ancestry.

Sephardic Jews

- Every single national group of Sephardic Jews has a higher B gene frequency
than the average 11 per cent for the Ashkenazim. Sephardic have a high frequency
of Rh negatives.
- Sephardic have a high frequency of the cDe African marker allele well
above the 2-3 per cent found in most European populations.

- Low levels of Fya are found implying the presence of high frequencies
of the African marker allele Fy4. High frequencies of the Jka gene of the
Kidd system may also indicate an African component
. [10]


- Maurant tested Koestler's theory of a Khazar ancestry for the early Ashkenazim.
He found Ashkenazim were European Jews closely related to the Sephardim.
- There is a closer similarity between the Jewish populations of various European
countries than between non-Jews with respect to ABO blood groups. Ashkenazi
gene frequencies in European samples cluster A 27 per cent, B 12 per cent, which
is about the same as samples in Israel
- The African marker allele cDE (Ro) is ALWAYS present in Ashkenazi
Jews at frequencies higher than in indigenous European populations.

- The high frequencies of the Kidd JKa gene may also be another indicator
of an African component in Ashkenazi Jews.
- Maurant believes that Ashkenazi and Sephardim are essentially a single
population group, and that considerable HYBRIDIZATION between Jews
and their African slaves has occurred.

   " It is very rare that a JEW would have any mixed blood at all!"

Eh?  Doesn't jive with:

"...as a group (every Sephardim and Askenazim) have a Negro admixture of     5 to 10 per cent."

Maybe YOU should consider a gene test !


by Eric Thomson
From time to time a correspondent or writer will blithely state his unresearched opinion that jews are "White". This is not only a fallacy, but it is an impossibility. Here's why: the jews are the only people who are not qualified for protection under their own Genocide Treaty.
(1) They are not a race. This is proven from jewish sources in regard to Falashim or Black jews; Benai Israel or Indian jews; Chinese jews, who look Chinese to a foreigner, but who are not real Chinese; the Sephardim or semitic jews; and the Ashkenazim or "Russian" jews, who are most likely to have White genes. These people converted to Judaism in 700 A.D. Many of them resemble White people, but all of them, according to "The Genetics of the Jews" have Afro-Asian genes, including the blondest of them. Blond, blue-eyed people with Afro-Asian genes are not White, but mongrels.
(2) Jews are not a religious group, for they include atheists. Two thirds of the "jewish" population of Israel are not religious, but claim to be "jewish" through their mothers, which is how Orthodox rabbis define "jewishness". A White person who 'converts' to Judaism will not be deemed a jew by Orthodox rabbis.
(3) Jews are not an ethnic group because they reside in all parts of the world and resemble their host peoples in looks, language, and often, in religion. Yet, they consider themselves jews. What can be their common bond? Not religion, not race, not ethnicity, but economy! It's their rackets which bind them together as jews, exactly as the "patels" are bound together by their caste-determined role as merchants. Such disparate groups maintain cohesion with their common interests, and behave like a nation among nations. Yet, they are not a nation, which is comprised of people with a common genetic origin.
It is extremely dangerous to admit jews into White Nationalist groups, for I have had firsthand experience of their sudden betrayal of White interests in Rhodesia and South Africa. One day they were "White". Next day they were sneering at us as "you White people". Jews officially declared themselves non-White in 1972, as quoted in The Rand Daily Mail of May 15, 1972.
Some Goyim go by FEDZOGUSA's definition of jews as "White", but if we were to accept ZOG definitions of "White", which includes hispanic mestizos and other Eurasian mongrels, Arabs, et al., we would cease being White Nationalists in fact and in effect. Foolish Whites may over-look racial differences, out of love for the ZOG, but mestizos, Arabs and other mongrels do not see Whites as their people, although they enjoy White women as trophy sex partners, like any Black or Asian pimp. I notice that a non-White 'stud' with a beautiful White female will enter premises, with his eye on the Ostensible White males, to amuse himself at their reactions, as if to say, "See what I took from you honkey muthas!" When an Ostensible White enters with a Black female, all eyes look at him with the unspoken question: "Are you blind or nuts?" I have seen this pattern almost daily in my work for a full decade, and there are many such places in this town, where the same things occur.
The jew's job is to infiltrate all Gentile groups, in order to spy on and to influence them for the benefit of himself and his fellow jews. A genuinely righteous jew belongs not with us, but with his own people., who sorely need him. Exclude the jew, White man, or your castles will be built on quicksand, and they will collapse like Rhodesia and South Africa. You are now informed and you have thereby been warned. ORION!
"THE GENETICS OF THE JEWS" by A.E. Mourant et al., Oxford University Press, 1978, reports the findings of jew hematologists, whose work was originally published in The Lancet, the official journal of the British Medical Association. They report that "even the blondest jew has Negro marker genes... which are due to concubinage (prostitution) and slavery."
Blacks were introduced in the Black Sea region, and along the Silk Route, as 'trade goods'. I have met dozens of 'poison dwarfs' from Odessa, jews who have mottled dark complexions, negroid noses, mongoloid eyes and kinky Afro hair; everyone as mean as he is ugly. These specimens comprise the darker side of the Ashkenazim or "Russian" jews. White they are not!


"Jews are not White," says Professor Leonard Fein, who teaches Politics and Social Policy at Brandeis University in the U.S.A. Fein was addressing the 172 biennial congress of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, South Africa in May, 1972. "You are not White, either symbolically or literally, as anyone knows who goes to Israel," he said. Professor Fein, besides being a specialist in jewish community problems in the U.S.A., is a specialist in Black-White relations in the cities. RAND DAILY MAIL, May 15, 1972.
"Jewish blood is different," says jew Dr. Michael Kaback of the John F. Kennedy Institute in Baltimore. Jewish blood lacks an enzyme called Hex A and often results in a condition called Tay-Sachs disease. Over 90% of the Tay-Sachs disease is found in jews. This disease causes convulsions, paralysis, idiocy and death."
A TV documentary featured the story of a jew who called himself "German". He mated with a Cajun woman. Their child was born with Tay-Sachs disease and died in infancy. Jews of all parts of the world have specific genetic similarities, even common fingerprint characteristics, according to Dr. Leo Sachs, who heads the genetics section of The Weizman Institute of Science in New York, in collaboration with Dr. M. Bat-Miriam.
"The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al., Oxford University Press, 1978, reports the findings of jew hematologists, whose work was originally published in The Lancet, the journal of the British Medical Association. They report that "even the blondest jew has Negro marker genes ... which are due to concubinage (prostitution) and slavery."


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A particular set of genetic markers that are extremely rare in the non-Jewish population showed up in about 10 percent of the Tel Aviv beachboys. This marker is suggestive of Jewish ancestry whenever it is found; it probably existed in the ancestral Hebrew population and was passed on through the centuries to males in contemporary Jewish communities. But most astounding was the discovery that these markers appear in over 50 percent of men who claim to be Cohanim. Thus, the markers came to be called the Cohen Modal Haplotype.

Picturing DNA - Chapter 5


The propensity of the jewish controlled media to promote and protect black American criminals and their ongoing genocide of the White American race can be explained only by the recent discovery that blacks and jews are closely linked genetically.

"members of the black, Bantu-speaking southern African Lemba tribe, who have
some rituals similar to Jews and have tribal origin stories that they are
descended from Jews, do indeed carry some Y-chromosome markers that are
undoubtedly of Semitic, probably Jewish, origin."

The author makes an excellent point about the social stigma now attached to even mentioning the word "race".

"In 1996, South African geneticists showed that the Lemba gene pool was 53 per cent Caucasoid (predominantly Middle Eastern) and 36 per cent Negroid in the Y chromosome. This genetic evidence lent strong support for a Middle Eastern genetic contribution to this South African population, but could not distinguish Jewish from other Semitic ancestry. Subsequent research confirmed that the Lemba, in fact, have genetic ties to the kohanim, a lineage of Jewish priests thought to be descendants of the biblical Aaron."

By Israelite law, if these jews are descendants of Israelites who miscegenated with the Lembas, then they are not Israelites and can never enter the congregation of the LORD.   On the other hand, it is also possible that this proves that jews or "kohanim" are NOT descendants of Biblical Aaron, but instead insinuated their way into positions of religious authority in the Israelite community, just as Jesus warned, and just as jews have done again today.

In other words, this would prove that jews are NOT israelites, but that jews DO have as much as 36% Negroid blood.  The following statement is further proof:

"A previous study by Ariella Oppenheim and her colleagues, published in Human Genetics in December 2000, showed that about 70 percent of Jewish paternal ancestries and about 82 percent of Palestinian Arabs share the same chromosomal pool. The geneticists asserted that this might support the claim that Palestinian Arabs descend in part from Judeans who converted to Islam. With their closer relationship to Jews, the Palestinian Arabs are distinctive from other Arab groups, such as Syrians, Lebanese, Saudis, and Iraqis, who have less of a connection to Jews."

If jews and Palestinians are this closely tied by genetics, then this "war" in "Israel" must be a conflict between two different races of jews.   However, it's absurd to speculate that any "Judean" [which means Israelite] ever converted to Islam, or that any jew is a descendant of the Israelites.   The genetic affinity between these two foreign alien enemy races is further proof that we are NOT related to them.

"In 1997, Bradman contacted Tudor Parfitt, who toured South Africa scraping genetic samples from inside the cheeks of 136 unrelated Lemba men. Analyzed in London and compared with the DNA of Bantu, Yemeni, Ashkenazic and Sefardic men, the Kohen haplotype showed up in some 9 percent of Lemba-a rate similar to that in other Jewish groups, and almost double the proportion among non-Jews. More astonishing, however, were the findings in an elite Lemba subclan, the Buba. Among them, the telltale marker appeared in 53.8 percent of men tested-virtually identical to the incidence among Ashkenazic and Sefardic Kohanim."

"The Lemba are a traditionally endogamous group speaking a variety of Bantu languages who live in a number of locations in southern Africa. They claim descent from Jews who came to Africa from “Sena.” “Sena” is variously identified by them as Sanaa in Yemen, Judea, Egypt, or Ethiopia. A previous study using Y-chromosome markers suggested both a Bantu and a Semitic contribution to the Lemba gene pool, a suggestion that is not inconsistent with Lemba oral tradition. To provide a more detailed picture of the Lemba paternal genetic heritage, we analyzed 399 Y chromosomes for six microsatellites and six biallelic markers in six populations (Lemba, Bantu, Yemeni-Hadramaut, Yemeni-Sena, Sephardic Jews, and Ashkenazic Jews). The high resolution afforded by the markers shows that Lemba Y chromosomes are clearly divided into Semitic and Bantu clades. Interestingly, one of the Lemba clans carries, at a very high frequency, a particular Y-chromosome type termed the “Cohen modal haplotype,” which is known to be characteristic of the paternally inherited Jewish priesthood and is thought, more generally, to be a potential signature haplotype of Judaic origin. The Bantu Y-chromosome samples are predominantly (>80%) YAP+ and include a modal haplotype at high frequency. Assuming a rapid expansion of the eastern Bantu, we used variation in microsatellite alleles in YAP+ sY81-G Bantu Y chromosomes to calculate a rough date, 3,000–5,000 years before the present, for the start of their expansion", Y Chromosomes Traveling South The Cohen Modal Haplotype and the Origins of the Lemba—the “Black Jews of Southern Africa”


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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001

Return to Reality About Race
By Dr. Glayde Whitney
Professor of Psychology, Florida State University USA

After a century of bizarre wrong-headedness, new genetic discoveries are
forcing a return to reality about race.

The beauty of science is that it is the only known approach to knowledge
that is self-correcting. Mistakes can be made, theories can be wrong, but as
long as science is conducted openly and honestly, it is naturally
self-correcting. This is because claims must be consistent with
observations. If the real world is not consistent with a theory, then the
theory is wrong. That is the power of science.

Ideologies, on the other hand, proclaim some favored theory and then support
it through authoritarian totalitarianism: If observations of the real world
are not consistent with the theory, then suppress the observations.

Dissenters with new information are defamed, ostracized, even prosecuted,
jailed and sometimes killed. So it is today from the defenders of the
races-do-not-exist fallacy.

The "races don't exist" fallacy entered the science and culture of White
Western Civilization around the turn of the twentieth century. It never took
hold among other peoples: The Chinese and Japanese have always known better,
as do blacks and Jews and most everyone except the educated white denizens
of western "liberalism".

Throughout recorded history people have been aware of some of the
differences among them, and racial differences were understood to be
heritable, at least in part. When Anthropology and Psychology first emerged
as scientific disciplines during the nineteenth century, the importance of
race differences and their inheritance was a prominent part of the subject

With the great wave of immigration around the 1880's some very bright and
hard working people appeared who set about to instill a new ideology.
Imbued with a visceral hatred of traditional Western Christian
Civilization, these people were Marxists, socialist followers of the
"social justice" and redistribution-of-wealth notions of radical
revolutionaries. They intentionally confused the political-ideological
notions of equality before the law, with the biological realities of race

Prominent among them was the immigrant Franz Boas, who established
"cultural" anthropology as distinct from physical anthropology. Boas and
his followers pushed the notion that there was no evidence that races were
actually different in hereditary capacities-all of the observed differences
were said to be the result of historical accidents and cultural-learning.
In psychology the Boas influence took the form of "behaviorism" with the
claim that heredity is not important; all of human behavioral differences
are learned.

Here started moral relativism - no culture [meaning Western Christianity] is
better than any other, they are just "different". The apparent race
differences were only skin deep, race was an obsolete concept, it was to be
replaced with cultural "ethnic groups"; race might be an important social
construct, but it had no biological reality.

This denial of the reality of race was soon confabulated with morality,
ethics and sin. Israel Ehrenburg, a student of Boas's, in 1942 wrote "Man's
Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race" [Ehrenburg changed his name to
Montague Francis Ashley-Montague].

After World War II, and progressing through the civil rights movement to
today, "race" became linked in propaganda to hate, prejudice, bigotry,
racism, Nazism, antisemitism, thuggery, blasphemy, Western Christian
Civilization, and other forms of pure evil.

But in the meantime scientific advances were made on many fronts, including
genetics. While racial heredity was being denied by many of the elites of
western intelligentsia, basic discoveries were made about genetics,
hereditary behavior, and race differences. Instead of racial traits being
only "skin deep", it became apparent to some scientists that surface traits
like skin color, facial shape, and kind of hair, were only the smallest tip
of an iceberg of profound differences among the races.

However, the demonization of "racists", and official government-sanctioned
egalitarian ideology, has driven many discrete scientists away from
studying, or even mentioning, race. For instance, a main college textbook
of Behavior Genetics, in the latest edition dropped the word "race" from
its index. The text says that Arthur Jensen's prominent mention of race
differences in intelligence endangered funding for all research in behavior

Professor emeritus Cavalli-Sforza, the most prominent living geneticist to
spend his career investigating race genetics, loudly proclaims at every
opportunity that races do not exist; he says he studies the genetics of
"populations", not races.

Perhaps most ludicrous, was J. Craig Venter's [Head of Celera] pronouncement
that genome sequencing had proved that races do not exist - this at a time
when his company had sequenced the genome of one individual (probably his)
and was gearing-up to begin sequencing humans chosen to represent certain
different "ethnic groups".  At about the same time (August, 2000) the
prestigious Science magazine, official organ of the American Association for
the Advancement of Science, contained the statement that "Ethnicity can be
inferred from the frequencies of alternative forms, or alleles, of genes;
allele patterns differ by racial origin."

So, in order to secure research funding, and to keep out of trouble,
scientists tend to shy away from "race", preferring to use euphemisms such
as "group", "ethnicity" or "population". By whatever name there are now
known to be many genes (alleles) which are present in certain races but
entirely absent among others. Even more common are genes that are present
in various races, but at greatly different frequencies. In recent years
almost every issue of scientific journals such as the American Journal of
Human Genetics contain articles dealing with genetic differences among
"ethnic groups".

A sampling of research reported within the last decade includes
Cavalli-Sforza and colleagues' book-length report of genetic comparisons of
almost 500 different "populations", entitled "The History and Geography of
Human Genes" (1994).  They are adamant that they are not studying races,
but rather populations of humans. Yet their main groups, based on genetic
similarity and differences have a familiar ring: "Africans (sub-Saharan),
Caucasoids (European) . Northern Mongoloids ." (p. 79), and so on. They
report that "the greatest [genetic] difference within the human species is
between Africans and non-Africans ."

It so happens that there are three different patterns of gene inheritance
that provide different information about relationships. First there are
genes on chromosomes called autosomes that are inherited equally from both
parents. Second, there are genes in mitochondria, called mtDNA, that is
usually inherited only from the mother. Third, there are genes on the
Y-chromosome that are transmitted only from father to son. A recent study
compared Y-chromosome gene markers among a diversity of European,
Mid-Eastern, North African and sub-Saharan (black) "populations". They
found that "sub-Saharan African populations were characterized by an almost
completely different set of [markers]", while the other (mostly Caucasian
derived) groups shared many of the same markers, but at different

Israeli scientists have been particularly active in investigating the
Jewish gene pool. Among their discoveries is that the men descended from the
hereditary temple aristocracy, the Kohanum, with derived family names such
as Cohen and Konen, are more similar for Y-chromosomes throughout Diaspora
Jewry than they are to their co-religionists within the same communities.

Further, Diaspora Jewish communities throughout Europe, Northern Africa, and
the Middle East are genetically more similar to one another than they are to
the Gentile groups among whom they live. The only exceptions, based on
Y-chromosomes, were black Ethiopian Jews, who did not resemble other Jews
genetically, but were the same as non-Jewish Ethiopians. On the other hand,
members of the black, Bantu-speaking southern African Lemba tribe, who have
some rituals similar to Jews and have tribal origin stories that they are
descended from Jews, do indeed carry some Y-chromosome markers that are
undoubtedly of Semitic, probably Jewish, origin.

Of course some racial populations are clearly of mixed origin. Examples
include Somalis and some Ethiopian tribes who tend to have a rather high
proportion of Y-chromosomes of Semitic origin, while the maternal genomes
[mtDNA] are more heavily loaded with material of black-Bantu origin.

Similarly, the population of Finland has mtDNA similar to that from other
women of northwestern Europe, while the male Y-chromosomes have a rather
high frequency of markers shared with eastern Mongolian populations. After
500 years of active miscegenation, the "white" population of Brazil has
been reported to have a lot of Y-chromosomes of European origin, but the
maternal contribution, estimated from mtDNA, has over 25% of gene markers
from each of American Indian and Black African origin.

In the face of burgeoning knowledge about the great genetic differences
among the various races, the races-do-not-exist egalitarians have a few
frequently used fallback arguments. One is the simplistic claim that "pure
types" don't exist [true], therefore races have no biological/genetic
reality [nonsense]. Another is that there are no clear boundaries between
groups, therefore different groups don't exist. It is true that some genes
show a gradual change in frequency from one geographic race to another. But
many others do change quite abruptly; in analyses based on sets of multiple
genes it is often easy to demarcate quite abrupt borders.

Another argument is that we are all the same for "99.9%" of our DNA, so it
follows that any race differences must be trivial. Well, not quite. Among
the 3.1 billion bases that make up the human genome, it is now estimated
that about one-in-a-thousand differ, that is, make different DNA codes.

About 3 million allelic (gene) differences provide a lot of space for
profound race differences. Over a million allelic variants have recently
been decoded.

The ultimate fallback position is demonization and criminalization. Under
the guise of hate-crime and human-rights legislation, citizens of a growing
number of western democracies are being called hateful names, losing jobs,
and going to jail, for even mentioning the reality of race differences.

All history proves that totalitarian suppression of knowledge can delay but
not stop the spread of truth. So be it with the genetic reality of race.
"The man who tells you truth does not exist is asking you not to believe
him. So don't." Roger SCRUTON, Modern Philosophy.

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The lineages associated with migrations of Neolithic agriculturalists are Middle Eastern HG9 and North African HG21 (Y-chromosome), as well as J, T1, U3 and certain H and W subclusters (mtDNA). Note the uneven distribution of these below, with paternal ancestry differing greatly between SE and SW Europeans despite close racial ties, and maternal ancestry being higher in N and C Europeans than in S Europeans.

HG9/21 Frequencies for Europe, Central Asia and the Mediterranean:


Algerians.....93% (41/52)
N Africans....89% (12/77)
Cypriots......60% (33/27)
Greeks........56% (28/28)
Turks.........43% (33/10)
Ossetians.....40% (34/ 6)
Armenians.....32% (29/ 3)
Italians......32% (18/14)

Romanians.....31% (24/ 7)
Bulgarians....29% (12/17)
Georgians.....25% (23/ 2)
Yugoslavs.....21% ( 8/13)
Hungarians....20% ( 3/17)
Czechs........19% (11/ 8)
Portuguese....19% ( 7/12)
Dutchmen......15% ( 7/ 8)
Frenchmen.....13% ( 5/ 8)
Slovakians....13% ( 3/10)

Spaniards.....13% ( 3/10)
Slovenians....13% ( 6/ 7)
Chuvash.......12% ( 6/ 6)

Belarusians...12% ( 2/10)
Russians......11% ( 4/ 7)
Germans.......10% ( 5/ 5)
Danes..........9% ( 7/ 2)

Poles..........6% ( 4/ 2)
Maris..........6% ( 6/ 0)
Ukrainians.....4% ( 0/ 4)

East Anglians..4% ( 1/ 3)
Belgians.......4% ( 5/ 2)
Swedes.........4% ( 2/ 2)
Norwegians.....4% ( 2/ 2)

Estonians......4% ( 1/ 3)
Irishmen.......3% ( 1/ 2)

Finns..........2% ( 0/ 2)
Scots..........1% ( 1/ 0)

(Rosser et al., Am J Hum Genet, 2000)

Neolithic mtDNA Frequencies (Europe only):


N Germanics/Slavs.......17%
S Germanics.............15%

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"The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jews"

by Kevin Alan Brook

Kurds are the Closest Relatives of Jews

In 2001, a team of Israeli, German, and Indian scientists discovered that the majority of Jews around the world are closely related to the Kurdish people -- more closely than they are to the Semitic-speaking Arabs or any other population that was tested. The researchers sampled a total of 526 Y-chromosomes from 6 populations (Kurdish Jews, Kurdish Muslims, Palestinian Arabs, Sephardic Jews, Ashkenazic Jews, and Bedouin from southern Israel) and added extra data on 1321 persons from 12 populations (including Russians, Belarusians, Poles, Berbers, Portuguese, Spaniards, Arabs, Armenians, and Anatolian Turks). Most of the 95 Kurdish Muslim test subjects came from northern Iraq. Ashkenazic Jews have ancestors who lived in central and eastern Europe, while Sephardic Jews have ancestors from southwestern Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East. The Kurdish Jews and Sephardic Jews were found to be very close to each other. Both of these Jewish populations differed somewhat from Ashkenazic Jews, who mixed with European peoples during their diaspora. The researchers suggested that the approximately 12.7 percent of Ashkenazic Jews who have the Eu 19 chromosomes -- which are found among between 54 and 60 percent of Eastern European Christians -- descend paternally from eastern Europeans (such as Slavs) or Khazars. But the majority of Ashkenazic Jews, who possess Eu 9 and other chromosomes, descend paternally from Judeans who lived in Israel two thousand years ago. In the article in the November 2001 issue of The American Journal of Human Genetics, Ariella Oppenheim of the Hebrew University of Israel wrote that this new study revealed that Jews have a closer genetic relationship to populations in the northern Mediterranean (Kurds, Anatolian Turks, and Armenians) than to populations in the southern Mediterranean (Arabs and Bedouins).

A previous study by Ariella Oppenheim and her colleagues, published in Human Genetics in December 2000, showed that about 70 percent of Jewish paternal ancestries and about 82 percent of Palestinian Arabs share the same chromosomal pool. The geneticists asserted that this might support the claim that Palestinian Arabs descend in part from Judeans who converted to Islam. With their closer relationship to Jews, the Palestinian Arabs are distinctive from other Arab groups, such as Syrians, Lebanese, Saudis, and Iraqis, who have less of a connection to Jews.

A study by Michael Hammer et al., published in PNAS in June 2000, had identified a genetic connection between Arabs (especially Syrians and Palestinians) and Jews, but had not tested Kurds, so it was less complete.

Many Kurds have the "Jewish" Cohen Modal Haplotype

In the 1990s, a team of scientists (including the geneticist Michael Hammer, the nephrologist Karl Skorecki, and their colleagues in England) discovered the existence of a haplotype which they termed the "Cohen modal haplotype" (abbreviated as CMH). Cohen is the Hebrew word for "priest", and designates descendants of Judean priests from two thousand years ago. Initial research indicated that while only about 3 percent of general Jews have this haplotype, 45 percent of Ashkenazic Cohens have it, while 56 percent of Sephardic Cohens have it. David Goldstein, an evolutionary geneticist at Oxford University, said: "It looks like this chromosomal type was a constituent of the ancestral Hebrew population." Some Jewish rabbis used the Cohen study to argue that all Cohens with the CMH had descended from Aaron, a High Priest who lived about 3500 years ago, as the Torah claimed. Shortly after, it was determined that 53 percent of the Buba clan of the Lemba people of southern Africa have the CMH, compared to 9 percent of non-Buba Lembas. The Lembas claim descent from ancient Israelites, and they follow certain Jewish practices such as circumcision and refraining from eating pork, and for many geneticists and historians the genetic evidence seemed to verify their claim.

However, it soon became apparent that the CMH is not specific to Jews or descendants of Jews. In a 1998 article in Science News, Dr. Skorecki indicated (in an interview) that some non-Jews also possess the Cohen markers, and that the markers are therefore not "unique or special". The CMH is very common among Iraqi Kurds, according to a 1999 study by C. Brinkmann et al. And in her 2001 article, Oppenheim wrote: "The dominant haplotype of the Muslim Kurds (haplotype 114) was only one microsatellite-mutation step apart from the CMH..." (Oppenheim 2001, page 1100). Furthermore, the CMH is also found among some Armenians, according to Dr. Levon Yepiskoposyan (Head of the Institute of Man in Yerevan, Armenia), who has studied genetics for many years. Dr. Avshalom Zoossmann-Diskin wrote: "The suggestion that the 'Cohen modal haplotype' is a signature haplotype for the ancient Hebrew population is also not supported by data from other populations." (Zoossmann-Diskin 2000, page 156).

In short, the CMH is a genetic marker from the northern Middle East which is not unique to Jews. However, its existence among many Kurds and Armenians, as well as some Italians and Hungarians, would seem to support the overall contention that Kurds and Armenians are the close relatives of modern Jews and that the majority of today's Jews have paternal ancestry from the northeastern Mediterranean region.

The Jewish Kingdom of Adiabene in Ancient Kurdistan

In ancient times, the royal house of Adiabene and some of the common people of Adiabene converted to Judaism. The capital city of Adiabene was Arbela (known today by Arabs as Irbil and by Kurds as Hawler). King Izates became closely attached to his new faith, and sent his sons to study Hebrew and Jewish customs in Jerusalem. His successor to the throne was his brother Monobazos II, who also adopted Judaism. In her 2001 study, Oppenheim references the kingdom of Adiabene, but suggests that while Adiabene's conversion to Judaism "resulted in the assimilation of non-Jews into the community... This recorded conversion does not appear to have had a considerable effect on the Y chromosome pool of the Kurdish Jews." (Oppenheim 2001, page 1103). Some of the Jewish Adiabenians may have eventually converted to Christianity.


Research has just begun into the ancient ties between Kurds and Jews. It would be interesting to see if the various Jewish groups have as strong a family tie to Kurds in the maternal lineages as they do in the paternal lineages. Preliminary studies indicate that Jewish populations in eastern Europe and Yemen have maternal origins that contain much more non-Israelite ancestry than their paternal origins. Despite this admixture with other groups, the Jewish Judean people ultimately began their existence in an area within or nearby Kurdistan, prior to migrating southwest to Israel. This exciting research showing that Kurds and Jews may have shared common fathers several millennia ago should, hopefully, encourage both Kurds and Jews to explore each others' cultures and to maintain the friendship that Kurds and Jews enjoyed in northern Iraq in recent times (as chronicled in Michael Rubin's recent article "The Other Iraq"). As Rubin indicates, the Kurdish leader Mullah Mustafa Barzani once visited Israel and met with Israeli government officials. Rubin refers to the Iraqi Kurds' "special affinity for Israel" and writes that "In the safe haven of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Jews and Israel are remembered fondly, if increasingly vaguely." Let us hope that this relationship can be renewed and strengthened.