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The sensor su the statistics which is a tie which is not
This season chief editor
Input hour: Wednesday, August 08, 2001

2000 year sensors su the contents continuously is announced. One kind the anxious thing is the statistics regarding the tie person. When it rediscovers United States, must know the tie person. The influence where this field is going mad to a United States culture too much is because of size.

With 5500000 people tie people of United States 2.5% the whole populations hold and 86% is living among the rest on northeast department. That the sensor su the country ec the father of that my ' United States ' is to be pursued to a northeast department, when comparison it tries the fact that it announces and a tie humanity and justice population distribution the relationship of function is is a possibility of knowing.

The tie person it is only in 2.5% of the whole populations but the United States hundred million whole house volitions 23% are tie. And it will break, li wus with training clerk, law circle, medical total, fiber total and discussion total poem cheys this field is catching completely with language. How many person it is many problem it knows it seizes which field E large grade it is important in the gum disease mote. Here and there it snores and lwu the fact that it is to come to ladle knows is being pursued to a specific field intensively is tie humanity and justice feature. The feature of this population distribution rightly is tie humanity and justice power. It is because is the force which is the possibility to raise the person.

POP song the small cymbal which cries disadvantageously with the queen of total su see the case of the try sand. pu lwuk It will grow, lin from the slum the father without enough she the face was ugly, it was a trouble-maker, house rent the family scattered unforgettably and it lived and poor at percentage degree. Like that she will be successful how from the entertainment world and the possibility where she becomes hundred million whole house own houses it will be.

New York pu the road wey myu ci it is famous with the knife. myu ci Knife production volition 50% it is a tie. su The try sand led and connections myu ci and it will be able to appear in the knife and her song his thu recorded naturally from the record industry which the tie person is governing. It is the next tie, mouth Kim will break absoluteness, li wus from it came out with leading role of motion picture and ' Funny Girl ' it received finally motion picture su it becomes it reached the at the academy, until an other and the film director.

There is a money and it is the law where the power sticks automatically it comes to be famous. After being considerable to Clinton from 92 year electing, it goes round the principal syen to do and with Clinton it came to be near at the degree which White House like the own house will come in and out to lastly.

The small cymbal su the lifetime of the try sand the tie person will be able to succeed how from United States is the textbook which it shows freshly. It is a tie, big the neck syen it is not supported anh ass the small cymbal of ramyon today su the try sand will be able to exist more.

The tie person addition of the oneselves does to avoid the fact that it is exposed with the extreme. It is like that and it is 1957 year tie, myu ni the mote representatives the sensor su search for the country big and the sensor su from religion investigation damage with the fact that it will decrease specific big myu ni addition how to be pursued does not announce is the statistics regarding the after tie person who proposes the fact that to roll up hides the tail in the mote, it started.

The tie person the bank does not manage a right and left but the bank is not. li To be big industry grasp but li to be big su the toe e. Wholesale dealer. The fiber industry and the shoes industry, it is to advance with the like this in financial business total back back all field. When " it searches for the tie person, the ocean and the river water mean 10001 the place the heirloom " language the business of this field being strange in the production dealers concerned and between retail trade to sleep, are being located.

It is a law circle and a medical guidance tie, is catching the thing is the fact which becomes known widely. We height will do evaluating the tie person but is not the money of this field. It is a knowledge. It is a recently tie, is advancing most the place which plentifully it is a training clerk. When ' the teacher ' it does, the passion the place where it thinks with hungry occupation regarding the study of this field is enormous. The tie humanity and justice 20% is engaging to a training clerk and the professor 20% of the United States famous college is tie. 25% of the first class medical college professors is tie and low tu 50% the case faculties of the law school this field hold.

' It is a tie, when ' it did, ' the times when it associates the rich man ' passed. Recently ' it is a tie, when ' it does, ' must pop up the teacher '. That neither the day when this field will seize a United States training clerk is distant it sees. The sensor su the number which does not appear - it the eye it thinks and must see.




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