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Nazis Evacuate Two Million jews from German Held Territory

V. Evacuation of the Jews



At least in the area of the Reich the evacuation of the Jews has taken the place of the emigration of the Jews. Following the ban on Jewish emigration from Fall 1941 [the evacuation] was prepared on a large scale and carried out to a far-reaching extent throughout the area of the Reich in 1942. In the balance sheet of Jewry (Bilanz des Judentums) it appears as "Emigration."

According to the figures of the Reich Security Main Office (Reichssicherheitshaptamp) up to January 1, 1943, the following moves took place:

From the Altreich** and Sudetenland 100,516 Jews

From the Ostmark [Austria] 47,555 Jews

From the Protectorate 69,677 Jews

Total 217,748 Jews


These figures include Jews evacuated to the Old-Age Ghetto in Theresienstadt.

The total of these evacuations from the area of the Reich, including the eastern territories, and beyond them in the area of German control and influence in Europe, from October 1939 or later, and up to December 31, 1942, were as follows:

1. Evacuation of Jews from Baden and the

Palatinate (Pfalz) to France 6,504 Jews

2. Evacuation of Jews from the Reich, including

the Protectorate and the District of Bialystok

to the East 170,642 "

3. Evacuation of Jews from the Reich and the

Protectorate to Theresienstadt 87,193 "


4. Transportation of Jews from the eastern

provinces to eastern Russia 1,449,692 Jews

[Numbers] who passed through the camps

in the Government-General 1,274,166 " Through the camps in the Warthegau 145,301 "

5. Evacuation of Jews from other countries:

France (insofar as it was occupied before November 10, 1942) 41,911 "

Netherlands 38,571 "

Belgium 16,886 "

Norway 532 "

Slovakia 56,691 "

Croatia 4,927 "


Total evacuations (including Theresienstadt and

Special Treatment Sonderbehandlung) 1,873,549 "

Without Theresienstadt 1,786,356 "

6. To this must be added, according to the

figures of the Reich Security Main Office,

the evacuation of 633,300 "

from the Russian territories, including the

former Baltic countries, from the start of

the Eastern Campaign.

These figures do not include the inmates of ghettos and concentration camps.

The evacuations from Slovakia and Croatia were carried out by these states themselves.

VI. The Jews in the Ghettos

These include:

1. The Old-Age Ghetto Theresienstadt to which were sent

altogether 87,193 Jews

of these, from the Reich 47,471 "

(Ostmark 14,222)

of these, from the Protectorate 39,722 "


The total number of Jewish inmates at the beginning of the

year 1943 was: 49,392

of these, German subjects 24,313

Protectorate 25,079

The reduction in numbers was due mainly to deaths. In addition to Theresienstadt there were a number of smaller Jewish old-age and invalid homes within the area of the Reich, but these were not considered either ghettos or evacuation centers.

2. At the beginning of 1943 there were 87,180 Jews in the Lodz Ghetto, of whom 83,133 were former Polish citizens.

3. On December 31, 1942, the great majority of Jews in the Government-General were housed in the remnants of ghettos.

The figures given or estimated are:

District No. of Jews

Cracow 37,000

Radom 29,400

Lublin 20,000 (estimate)

Warsaw 50,000

Lvov 161,514

Total for Government-General 297,914***



* Prepared by Richard Korherr, head of the Statistics Department in Himmler's office.

** Germany before 1938.

*** The total number of Jews in these areas at the beginning of the war had been about 2 million.



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