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Butch2rr: <<(10/06/08 8:20 AM EDT)>> hey John, here is some info you can add to your website.

Butch2rr: <<(10/06/08 8:21 AM EDT)>> Please notice in the list below, that the beginnings of making Sunday, the ?Lord?s Day,? a work day, (at one time it was a day of rest and going to Church), began with the Jews:

* 1899-1900. The Jews attempt to have the word ?Christian? removed from the Bill of Rights of the State of Virginia.

* 1905. The Jews force The Merchant of Venice to be dropped from public schools in Ohio.

* 1906-1907. The Jews of Oklahoma protest that the acknowledgment of Christ in the new State Constitution would be repugnant to the Constitution of the United States.

* 1907-1908. Widespread demand by the Jews for the complete secularization of the public institutions of this country as a part of the demand of the Jews for their constitutional rights.

* 1908-1909. Protests made to Governor of Arkansas against ?Christological expressions? employed by him in his Thanksgiving Day proclamation.

* 1908-1909. Jews protest against ?Christological prayers? at the high school graduating exercises at Cincinnati.

* 1908-1909. Jewish community in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, defeats resolutions providing daily Bible reading in schools.

* 1908-1909. Local Council of Jewish Women of Baltimore petitions school board to prohibit Christmas exercises.

* 1909-1910. On demand of the Jews, the school board of Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, votes to discontinue the recitation of the Lord?s Prayer in the school.

* 1909-1910. Jews oppose Bible reading and singing of hymns in Detroit schools.

* 1909-1910. Rabbis force Hartford, Connecticut, school board to drop The Merchant of Venice from reading list.

* 1909-1910. New York Kehillah of Jews favors bill to permit Jews to do all kinds of business on Sunday.

* 1911-1912. Jews in Passaic, New Jersey, petition school board to eliminate Bible reading and all Christian songs from the schools.

* 1911-1912. At request of a rabbi, three principals of Roxbury, Mass., public schools agree to banish Christmas tree and omit all references to the season from their schools.

* 1911-1912. A J