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lcome Msg: A mamzer shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD, Deuteronomy 23:2

greenEyes5552: hello everyone

greenEyes5552: hey jerimiah

jeremiahs: hello, greeneyes

greenEyes5552: hello butch

greenEyes5552: hello rowland

jeremiahs: exactly, Rowland

jeremiahs: how are you, green

Butch2rr: hi

greenEyes5552: I am tired

greenEyes5552: lol

greenEyes5552: man that is not of the seed

Rowland60: hello Willie

jeremiahs: hey, Willie

greenEyes5552: we don't have very many black here in Monett Missouri. about 10 in the whole town

willie_175: Hello Everyone

greenEyes5552: hey willie

greenEyes5552: I am tired .. going to go.. have a nice nice everyone... I might be back laters .... :)

greenEyes5552: nite that is

Butch2rr: nite

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babushka_8: good night all

babushka_8: God bless you

mamzerhammer: Lev 11:43 Ye shall not make yourselves abominable with any creeping thing that creepeth, neither shall ye make yourselves unclean with them, that ye should be defiled thereby.

Rowland60: brb

Rowland60: news on

Rowland60: Boy,

jeremiahs: you won't believe how big it is now

willie_175: One thing that is to remember that the beastiality in the Bible is the mixing of the races. For how many dogs, sheep, horses, cows, cats, and etc. have you ever seen having sex lying down

Willy 38: hello

Rowland60: right Willie

Willy 38: yeh

willie_175: But they don't do it lying down

Paltalk: NOW PLAYING on PalTalk Radio! Join us in the PalTalk Radio category for Eye on the Future with the Prophet of Peace. Todays Topic is Truth - Knocking on Your Door! Realization is now. Three of the greatest speakers of truth discuss the power elite, governments, shadow governments and terrorism. You will not want to miss famous speakers, authors and investigative journalists - Will Thomas, Jim Marrs and Paul David Collins.

jeremiahs: slow, you jokin?

jeremiahs: heh

mamzerhammer: moshe alter has been bounced from the group

jeremiahs: neither do I

jeremiahs: neither did McNamara

jeremiahs: neither did Nixon

Rowland60: It brok down the U.S. solgers pride.

Rowland60: solgers

Rowland60: solgiers

jeremiahs: soldiers );

Rowland60: troops, how's that

John02861: a racist room


John02861: thats what this is


jeremiahs: heh

John02861: a racist room


towhill: Is this same "House of Israel" that is linked to the KKK, and other neo-nazis?

John02861: yes it is towhill


John02861: you are correct


John02861: this is a racist room


John02861: they hate jews


John02861: the gentiles are not the spiritual house of israel



John02861: that site is horrible


towhill: the christian party is linked to the KKK

John02861: you are soooooooooooooooooooooo wrong


towhill: from what I seen on the web

John02861: hey tow, what religion are you?


John02861: christian party is very racist and anti women


John02861: see


John02861: very racist


John02861: willie, you racist bastard, how are you?


willie_175: Paltalk decided I needed my daily bounce fix

Rowland60: looks like a couple of mamzers to me.

willie_175: Still a racist bastard

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John02861: hey. let me say someting


John02861: all christians are garbage, they are a toilet people


John02861: they have the same souls as animals


Rowland60: most of which were stealing jews

Rowland60: yes, they are zionest jews

Rowland60: or should I sayneo-zionest jews

jeremiahs: jews are mamzers, that's what their problem is

jeremiahs: that's why they have 127 genetic diseases

jeremiahs: hey, CW, how are you?

willie_175: But you folks know that the most racist bastards on earth are the jews, and the most mixed up people are the jews.

Paltalk: NOW PLAYING on PalTalk Radio! Join us in the PalTalk Radio category for Eye on the Future with the Prophet of Peace. Todays Topic is Truth - Knocking on Your Door! Realization is now. Three of the greatest speakers of truth discuss the power elite, governments, shadow governments and terrorism. You will not want to miss famous speakers, authors and investigative journalists - Will Thomas, Jim Marrs and Paul David Collins.

willie_175: Hello CW

John02861: listen to all this garbage


C W Watts 48661: hi willie


John02861: i feel pity for you people


C W Watts 48661: hi room


Rowland60: Hey CW

C W Watts 48661: hi Row


Butch2rr: hi cw

willie_175: Hey john I saw one of your jewish brothers following a dog and sucking his ....

C W Watts 48661: hi butch


John02861: his cock?


Rowland60: Oh no

John02861: you sick bastard


willie_175: You know john there is no one that asked you in here and we will certainly not be sorry to see you go

towhill: Lots of LOVE.... anything but in here

C W Watts 48661: the Truth


willie_175: You should know towhill

John02861: LOL






jeremiahs: no wonder he's so stupid



John02861: I'LL GO


John02861: TAKE ME


jeremiahs: he's red dotted

John02861: IM NOT JEWISH


John02861: IM A GENTILE


John02861: GERMAN


John02861: PURE BREED


C W Watts 48661: john your a bad boy and I have a out reach program you might be suitted for


C W Watts 48661: I ll pay your ticket


jeremiahs: I have a Madagascar cruise that he'll enjoy immensely



John02861: BED TIME FOR ME


East_Tx_Cowboy1: i sspoke in tounges and prophecied and i also watched peoplee slain in the spirit by my prescence,i had the annointing,but the annointing aint what people seek. what good does tounges or slain do u? what good is it to lagh in the spirit?. its not of g-d...but it happens. the drunkards of ephraim who reel from the new wine

willie_175: John why don't you bounce that jewish bastard

C W Watts 48661: sweet dreams ass hole


towhill: willie you afraid that there are Jewish people in here

Rowland60: Great

jeremiahs: jews don't belong in here, towhill

willie_175: No I just don't like the foul mouth

jeremiahs: jews are too stupid to understand it anyway

jeremiahs: no you can't

jeremiahs: the dictioniaries are changed, cw

Rowland60: cowboy, can't you stand to spell GOD?

jeremiahs: tex is with us, rowland

C W Watts 48661: hi TX


squeeze_12: jesus saves

East_Tx_Cowboy1: good to meet anyone who hasnt bumped me by now, i usualy get bumped within the first 5 min. i dont care if u believe different.the people i hate are the people who havnt been passionet about g-d.......i will spell god if u like,it doesnt matter to me,

towhill: And you show hate towards others Rowland, and is that showing that you love G-d by hating others?

willie_175: John says he will be back in a couple of minutes so you can expect that he will be back in an hour or so

willie_175: Good nighty butch

willie_175: Yahweh bless

towhill: hehe

towhill: you don't show love

towhill: only thing you show is hate

towhill: your god is hate, not the true G-d of Israel. Because the G-d of Israel is LOVE, and nothing in Him is hate.

East_Tx_Cowboy1: wwho r u talking to toehill?

willie_175: towhill you are the biggest hater of them all. For no one was even mentioning the word until you started with it.

Rowland60: Ro 9:13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

C W Watts 48661: he hates sin and weres your love hon


towhill: If you showed Love then you would not talk about blacks and jews in such away as you do,

Paltalk: NOW PLAYING on PalTalk Radio! Join us in the PalTalk Radio category for Eye on the Future with the Prophet of Peace. Todays Topic is Truth - Knocking on Your Door! Realization is now. Three of the greatest speakers of truth discuss the power elite, governments, shadow governments and terrorism. You will not want to miss famous speakers, authors and investigative journalists - Will Thomas, Jim Marrs and Paul David Collins.

C W Watts 48661: yhey hate us more


C W Watts 48661: they hate us more


towhill: LOL....................

East_Tx_Cowboy1: blacks have a clear destiny ,like the jews,they have a plan,its the same plan

Rowland60: Mal 1:2 I have loved you, saith the LORD. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob, Mal 1:3 And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.

C W Watts 48661: what is that plan to live of us??????????


East_Tx_Cowboy1: who is us cw? r u black?

towhill: G-d blesses those who bless the Jews............

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East_Tx_Cowboy1: i will tell u about blacks

C W Watts 48661: no you said the jews and blacks have a plain to live off us?????????


C W Watts 48661: and they do


Rowland60: brb

letsget2: So what land mines have you set tonight Jer and Will?

towhill: whatever Rowland, you have your thinking, and hate for the blacks and jews. So no matter how much G-d speaks about Loving one another, you will find some reason to hate jews and blacks, because you are afraid of them.

jeremiahs: I back

CoonTownBootBoy: hello room

jeremiahs: hello, coon

towhill: who has not been held down in this world?

CoonTownBootBoy: what is the discussion?

willie_175: Letsget I don't lay any land mines

jeremiahs: talkin about coons );

towhill: everyone is from adam

CoonTownBootBoy: lets have a bootparty

towhill: adam was the first man

CoonTownBootBoy: what are they?

CoonTownBootBoy: homosexuality

CoonTownBootBoy: race mixing is sodomy

C W Watts 48661: adam was the 8th day creation not the sixth tow look it up


letsget2: Botta bing, botta boom!!

CoonTownBootBoy: i took the words out of your mouth?

CoonTownBootBoy: rhode island

CoonTownBootBoy: its fact

CoonTownBootBoy: how could i not know

letsget2: One gets to know your way of thinking!

willie_175: Didn't think I had to

C W Watts 48661: Satans son cain mixed


C W Watts 48661: no


C W Watts 48661: but souns right


jeremiahs: 2 mins for real

letsget2: No! But I know that we are not to covet your neighbors ass! LOL

willie_175: CW did I ever send you my study on the Two Seedlines

East_Tx_Cowboy1: zipporah the wife of moses,a black woman and the second black woman of moses ,circumsized her son in an attempt to save the life of moses as g-d was coming to kill him, moses first married the queen of ethiopia, and later a black carried the cross,nubians killed in the spanish inquisition and blacks in the cruisades, there is much to say about blacks

CoonTownBootBoy: my compute keeps freezing up when i turn on outlook express

CoonTownBootBoy: two seedlines?

willie_175: No that is not right Cowboy Moses never married a black woman. That is a lie the jews have fostered

C W Watts 48661: very good coon


CoonTownBootBoy: one of many willie

CoonTownBootBoy: they corrupted the bible

C W Watts 48661: Satans and adams the enmity between satans seed and eves seed A+


willie_175: Would you like me to send you my study Coon

East_Tx_Cowboy1: a tall smooth skinned nation will come up and sacrifice to god and god will accept their sacrifice.......willie, moses married 2 black women, nobody can deny that fact, he married the queen of ethiopis and zippora wich made the people murmer

CoonTownBootBoy: sure

CoonTownBootBoy: let me pm you my email

East_Tx_Cowboy1: ;]

CoonTownBootBoy: jews

East_Tx_Cowboy1: hahah

willie_175: Zipora was not black Cowboy, and Yes I deny that Moses ever married a black women.

towhill: Hate groups are against the paltalk terms

willie_175: Ok coontownbootboy. I added you to my pal list

towhill: and will get this group shut down

East_Tx_Cowboy1: im not offended

East_Tx_Cowboy1: i believe i prooved that to myself

mamzerhammer: towhill has been bounced from the group

CoonTownBootBoy: can i speak

mamzerhammer: CoonTownBootBoy has been bounced from the group

letsget2: Coon what do you believe?

East_Tx_Cowboy1: aww i wanted to talk to him

C W Watts 48661: jews are like hemroids they come back


willie_175: Ok Coon its on its way and thank you

letsget2: Whats the matter Jeremiah do you have the runs???????

Rowland60: nite all

willie_175: Ok Rowland have a nice sleep and Yahweh Bless

willie_175: Hello Twister I thought you were mad at us becuase you haven't been around for a couple of days

letsget2: Who was the curser?

willie_175: Good to see you

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willie_175: Yeah surgery does take a lot out of one doesn't it

jeremiahs: hey, twister!

willie_175: Damn burnt my tongue with my hot coffee

letsget2: Willie who just cursed all of us out?

willie_175: Jeremiah Barbara Jean said she forgives you for bouncing her.

willie_175: I don't remember letsget I think it was a guy called towhill

East_Tx_Cowboy1: ethiopia is black,as nubia is,the entire african nation is black accept from where nimrod built babylon and sent ashur to buid egypt,white ruled egypt, but all around was black,moses married a nubian and the queen of ethiopia a black,....its funny that they even showed the face of the serial killer. if a murderer is black,the media doesnt show the face,but if he's wwhite,they paste it on every commercial even

willie_175: Cowboy Ethiopia was not black, 3000 years ago.

C W Watts 48661: im going to bed tonight Love and peace to the room............


willie_175: Egypt was White 3000 years ago, but today it has mixed with other people so much that they are no longer white.

willie_175: Good night CW and you have a good night.

C W Watts 48661: we need better gun controll use both hands


C W Watts 48661: LOL


East_Tx_Cowboy1: the relifs on the walls of egypt and that of babylon shows the ethiopian faces wich were all black, ethiopia came against egypt and pharoh made moses a general to conqer the blacks,when he did he made a covenant with the queen of ethiopia and married her

C W Watts 48661: LOL


C W Watts 48661: night


willie_175: No the reliefs on the walls of Egypt shows that they were white, not black

letsget2: Was asked last night if I missed my wife. I said yeah but my aim is getting better!LOL!

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willie_175: Ok what is it

letsget2: old one!

willie_175: Cowboy have you heard of the Sepherd Kings that ruled over Egypt.

East_Tx_Cowboy1: willie, the bondage that was set upon ethiopia shows black slaves on the walls of egypt, and in babylon it shows the faces and they were no doubt blacck

East_Tx_Cowboy1: yes

East_Tx_Cowboy1: shephard kings mean

East_Tx_Cowboy1: hyskoss

willie_175: No it does not Cowboy. No the Shepherd kings were there before the Hysoss

willie_175: If you would like a copy of the study give me your email address and I will send it to you.

willie_175: Along with a study showing that Moses did not marry a black

C W Watts 48661: night all love


willie_175: Good night CW

letsget2: Tell me that this world is not screwed up!

willie_175: I added you to my pal list so you could pm me Cowboy

East_Tx_Cowboy1: willie.....i know that the whites ruled in the known ancient world, we have manetho for making timelines for ancient israel whom josephus prooves in his book against apion that manetho was a liar.....the plans for the building of the pyramids came from white men,but that doesnt mean blacks werent there

willie_175: Can't tell you that legsget because it is

letsget2: Without waders!

willie_175: For a long time the blacks were killed on sight in Egypt in ancient times

East_Tx_Cowboy1: manetho made timelines for egypt and josephus prooved him wrong,so egypts past is not excactly in order

willie_175: Ok well I was just offering the study it doesn't cost anything and you can delete it if you don't like it. But I will not beg you to take it.

ephraim13: OK

willie_175: Hello David

willie_175: Yes he lives in Arkansas

jeremiahs: oops, sorry, eph

willie_175: What about him he has been in the Identity Circiles for a long time

willie_175: What about him David

East_Tx_Cowboy1: we used to shoot guns off all the time till our cow{diane} was hit in the ear by a falling bullit,now she only looks to one side cause she cant hear whats comin behind her

willie_175: Hes a very good writer and gives good speeches. But the Plot to Destroy Christianity was written by Elizabeth Dilling

willie_175: Yeah put it on us

Twister1941: wow, that's quite a review

willie_175: Wait I think her book was Plot Against Christianity.

Twister1941: i'm getting my piercings arranged for this tape

willie_175: Hes getting his stuff set up.

willie_175: Thats about right David

Twister1941: Dem Juice

willie_175: Remember that when anyone says communism they should put the word jew there instead because Communism is Jewish.

willie_175: Rabbi Stephen Wise said: "Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism."

jeremiahs: what is the date of this tape, eph?

Twister1941: i have to go

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jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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