The following post from John Lewis is from one of the most misguided mamzerswe have ever had the displeasure to run across, so he deserves his very own web page:

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Dear Brethren,

We received this response to our recent prayer request for my daughter Grace
and encourage you to address this man's comments, since he is obviously in
gross error of the scriptures. His web address is, We welcome
your aid in educating this man in the knowledge of the truth. Feel free to
send us Cc's of your responses. YHVH bless you.

In His Excellent Love and Service.

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> Maybe you should look deep within yourself with honesty-you might find
> out why she ran away from home.   When the true Jesus is lifted up and
> the truth of the Word, people are dragged/drawn to Him.  However,
> thinking people run from religion and limited thinking.
> Her marriage to this young man will probably be the best thing that
> could happen to you and other family members that think like you.  If
> not him, one like him.  And may they bear many multi-racial children to
> glorify YHVH.
> Wow!  Which version of the Bible did you read where God forbade
> inter-racial marriage?
> Have you studied the geneology of Jesus lately?  Or how did 70 souls
> coming out of Canaan explode into several millions in exactly 210 years
> coming out of Egypt (Africa)?  Wasn't it because of the many Africans
> that  married and converted to belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac,
> Jacob? and Joseph which married an Egyptian (African).  And Moses the
> Lawgiver and leader of the exodus didn't he married Zipporah?
> Being of the house of Israel was not determined by color of skin or
> accent. {This is just another racist, narrow minded view by people that
> think they are superior that feel insecure and threatened.  YHVH can not
> be reduced to some ignorant racist view by people that are caught up
> into Race instead of GRACE}.  It was the belief and practice of and in
> the ONE GOD.
> Have you ever wondered why the largerest country in Africa is called
> suDAN?  What about the multitude of Ethiopians that trace their ancestry
> directly to Solomon, son of David?
> And the many East African tribes existing today in Kenya and Somalia
> that are direct descendants of Abraham and Keturah? (Oh yes, that was
> before Jacob/Israel)
> The Lembe tribe of South Africa are still practicing Judaism the way it
> was nearly 3500 years ago with a priesthood in place.  DNA proves they
> are direct descendants of Aaron/Levi according to Jerusalem POST.  {If
> they ever buld the Temple in Jerusalem, the Lembe (Levites) tribe will
> minister-actually they are already to some extent.}
> The Apostle Paul  was so black he was thought to be an Ethiopian in the
> book of Acts.
> Manasseh and Ephraim were half African/Egypt.  According to history many
> of the prominent people/rulers were from lower Egypt/ Nibians (Sudanese)
> during that era.  (The wives of Ephraim and Manasseh also came from
> Egypt).
> Get a grip and stop spreading this racist garbage under the guise of
> Christianity/spirituality.  The work of the Holy Spirit goes deeper that
> skin pigmentation.  The wall of ignorance was broken down 2000 years
> ago-this wall never existed nor will in the mind of YHVH, only in the
> minds of egotistical, arrognant, deceived people.
> >From the Melchisedek Order:
> John Lewis