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FOR ALL...This is a prelude to a most revealing bit of new evidence that a massive hoax has distorted Christianity - on purpose!

Drilled into our history and scattered around the seminaries of America is one issue that has been used to stifle the Truth and the Understanding of Biblical passages relating to Israel..(about whom, 85%+ of the Bible is focused)

This is due to a monumental hoax that has been perpetrated on Christianity for centuries, but now being exposed for what it is, an out and out deception about who the Bible's real "Chosen" people really are, and were in the past..

This deception comes about because Bible history has been so distorted by those who benefit from the distortion that now, only they, "Jewish" rabbi's are sought out to interpret and confirm the Old Testament which is also partly their Torah, Mose's first five books...thus our "blinded" shepherds fail to do their own research..and to study the Word, precept upon precept, as instructed!

Christian shepherds make the assumption that these people should be seen as the best qualified to do this interpretation and then, let them: failing to recognize this fact: that the Torah takes a far second place for them, to Judaism's primary set of guidelines, the abominable, severely antiChristian Talmud!

I know this is true, having had an old friend who was a Presbyterian Phd, and a major Church leader, when advised about the content and intent of the Talmud, asked me, an old fighter pilot, "Is the Talmud all that Bad?" Now that question certainly made me realize just how far from the Truth that our shepherds have fallen..and in turn, have misled their flocks..O the finger pointing that will be seen when the separating of the Goats and Sheep is done..

But, enough sermonizing...Attached to this prelude is a new paper that exposes and confirms that over 90% of today's people who claim to be "Jews" and thus descendants of ancient Judah, (1/12th of ancient Israel) are simply not, that they are a Turkic-Mongol people called Khazars who moved into central Russia several centuries before the time of Christ, probably replacing the westward shifting, Scythians..(Who were not, repeat, not - Semetic, and descendants of Shem)

Now this fairly large tribe who were know to be more animists and phallic worshipers then other religions, were induced to convert to Babylonian Talmudic Judaism in 740A.D. by proselyting Jews from the Babylonian area, where many Edomite Jews had settled after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70A.D.. They brought their Talmud, the "oral traditions of the elders that made the law of non effect" (Jesus words) back to Babylon with them and expanded its content there..

However, the large tribe of Khazars did convert to Talmudic Judaism and there was found, no longer, any instances of following primarily, the former, "Hebrewism" that characterized early Israel and Judah, when the Torah, Moses Laws, were in use by both of these Nations, which had split into two separate and distinct nations after the death of Solomon...(A point seldom preached, and purposely kept from Christians)

Now, we read where these people today, are called Jews, Israel, Judahites, and combinations of all, when in fact, the current Jews of the World, more then 90+% have absolutely no affinity with ancient Judah and none with ancient Israel....They have usurped these titles to falsely claim the Covenant Promises that the Lord made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, none of whom were ever known as fact the word Jew did not appear in the Bible until II Kings, 1200 years after the time of, why in the world would our Shepherds call these ancient Fathers of Israel, Jews? when they were NOT..(That fact alone confirms that they do not read their Bibles!)

Because they let the Rabbi's to their thinking and research for them and assume that these Rabbi's tell the Truth! They DO NOT>>>In fact, these Shepherds, are called "goyim", enemies of Judaism, and yet, they go about, proclaiming that Judeo-Christianity is a religion..and tied to the Jews...

Nothing could be farther from the Truth and it is time to make our Shepherds stand up and read the O. T. out loud and answer questions from the Congregation....Then the Truth would emerge and the entire false doctrines of agape love and kindness will change, and the churches would realise that what Paul stated, that "Love is the fulfillment of the Law" and that the Law is critical to our faith and future...

But, do not just read this attached email for confirmation..The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1904 clearly exposes who the Khazars were, and where they went, after being driven westward, into the eastern European countries of Poland, Hungary, etc, and western Russia and the Ukriane around 1240 A.D.

One now simply has to review just where most of the world's Jews come from to see the truth in these historical facts...all disguised to distort the truth about themselves...much like always changing their names to hide their identity...both in Russia and in the West... Some Russified names would also reveal a massive dominion over Russia since 1918...even Kruschev,(Perlmutter) Gromyko(Katz), Trotsky(Bronstein), Gorbachev(Kahn) for example did just that as did most of these early Bolsheviks...

One should look in this country and the U.K. for similar disguises...some of them named today, would open the eyes of many "Christians" to a older, disguised Khazarian "leadership" that has also achieved a form of silent "dominion" that exists in many fields, the Media particularly, now dominated by only 6 major corporations, mostly Jewish controlled.

And consider the demands in Congress for "hate crimes" for the abandonment of cherished, time honored Christian traditions and removed to placate these who are so adamantly antiChristian and AntiJesus....and we let our Senators and Congressmen get walked upon as if they were all wereing antisemitism on their t shirts...not realizing that this word is used to stifle and block any discussion or review of these "Jewish" demands...(Consider Canada...Now so steeped in talmudic influences that they check the borders for indications that entrants might be antisemetic)

Further, get the book, purged by Jews after one week on the Best seller lists, The Thirteenth Tribe written by one of their own, Arthur Koestler...who was found to have "committed suicide" at his kitchen table along with his very much younger wife, a year after this book came out...

It proves that what I have just written is TRUE...and his sources are confirmed as valid and authentic...but, then, he broke the code and had to be disposed of...

You will not find this book in any of the U.S. local libraries, because of their control over library boards and if not, light fingers always can remove it..and do...although, 12 other books by Koestler can readily be found...So, World, it is time to begin researching and studying history, especially Bible history and awaken to the fact, that you, neighbor, friend, associate, classmate, golfing partner, etc, are in truth, Real Israelites and part of the ancient past that is now being exposed to the realities of events that caused your, and your father's "blindness." (See Romans 11:25)

Thanks for Listening..

J. Richard Niemela.



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moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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