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jews Could Not Vote

nigger slaves were freed three years before jews could vote

And while Jews were generally left alone in the South, some even becoming fairly famous like the Confederacy's Secy of State - Judah Benjamin, most states had fairly common discriminatory laws against Jews. In North Carolina for example Jews could not vote, hold office or own real estate until 1868 fully 3 years AFTER the ratification of the 13, 14, 15th ammendments granting civil rights and emancipation to blacks.

The Jews could not vote, in-. fluence legislation, or run for political office.

Only in 1848 the Austrian Jews became citizens [141]. . At the same time their emancipation was achieved in Germany, [142] Greece, Sweden, and Denmark.

In the textbook version of history, we are told that the first English settlers – the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Colony, or the followers of Anne Hutchinson in Connecticut – came to America in search of religious freedom. The full story is more complex. Protestant groups did seek the New World as a haven for religious liberty –their own! What the textbooks usually omit was that equal liberty was often denied to others, particularly Catholics and Jews. One of the first persons charged with blasphemy in the English colonies was a Jew: Jacob Lumbrozo of Maryland.


In 1656, Calvert persuaded Oliver Cromwell to restore his title. Upon resuming control, Calvert ordered that the 1649 act be reinstated, including its provision that blasphemy be punished by death.

Ironically, one of the first persons tried under this law was a Jewish physician, Jacob Lumbrozo, whom historian Abram V. Goodman describes as a 1656 immigrant to Maryland from Lisbon, Portugal. There, Lumbrozo had lived as a Christian, but New World freedoms permitted him openly to practice Judaism. While Puritans and Catholics fought each other, they mostly ignored the few Jews who lived in Maryland. While Jews could not vote or hold public office, they were treated more as a curiosity than a threat. Enjoying such indifference, Lumbrozo miscalculated how freely he could proclaim his beliefs.

Most of Libya's nearly 40,000 Jews left between 1948 and 1951, she said, because of a wave of anti-Jewish rioting, beginning in 1945, that left hundreds dead and injured and thousands homeless.

Boukhobza's family stayed hoping for things to calm down in light of Libya's new independence and constitution, but it turned out to be a false hope.

"By 1961, Jews could not vote, hold public office, obtain Libyan passports, buy new property or supervise our own communal affairs," she said.

Jews faced some restrictions in New York, though these were eventually eroded. Reiss writes, “Jews were not permitted to vote in New York until the Revolutionary constitution in 1777 gave them all the rights of other citizens. However, they did vote earlier in the century. In 1737, Cornelius Van Horn complained to the legislature that Adolph Philippe was elected with the support of Jews. The legislature resolved that since Jews could not vote for members of parliament in England, they could not vote for representatives in New York. This proclamation was gradually forgotten, and by 1761, there was a formal awareness that Jews voted.”


Two measures designed by Adolf Hitler and approved by a Nazi Party convention at N�rnberg, Ger., on Sept. 15, 1935.

The laws deprived Jews of German citizenship and forbade marriage or sexual relations between Jews and “citizens of German or cognate blood.” Supplementary decrees defined a Jew as a person with at least one Jewish grandparent and declared that Jews could not vote or hold public office.


  Roman Catholics were excluded from the Colony of Georgia for fear that they would spy for the French in Louisiana and for the Spanish in Florida.  The first Roman Catholics to be admitted were Irish Redemptionists who had pledged service for passage to the New World.

            In many states, Jews could not vote or hold office or both.

            So it was for nationalities who came here and suffered abuse.  Americans of Italian and Irish descent, for example, will describe to you the ridicule and abuse that their grandparents endured as immigrants in this country.  Virtually every nationality represented in our population can do the same

A key resource is Edward David Luft's The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835.  The book contains a list of Posen Jews who had limited citizenship rights conferred upon them, i.e., were "naturalized," in 1834 and 1835. The book lists alphabetically by surname each person, the person's town of residence, the person's occupation and date of naturalization. Most Posen Jews were not eligible for "naturalization," and Luft estimates that only 5.5% of Posen's Jews were naturalized. Luft's book also contains an English translation of the Prussian decree that legislated the repressive conditions that Jews were subjected to.  For example, even "naturalized" Jews could not vote in Prussian elections or hold elective office outside the Jewish community.  Moreover, to be "naturalized," a Jew had to possess significant assets (either owning a farm large enough to support the family, or a plot in the city (debt-free) worth 2,000 Reichthaler, or having 5,000   Reichthaler in savings) or receive a waiver of the asset requirement for a "patriotic endeavor for the state."  Jews who did not possess such assets were subject to deportation unless they could prove they were permanent residents of Posen province since June 1, 1815.  An allegation by a Jew that he had lived in the Province since before June 1, 1815 was almost never challenged until after 1835, and then very rarely.

“By 1961, Jews could not vote, hold public office, obtain Libyan passports, buy new property or supervise our own communal affairs,” she said.

Even liberalism's often loud criticism of Nazism is revealingly flawed. In the 1930s no country in the world was better situated to provide a refuge for Germany's persecuted Jews than the United States. But Franklin Roosevelt used his considerable political skills to make sure the restrictions of the harsh 1924 immigration law remained in place. Helping European Jews brought no electoral advantage. Charmed by government posts FDR gave prominent Jews, America's Jews were going to vote for him in overwhelming numbers whatever he did about German Jews, while German Jews could not vote and hence did not count.

One of the main ways in which traditionally Black colleges were able to improve the quality of their educational programs was by hiring top quality refugee professors, who came to America in the 1930s, but were, for religious reasons, denied the opportunity to work at more recognized educational institutions. The Nazis systematically fired all Jewish professors, and most Jewish professionals. In this way, the refugee scholars I am talking about were not only fleeing the Nazis, but looking for a job and a place where they would be free from discrimination. These dismissals from universities were part of a new set of Laws the Nazis put into place, called the, called the Nuremberg Laws, which were several laws that prohibited Jews from being members of society. Once these laws were in place Jews could not vote, nor attend public school, nor marry anyone outside their "race". Refugee scholars came to America to flee the Nazis and be free from discrimination, but they also needed to find jobs.

To be a freeman meant to enjoy many of the fundamental rights of citizenship. Free men of color in North Carolina exercised the right of suffrage until 1835, when the constitution was amended to restrict this privilege to white men. It may be remarked, in passing, that prior to 1860, Jews could not vote in North Carolina. The right of marriage between whites and free persons of color was not restricted by law until the year 1830, though social prejudice had always discouraged it.

The status of the Jew in much of Europe was similar. In early America Jews could not vote, hold public office, be a witness in court and were regarded as socially subordinate. The innate nature of the self-styled Jew and Spiritual Israel, the Church, guides them towards two dissimilar systems: the amoral immoral Babylonian traditions of the Talmud, or God's Word, the Holy Bible.

The Jew Bernard Lazare wrote, "Truly has Darmestester written, 'The Jew was the apostle of unbelief, and every revolt of mind originated with him'." (Antisemitism: It's History and Causes, pp. 149-151).

most danish Jews got their citizensship before 1965 and there is less than 10000.







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