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Chul Lee

Korean Times

August 8, 2001


Census Bureau Statistics Do Not Disclose Who is a jew and who is not

The 2000 Census has been released, but there is a question about the statistics regarding jews.  We must know these statistics about jews because of the tremendous influence they have on American life, politics, business, and world affairs.

It is known that there are 5,500,000 jews in the US, making up 2.5% of the US population, and that 86% of jews live in the Northeast.   The 2000 Census discloses the wealth and incomes of various races and religions but not that of jews

It is also known from other sources that, even though jews are only 2.5% of the population, they are 23% of the millionaires in the US.  The 2000 Census doesn't reveal how jews are now taking control of education, law, medicine, textiles, and Hollywood.  It shows how many people are employed in these fields, but it doesn't show how many employees and owners are jews.  Jews have established an unmeasured power by taking control of specific industries, the justice system, culture, and media.

The power of the jews is illustrated by an ugly jewish woman Barbara Streisand, a troublemaker who grew up in a fatherless broken household in a ghetto in Brooklyn, who was made wealthy and famous by jewish money and influence.  Her appearance in "Funny Girl" on Broadway in New York, which is 50% controlled by jews, for which she won an Academy Award, was the beginning of this jewish influence and control.  With this success and the support of the jewish controlled record industry, Hollywood, and the media, she became a film director.

After donating a considerable but unknown amount of money to the Clinton '92 campaign for the presidency, she became a regular visitor to the White House, treating it as her own residence. 

The jews established Streisand as a textbook example of how jews succeed in the US.  Without this jewish connection, money, and support, jews like Barbara Streisand would never have become rich and famous.

The jews went to a lot of trouble to conceal this connection to the White House, their role in developing figureheads like Streisand, and the source of their wealth.  To avoid this exposure, leaders of the jewish community approached the Census Bureau in 1957 and insisted that jews not be identified as a separate race or religion.  While all government statistics break down every other race and religion by separate categories, this is never done for jews.  They are included in the general category for "Whites".

It's well known that jews control the banking industry, but it's impossible to identify their ownership positions.  It's well known that they control the wholseale industry, textile industry, shoe industry, financing industry, but it's impossible to tell from the Census what their ownership position is.   Like 1,001 rivers flowing into the ocean, their tentacles are everywhere but their ownership position is nowhere to be found.

It's widely known that jews control the medical and legal professions, but their move into US education is well concealed.   Few people know that jews are now 20% of the humanities and justice educators, or 20% of the professors at the best colleges, or 50% of the faculties of Harvard Law School.

The wealth of the jews is fairly well known but not because of the Census.  And now their role in taking over US education is being concealed because the Census ignores their involvement.  In order to understand how much involved they are in the takeover of the education system, we must study this problem through other sources.


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