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Michael Tsarion in his “Surprising Roots of Civilization” says that “millions of jews coverted to Judaism” with the implication that jews are not a race.  He also said that Judaism has not been adequately proven to be the root of the Christian religion.


WHEN did millions of jews “convert” from something else?  WHICH jew do you know who “converted” from something else?


The only jews I know who did any “converting” are those who claim, falsely, that they “converted” to Christianity, or that they “accept Christ”, or that they were “baptized”—and they are even more displeasing than jews who outright ADMIT they’re jews.  Their attitude, character, insults, slurs, racism, and HATRED of Whites and the sheer concept of racial purity is even more pronounced when they announce that they “accept Christ”.  And of course Jesus told the jews they are “not of my sheep”, which means jews can NOT be baptized, which must have prevented any conversion either way.  And the TalMUD, which is the exact opposite of the Torah which Jesus preached and which Israelites [not jews] follow, requires the DEATH PENALTY for any jew who’s baptized unless he does so to deceive Christians, another serious disincentive for any “conversion” between these two religions and their historical racial ancestry, much less the “conversion of millions to Judaism”.


WHERE is the proof that jews ever “converted” en masse in defiance of the core principles [no, COMMANDMENTS] of both religions?  From jews?  Josephus [accurately] notes that there were many non-Israelites in Judaea during his time, and that many of them were Edomites—but where is his PROOF that they ever “converted” to Judaism?  The five races who were brought in after the Israelites were taken captive included Babylonians who already HAD their own religion—and the name of that religion was CHANGED to “Judaism”.  These Edomites didn’t “convert”—they were originally raised as “jews” practicing “Judaism”, and their ancestors had been in the area of Hamadan, Iran, for 800 years prior to the Israelite captivity.   They were the ones who coined the word “jew”, because Scripture never even mentions this word, not even in reference to Israelites of the Tribe of Judah, for millennia prior to the time these Babylonians came to town.


The mass “conversion” of “Khazars” in the Ninth Century AD is another jew myth which isn’t supported by the very residents of that territory today, the Georgians.  Not a single Georgian has even heard of the “Khazars”, much less the mass conversion of peoples in a land even larger than the US.  All the jews agree that Arthur Koestler is correct that the Khazars “converted” to Judaism—but what kind of “proof” is that when the very people living in the land today disagree?


It’s likely that what did happen is that the jews traveled to Khazaria and attempted to capture it from the forerunners to the Russians and were defeated, consistent with their own claim that this nation which “converted” lasted less than two centuries.  The only thing credible about what jews claim is their claim of mamzerism, where their ancestors consist of Ashkenaz, a grand son of Japheth and thus not even a Semite, Canaanites, Edomites [descendants of Esau’s marriage with Canaanite and Hittite women], Mongols, Turks, Chinese, and Eastern Europeans.


To claim that there’s no genetic link between the Edomites who fled to Babylon, and then were repopulated into Judaea when the Israelites were taken captive, is to claim that religions can jump entirely away from one race and be adopted by an entirely separate and distinct race.  How can such a thing happen?  Why would those who adopted this religion have any vested interest in preserving or propagating it, particularly to the degree that it’s a widely spread and widely known religion today?


His discussion of Newgrange where the real message is on huge boulders which were turned inward all around the tomb, a good point in itself, misses some other key points:


  1. Newgrange is not megalithic, it’s the tomb of King Angus, a grandson of King Zedekiah who was killed by Nebuchadnezzar in Israel and dates back only 2,587 years.
  2. 40 years and tens of millions of dollars were spent to prepare for public tours the tomb “Nowth”, then quietly and silently, with no credible explanation, it was closed forever to the public.
  3. Gaelic is Hebrew.


His speculation that the capitol of the Druids was “Tara”, and that Abraham’s relationship to “Tara” was Terah, is excellent, except that it ignores that the way the Irish prounounce “Torah” is “Tara”.  The “Hill of Tara” near Kells, Ireland, is actually the “Hill of Torah”, the proof that the Irish had God’s Law 1,000 years before St. Patrick got there and saved these illiterate pagans from themselves.



The language of the Ainu of Japan and some Indians of North America are most closely related to Gaelic, indicating the Celtic origins.



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