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Joseph Ellis--LIAR Extraordinaire

bulletEllis also LIED to the Globe in a 1997 interview that he scored the winning touchdown in a high school football game even though his yearbook shows he was not even on the team.
bulletEllis said in a statement issued by his attorney’s office. “I deeply regret having let stand and later confirming the assumption that I went to Vietnam.”
bulletThe paper said Ellis "exaggerated [read: LIED about] his role"  in the peace movement at Yale University.
bulletHe LIED that he performed active duty in Vietnam as a platoon leader and paratrooper.
bulletHe LIED that his unit was nearby when American soldiers massacred hundreds of Vietnamese civilians in the village of My Lai.
bulletHe LIED that he served on the staff of the U.S. commander in Vietnam, General William Westmoreland.
bulletMost of all, he LIED about Thomas Jefferson in his despicable, slanderous book "American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson":

"Ellis sifts the facts shrewdly from the legends and the rumors, treading a path between vilification and hero worship in order to formulate a plausible portrait of the man who still today "hover(s) over the political scene like one of those dirigibles cruising above a crowded football stadium, flashing words of inspiration to both teams". For, at the grass roots, Jefferson is no longer liberal or conservative, agrarian or industrialist, pro- or anti-slavery, privileged or populist. He is all things to all people. His own obliviousness to incompatible convictions within himself (which left him deaf to most forms of irony) has leaked out into the world at large - a world determined to idolize him despite his foibles. We watch him exhibiting both great depth and great shallowness, combining massive learning with extraordinary naivete, piercing insights with self-deception on the grandest scale. We understand why we should neither beatify him nor consign him to the rubbish heap of history, though we are by no means required to stop loving him. He is Thomas Jefferson, after all - our very own sphinx."


"The Globe does not question the soundness of Ellis’ scholarship or his award-winning histories".

I beg your pardon?  Is the Boston Globe a newspaper whose only commodity is the truth?  And here you have a man who is so untruthful that he can't even comprehend the truth when he confronts it?  Are you aware that his only explanation for how a man like Thomas Jefferson would never lie is to make up stories which put Mr. Jefferson in the position to be a LIAR?:

Ellis used his empathic powers to convey how Jefferson explained himself to himself--as a young idealist constructing "interior worlds of great imaginative appeal," even if they didn't jibe with reality, and later on keeping his contradictions alive with an "internal ability to generate multiple versions of the truth."

Mr. Jefferson never generated "multiple versions of the truth".  Only Joseph Ellis did that, and he thinks Mr. Jefferson did that only because he thinks the entire world is full of LIARS like him. 

Who's the culprit here, though--Joseph Ellis, or the Boston Globe?  Or Mount Holyoke College who provides a new perspective on how to "educate" our youth in both ethics and history in one swell foop:

"There is a classroom persona you have as a teacher that's not quite you," says Mount Holyoke's dean of faculty, Donal O'Shea. "There's an element of great teaching that's theater. And Professor Ellis was expert at that."

There's a certain class of citizen in the US which has a great regard for LIES and LIARS, no matter how many times they get caught.  The Boston Globe, Joseph Ellis, and Mount Holyoke College are squarely in that class, but you demented yankees can count Mr. Jefferson and the rest of us out of your camp.

Joseph Ellis is a LIAR, and Mr. Jefferson was NOT!  The only reason Joseph Ellis' slander of Mr. Jefferson is going unpunished is because Mount Holyoke College and the Boston Globe are LIARS who the rest of us do not need to, cannot, and will not accept as authoritative sources on anything, ever again.

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Jefferson Met Hemings in Vietnam
A tangled web.

Ms. Coulter is also a syndicated columnist
June 21, 2001 8:40 a.m.


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Coulter Archive

o now it turns out that Thomas Jefferson was having sex with Sally Hemings while serving in the 101st Airborne during the Vietnam War.

In a stupendously humiliating episode this week, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian — and author of the pre-impeachment report, "Jefferson Fathered Slave's Last Child" — was exposed in the Boston Globe as having lied about his service in Vietnam, in the civil-rights movement, and even on the football field.

For years, Mount Holyoke professor Joseph "Full Metal Jacket" Ellis had been regaling students, interviewers, and friends with gripping stories of his service in Vietnam. He claimed to have been a platoon leader and paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division. He said he served in Saigon under Gen. William Westmoreland.

Ellis was recently forced to apologize for "having let stand" the "assumption" that he served in Vietnam. Ellis whiled away the Vietnam War in his college dorm room, presumably, like most academics, smoking pot, and listening to the Beatles' "White Album."

Among the "assumptions" Ellis had "let stand" was his claim that after witnessing the horror of Vietnam, he came home and enlisted in the anti-war movement. He also boasted of having helped David Halberstam with his 1972 best seller, The Best and the Brightest, by sharing his vivid recollections of Vietnam.

He had no involvement in the anti-war movement, and Halberstam says he's never talked to Ellis.

The fantasy life of this deskbound Walter Mitty didn't stop at Vietnam. He has also bragged about his work in the civil-rights movement. He claims that while on the Freedom Trail in Mississippi, he was the victim of racist Southern cops banging on his door late at night and following him in his car. He wistfully recalled his years as a high-school football star, describing to a reporter last year how he once scored the winning touchdown.

He wasn't in Mississippi, and his greatest moment on the football field involved a clarinet.

Between 'Nam flashbacks and Freedom Rider reunions, Ellis co-authored the groundbreaking 1998 report, "Jefferson Fathered Slave's Last Child." You may remember this report if you weren't on the moon when it was released. It was the Clinton flacks' giddiest "Gotcha!" moment. The report was unveiled to instant acclaim — as luck would have it — just weeks before the House impeachment vote.

Bill Clinton wasn't a pervert, liar, and felon after all! Rather, he was part of an honorable history of venerable men molesting the help. As report co-author Ellis put it: "It is as if Clinton had called one of the most respected character witnesses in all of U.S. history to testify that the primal urge has a most distinguished presidential pedigree." Ellis claimed the new testing proved "beyond any reasonable doubt that Jefferson had a long-term sexual relationship with his mulatto slave."

As the author of the award-winning American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson — and a Vietnam veteran — Ellis spoke with some authority on the matter. He dismissed the likely protestations from "die-hard Jefferson worshippers," proclaiming the debate over. "Now we know," he said.

Unfortunately, proof of a Jefferson-Hemings liaison was as fanciful as Professor Ellis's war service. Two months after the report's "findings" had been published in every news outlet where English is spoken, there was a slight correction. One of Ellis' co-authors, pathologist Eugene Foster, admitted to the British science journal Nature that they had not proved Thomas Jefferson fathered any children by Sally Hemings. What they meant to say was "Jefferson could have fathered the slave's last child." Just like Ellis could have served in Vietnam.

The scientists had compared the DNA from descendants of Hemings's last son to the DNA of descendants of one of Jefferson's paternal uncles. The report established only that some Jefferson male had fathered a child with Hemings.

That isn't as incriminating as it might sound. There were 25 Jefferson males with the same DNA alive when Hemings conceived her last son. Seven of them were at Monticello during the relevant time period. The report's title was a lie.

This point was being screamed from the rooftops by various Jefferson scholars — presumably the "die-hard Jefferson worshippers" ridiculed by war hero Ellis. But their protestations didn't get much farther than the rooftops. The American press wasn't interested.

Nor was the American press interested when the co-author of the study later disavowed the report's purported conclusion in Nature. Only eight newspapers even mentioned the correction, and only four admitted that the report had actually narrowed the paternity list to Jefferson…or one of seven other Jeffersons.

Around the time that Ellis was promoting the phony Jefferson report, he pompously declared in the New York Times that "a poll of the Founders would produce a clear majority" opposing Clinton's impeachment. So now I'm wondering — did he meet those guys in 'Nam?




Joseph Ellis Vietnam War Wannabe -- Contact -- Collectible Quotes

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but completely serviceable.

Joe Ellis Quotes: by and about Joseph Ellis
What people are saying about Joseph Ellis.

Joseph Ellis - Veterans - Mount Holyoke College - Students - Academia - Media - Behaviorial Science - Daily Jolt
- The Law - Definitions - Everybody does it - Joe Ellis, Wannabe

Joe Ellis Returns

"prof. ellis is quieter" — whats with that? did the suspension make him different? — anyone have opinion? — who teaches his vietnam class now? — liked him before" — from April 1, 2003, Daily Jolt thread - prof. ellis is quieter

"On my first day back, I met two classes: the American history survey class and a freshman seminar in the afternoon. Because of the presence of a reporter, I was not able to make a broad statement. However, I have visited privately with my students. Most have said, “We either don’t care about that at this point, let’s get on with the subject here.” Once my own rhythms as a teacher inside the classroom start to move, I really find that very fulfilling and that takes over me." - Joe Ellis interviewed in The Mount Holyoke News Sept. 18, 2002.

Joe Ellis: Democratic Party Political Operative Rides Again

"He [Joseph Ellis] said that he will vote for Al Gore on November 7 and predicted that the three most significant domestic issues of the near future will be health care, for which he sees the development of a universal plan as inevitable; gun control, which he believes will be strengthened; and gay rights, likely to become “the new civil right.” But Ellis said he believes that if either candidate today fully supported these “inevitable” future developments, “it would cost him the election.”" College Street Journal on Joseph Ellis in — Ellis on the Founding "Brothers," "Gush and Bore," and the Future, November 2, 2000.

Joe Ellis Repents

"Even in the best of lives, mistakes are made" - Joseph Ellis.

"I deeply regret having let stand and later confirming the assumption that I went to Vietnam. For this and any other distortions about my personal life, I want to apologize to my family, friends, colleagues and students. Beyond that circle, however, I shall have no further comment."

Joe Ellis: False Modesty Before The Fall

"Heavens no, I'm not a star; maybe more like a comet or meteor..., But during the time I'm blazing, I'm going to have a good time." - Joseph Ellis, Mount Holyoke Vista, Spring 1998 Vol. 2 number 4.

Joe Ellis: Democratic Party Political Operative
(Joe Ellis: Mount Holyoke's Answer To Alec Baldwin, Rosey O'Donnell, Ed Asner and Barbra Streisand)

"It is as if Clinton had called one of the most respected character witnesses in all of U.S. history to testify that the primal urge has a most distinguished presidential pedigree." - Joseph Ellis in "Jefferson Fathered Slave's Last Child."

"To my three sons, Peter, Scott, and Alexander who pulled me from the 18th Century and back into the present on a regular basis and therefore made me a better person, thank you. And to my wife, who sits at the table there. Who is right about almost everything." - National Book Award: Winners' Acceptance Speeches, Joseph J. Ellis


"Phu Cat could teach one helluva History Class." - anonymous post to Daily Jolt from "an honest question" (Guest) RE: On Academic Feminism 8/03, 8:32 pm.

"If love of history is all it takes, I'd be your man, but I think there's more to it than that. When it comes to teaching about the Vietnam War, I figure Joe Ellis has got it all over me in all factors but one. - Richard Rongstad (aka Phu Cat to Phu Quoc), RE: On Academic Feminism, as Big Bad Wolf 8/04, 12:49 am in Daily Jolt.

"Ranger tabs and all that stuff, Talk real big, and think they're tough, Scum who brag so all can see, Ain't no man, just a Wannabee." - Charlie Broz in The Ballad of the Wannabees a parody of the Ballad of the Green Berets by Barry Sadler (See

"Bet your jump boots if my son were still attending one of the Five Colleges, he wouldn't be sitting in this phony's class." - Col. David Hackworth, 101st Airborne Division veteran,

"The puke's danced on the graves of all my friends who didn't come back and diminished all of our deeds" - retired Army Col. Ben Willis to Col. David Hackworth .

"Fight'in Joe Ellis - a desperate man - Joe Ellis performs a routine examination into the details of the Vietnam War. Joe suddenly gasps; 'I am not there. How could I have missed being a part of a fabled/notorious/glorious/hated/conundrum called the Vietnam War?'" - Greg Linscott in alt.war.vietnam ("Fight'in Joe Ellis").

"If I were an avid mountain climbing student and my instructor claimed conquest of Everest, I would strain for every word. If I were an avid history student and my prof claimed participation, I would be very attentive and accept every word as gospel." - Greg Linscott in Re: Mt. Holyoke/Ellis reply, Newsgroups: alt.war.vietnam, Date: 2001-06-29 16:18:18 PST.

"Why should I go be a ground-pounder in Vietnam when I can polish my academic credentials here at West Point?" - Joe Ellis paraphrased according to Egon R. Tausch , former infantry company commander in Vietnam and member of West Point history faculty in 1969.

"To The Daughters of Veterans at Mount Holyoke College...I petition you the youthful trustees of America to question Mount Holyoke College in light of the common act seen daily at the Vietnam Veterans National Memorial where old men, and way to many children reach out and touch a name and like Private Ryan, ask questions. Ask Professor Ellis what the names say to him?" - Joseph M. Kralich, U.S. Army Vietnam, 1969-1972, 4/31, 196th Light Infantry Brigade (Medic), 326th Medical Battalion, 101st Airborne (Medic) etc.., Consultant to A&E Television "Combat Medicine", episode w/ George C. Scott (On camera interviews), Consultant to China Beach, Warner Brothers.

"To The Daughters of Veterans at Mount Holyoke College...I suspect that Professor Ellis will never again speak off campus in an open forum without a few Vietnam Vets protesting outside." - Joseph Kralich .

"To The Daughters of Veterans at Mount Holyoke College...Did you see Private Ryan? The only scene I want to bring to mind is the first, when an aged Private Ryan after seeing the grave of his Captain, some 50 years later, asks his wife: "am I a good man? have I lived a good life?" - Joseph Kralich .

"The writing of history and the honor and reputation of real veterans is much too important to allow this to pass. Without stern punishment for Joseph Ellis, the history profession risks a widening of the corruption that surfaced with it's partisan pro-Clinton politics and will become increasingly distrusted. Unlike Joseph Ellis, I am a real Vietnam War veteran" - Richard Rongstad in alt.vietnam.veterans, alt.war.vietnam, soc.culture.vietnamese.

"How about a lying sack of shit with a political agenda can't be trusted as a contemporary historian?" - Matt Osborn in "Re: Joe Ellis Vietnam vet wannabe", alt.vietnam.veterans, alt.war.vietnam, soc.culture.vietnamese.

"'Distortions' my ass; he lied. He lied to his wife, he lied to his children, he lied to his boss and he lied to every student who ever looked up to him. Every word he ever uttered should now be subject to scrutiny. Sorry to say that this will blow over by weeks end." - John Mercadante B-7/1 Air Cav, 1970-71 in alt.vietnam.veterans, alt.war.vietnam, soc.culture.vietnamese.

"This, unfortunately is the year 2001, and we as a nation declared 1998 to be the 'Year of the Liar'. We collectively decided in 1998 that lying was OK, as long as it was about something as unimportant as sex or service in Vietnam, since 'everybody lies about that'. We declared that JFK lied and Thomas Jefferson lied and Abraham Lincoln lied and everybody lies, so lying is no big deal. Honesty is a 19th century virtue that is long obsolete. Integrity went out with high-button shoes. We will reap what we have sown. You heard it here first." - John Mercadante .

" have stepped way out of your depth, professor. What you did was not a little mistake or one of your "personal shortcomings," as you have suggested, but a heinous fraud which you perpetrated upon the malleable minds of your young students with vacuous ease." - from An Open Letter to Professor Joseph J. Ellis Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA 01075 From a Real Viet Nam Veteran and Real Former Antiwar Activist by Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. Airborne, Ranger, Infantry, Vietnam West Point, Class of 1965.

"Your lies are an explicit slur on all those who actually lived through what was for you nothing but hypocritical-and now infamous-pretense." - Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr.


"I'm James Bonded, formerly PhuCatToPhuQuoc, formerly Huggy Bear. You'll be both shaken and stirred, because I'm licensed to thrill. James, James Bonded." - from James Bonded, also known to the young ladies of Mount Holyoke College as Big Bad Wolf. See Joe Ellis wished he could have been here

Mount Holyoke College

"Joe Ellis has been a star, our star, from the time he came to Mount Holyoke in 1972." - Dean of Faculty, June 18, 2001.

"We at the College do not know what public interest the Globe is trying to serve through a story of this nature." - Joanne Creighton, President, Mount Holyoke College.

"I am committed to preserving the academic standards and integrity of Mount Holyoke College and, at the same time, to respecting Professor Ellis's rights." - President Joanne Creighton.

"Like most colleges and universities, Mount Holyoke has procedures legislated by its faculty for situations in which the professional fitness of a faculty member has been called into question." - Dean of Faculty Donal O'Shea.

"We can all take pride in our collective achievements: the record-setting number of applicants to the College, our heightened profile and respect in the world (topped off recently by our Pulitzer Prize winner, Joe Ellis, whose work is deeply informed by his interactions with students, past and present)" - Joanne V. Creighton, President and Eleanor Graham Claus '55, Chair, Board of Trustees, letter to Mount Holyoke Community May 2, 2001.

"Outside the Mount Holyoke cloister, the solution is obvious -- fire Ellis. Inside the cloister, there is paranoia about outsiders. From the safety of their dorm rooms, students are whining about outsiders coming into the Daily Jolt." - Daily Jolt, non-student (Guest), Ellis - Sept 5th convocation 8/02, 12:47 pm

"Most impressively, Ellis was instrumental in recruiting such distinguished faculty members as the late Nobel Prize-winning poet Joseph Brodsky and former National Security Adviser Anthony Lake." - Faculty Profiles: Joseph J. Ellis Ford Foundation Professor of History -- Ellis, Brodsky and Lake - The Odd Bunch


"I predict that when classes are back in session Ellis will be staring at a lot of empty seats." - MHC senior in Daily Jolt, Aug. 3, 2001.

"Students and veterans in the Mt. Holyoke dailyjolt are discussing the future of the Vietnam class that Joe [Elli]s used to teach. [W]ellesley has a very impressive Vietnam course taught by William A. Joseph. How did Wellesley manage to put on a substantive course on Vietnam while MHCstudents got Vietnam-lite? What can MHC students do to solve this problem?" - alt-fan-joe (Guest) 8/07, 11:58 am in Mount Holyoke Daily Jolt asking "Why is Wellesley better than Mt Holyoke?"

"If plagiarism is an academic offense, isn't lying about a war record a form a plagiarism? Is the unauthorized and unattributed use of the memories of others any different than the unauthorized and unattributed use of their words?" Plagiarism: Daily Jolt (Aug. 1, 2001).

"Angel Kozeli, a new media producer for WBUR-FM who graduated from Mount Holyoke last year, spoke on the air yesterday about how Ellis, during a course in the spring of 2000, told students about his proximity to the My Lai massacre, in which American troops massacred several hundred Vietnamese civilians. - 'Professor apologizes for fabrications', by Patrick Healy and Walter V. Robinson, Boston Globe, June 19, 2001.

"He definitely illustrated a lot of points with his experiences in Vietnam" - Angel Kozeli.

"He was the veteran who came back and participated in the antiwar movement. So his perspective is very liberal" - Katherine Clouse, Mount Holyoke 2001, audited Joe Ellis's Vietnam course last year, recalling Ellis's view of the war from what he said in class.

"When he is teaching... he uses different anecdotes from his own personal experience in Vietnam ... to help us understand it better. But he doesn't want to force feed the class his personal views. He does have a very objective view of the war. He is able to step back from his own war experience in Vietnam." - Brooke Thomson, Mount Holyoke 2001.

"He was honest about his experience in the war and its effect on him as a person... The course allowed me to imagine myself in the circumstances he faced. Having the course taught by someone who was there helped." - Erich C. Carey, Amherst senior saying "he was impressed by Ellis's Amherst course, the Literature on Vietnam" (Boston Globe June 18, 2001).

"I'm staring down the barrel of graduation, and I think back to that course and how the war was a test of his manhood ... It almost made me a tad jealous of people who had that choice to make - whether to go or not. He had gone, taken the test of manhood, and passed it." - Erich C. Carey.

[Professor Ellis] "told us about a fellow, a strong jock, a college football player, who was drafted and came to Vietnam. They were out in the field, and this guy was reading Emily Dickinson poems that brought him to tears. That was the kind of stress these men were placed under." - Erich C. Carey.

"It never would have occurred to me that he was being disingenuous...It seems incongruous that he would be living a lie like this." - Peter Juran, Amherst senior who took Ellis's class, the Literature of Vietnam.

"He has all the right credentials. There was no need for him to fabricate any of this" - Peter Juran.

"I had Joe for his Vietnam class. What I learned in that class had nothing to do with his war record (or lack thereof). I learned what I learned from Joe Ellis because he's an excellent teacher, period. The people who are calling for Joe to resign or for the college to fire him seem to be missing this point. Ellis wasn't hired for being a war hero. He was hired for his academic record, his teaching abilities. He was granted tenure for the same reasons...he's a brilliant academic. Who cares if he fought in the war, if he played football in high school, or what his level of participation was in the anti-war movement?" - Deirdre Ewing \'01 (Guest) in Daily Jolt: RE: Ellis Update 6/19, 3:13 pm

"Should Professor Ellis have lied? Of course not. Is it something we all do at some point or another? Yes. And as we all should know, sometimes we exagerate/lie about our lives and experiences so often that we begin to believe our own hype. If you've never lied in your life, go ahead...pass all the judgement you want. But for those of you who are as human as Professor Ellis, you may want to slow down and put things in perspective, think about the man's positive traits as well as his flaws before jumping onto a moral high horse." - Deirdre Ewing \'01.


"Would you believe Joe Ellis was a classmate of mine at W&M? He was A Company Commander our senior year. As I remember correctly, I didn't think all that well of him.
Gene ABV61-1043.001.HCB - From: STEAM GENE ([email protected]), Subject: Re: Bogus Jane Fonda story Newsgroups: alt.culture.military-brats, Date: 2001-08-08 11:57:32 PST.

"Joe Ellis is the Vanilla Ice of the historical profession" - Robin D. G. Kelley, New York University professor of history.

"Teachers who make mistakes still deserve trust; teachers who knowingly deceive students do not." - Elliot Gorn.

"Yes, academics are interested in the case, and they are certainly happy to gossip over it. But I have heard more embarrassed tittering than strong opinions as to what all this means for our profession." - Elliot Gorn.

"I'm kind of sick of even talking about Joe Ellis. It's psychologists and not historians who should be looking into why he did this." - anonymous history professor quoted by Ana Marie Cox.

"Readers have to understand that whatever objective claims historians may make, they are invested in the things they write" - Michael Zuckerman, history professor, University of Pennsylvania (NYT, 'A History Of His Own Making', June 24, 2001).

"Some friends said his stories were so compelling and realistic that if it hadn't been for his admission of guilt, they would have assumed that it was the government that was lying. Maybe, the theory went, Mr. Ellis's military records weren't found for a reason." - Ana Marie Cox.

"Joe was a superb student. But an antiwar activist? I don't recall anything like that" - Gaddis Smith, Yale history professor who has written about the antiwar movement at Yale.

"I don't recall him being active at all" - Edmond Morgan, Yale History, Emeritus, commenting on Joseph Ellis's claims to antiwar activism.

"Professor Ellis, Baron M�nchausen salutes you.... Baron M�nchausen preceded Professor Ellis as an inventor of Airborne Cavalry by riding his horse aloft on several notable occasions." - Peter Wood, associate provost at Boston University. (Baron Karl Friedrich Hieronymus M�nchausen, 1720-1797, was a German soldier, adventurer and teller of very tall tales.)

"Knowingly being dishonest in class is just as great an act of moral turpitude as being knowingly dishonest or inaccurate in your written work" - David Garrow, Pulitzer prizewinning historian, Emory University in 'A History Of His Own Making'.

"You just know there's going to be a tribunal of self-appointed thesis students poring through his work looking for every little mistake." - Robert Nylen, former professor at Smith College and friend of Joseph Ellis in 'A History Of His Own Making'.

"Professors have an obligation in the classroom to be forthright and truthful about their own personal experiences" - Arnita Jones, Executive Director, American Historical Association.

"It should be the responsibility of human beings to represent themselves as they are - and I suppose scholars have an additional responsibility, since we're members of a profession that has standards of behavior" - Robert Kreiser, officer of the American Association of University Professors.

"In my view, Mount Holyoke College let Professor Ellis off much too lightly, for one compelling reason that few seem to have considered--the fact that Professor Ellis also served for several years as Dean of the Mount Holyoke faculty." - James Brewer Stewart, James Wallace Professor of History, Macalester College.

Media Reports and Commentary

Historian "Professor Joseph Ellis, who had signed a resolution against President Clinton's impeachment, proclaimed that Jefferson's sexual sins 'gives Clinton additional cover and makes it more difficult to be as critical of this kind of behavior.'" - Gary DeMar in "The Spirit of Thomas Jefferson", editorial written for Biblical Worldview Online!, January 1999.

"So now it turns out that Thomas Jefferson was having sex with Sally Hemings while serving in the 101st Airborne during the Vietnam War." - Ann Coulter.

"Unfortunately, proof of a Jefferson-Hemings liaison was as fanciful as Professor Ellis' war service." - Ann Coulter.

"Hey, said the spin doctors--no big deal! Every does it! Look at Thomas Jefferson--he fathered slaves! " - Dan Ford.

HNN POLL August 18, 2001 Readers Sound Off About Joe Ellis's Suspension - quotes on History News Network.

"We want facts to be true." - Norah Vincent, Village Voice.

"Truth telling is the first building block of character -- a quality that seems to be getting rarer and rarer in all-forgiving America." - Mona Charen.

"For educated Americans like Joseph Ellis, Vietnam is a special hang-up. I am an Englishman of exactly the Vietnam generation, a couple of years younger than Ellis; indeed, for reasons too complicated to explain here, I was nearly drafted into the US army in 1965. I know many Americans of my own age and, as much to the point, my own class - journalists, publishers, lawyers. And I don't think I know one who served in Vietnam." - Geoffrey Wheatcroft.

"I always wonder how any of us could stand seeing our worst 10 moments on videotape." - Ellen Goodman.

"We may never know why Joe Ellis fabricated a heroic past. But we know that the life he embellished has deeply diminished the life he'd earned. " - Ellen Goodman.

"As dean of the faculty from 1980 to 1990, he also helped hire more than half of the 180 full-time faculty members there now - the scholars whose work will influence the college's standing for years, and who will probably decide his fate." - Patrick Healy, Boston Globe Staff, June 28, 2001.

"For years, Mount Holyoke professor Joseph 'Full Metal Jacket' Ellis had been regaling students, interviewers and friends with gripping stories of his service in Vietnam." - Ann Coulter.

"Why has the Ellis story received so little attention in the mainstream media? Why does Ellis get out of jail free for an offense that would ruin a physicist or a Republican congressional leader?" - Dan Ford.

"Ellis was an absolute prize for the folks who dodged military service in the 1960s, and who now rule the thinking at Mount Holyoke and the New York Times." - Daniel Ford.

"For several years Ellis has been using tales from his days as a platoon leader and paratrooper in Vietnam to help animate his popular course Vietnam War and American Culture. As his fame increased, Ellis began sharing his war stories with journalists and colleagues. The problem is that Ellis never served in Vietnam, as the Boston Globe disclosed last week. He rode out the war doing graduate work at Yale and teaching history at West Point. " - Josh Tyrangiel.

"Ellis told of seeing a burly comrade reading Emily Dickinson and weeping on the battlefield." - Josh Tyrangiel.

"Academics, and historians in particular, traditionally think of truth as their gospel and the classroom as their church." - Josh Tyrangiel.

"Fellow baby boomers speculate that Ellis gave in to a generational tendency to exaggerate one's part in the great events of the 1960s. " - Josh Tyrangiel.

"In two interviews with the Globe, in 1997 and last year, Ellis said his Vietnam service was from 1965 to 1966 - well before the My Lai massacre." - Patrick Healy and Walter V. Robinson in 'Professor apologizes for fabrications' (Boston Globe, 6/19/2001).

Behavioral Scientists

"Behind almost every lie there is a wish that the lie was true." - Bella DePaulo, social psychologist.

"War represents a fierce test of a man’s mettle, As Vietnam history is rewritten, the side you took has become a defining moment." - William Pollack, professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School in Newsweek, July 2, 2001.

Mount Holyoke College (MHC) Daily Jolt Online Forum


"Outside the Mount Holyoke cloister, the solution is obvious -- fire Ellis. Inside the cloister, there is paranoia about outsiders. From the safety of their dorm rooms, students are whining about outsiders coming into the Daily Jolt." - Daily Jolt, non-student (Guest), Ellis - Sept 5th convocation 8/02, 12:47 pm

The Ellis critics who come here do so because this is their only forum. They are trying to communicate. For them, this is not an intellectual issue. This is an emotional issue. They have paid the price of admission with their blood and their tears. - Daily Jolt

Mount Holyoke Politics on Daily Jolt

Joe Ellis is back

Fire this UMASS Prof! - campus memories of Joe Ellis revived by porn writing professor.

Joe Ellis IAW R.B. Johnson

Joe Ellis & 9/11

Best Prof - Joe Ellis

HIST 170

Prof Joe Ellis

From The Archer - Thanks for the attack! RE: Rongstad quotes himself!

SUCCESS!! When they squeal and attack and call you a loser you know you really got to them.
RE: Rongstad quotes himself!

Joe Ellis on Daily Jolt

Joe Ellis wished he could have been here Vietnam photos and message from - "I'm James Bonded, formerly PhuCatToPhuQuoc, formerly Huggy Bear. You'll be both shaken and stirred, because I'm licensed to thrill. James, James Bonded."

Snow at MHC

Joe Ellis, how is he doing? Mt. Holyoke people say Joe Ellis is looking fat.

Wannabes in Australia

Not on my watch

posting on the MHC jolt


Ellis case won't be decided until

No Students Allowed in this Topic


Confidential to Huggy Bear

Are there any smart people in here - at Smith College.

Daily Jolt no More

"Don't Judge MHC"

Why is Wellesley better than Mt Holyoke?-?


Steam Gene on Joe

MHC "culture"

Joe Ellis in NYTimes today (Aug. 10, 2001).

Did Ellis use the Fonda photos?

Good Idea!! How to Start an Online Course on Vietnam

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Vets on campus

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Joe Ellis paycheck $135,460 not $94,000

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Letter from West Point '65 Vet

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Big Bad Wolf Mt. Holyoke Forum

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Faculty Salaries

Ellis - Sept 5th convocation

"Has Ellis turned Mount Holyoke into an Ellis Island? "another guest" accuses Mount Holyoke of circling the wagons (read). The initial support for Ellis by Creighton and the faculty was outrageaous. This included attacks on the Boston Globe, criiticism of the Globe's Vietnam veteran reporter Walter Robinson, and statements that Ellis was a priave Mount Holyoke matrer. When these "GO AWAY's didn't work, the administration tried a new tactic -- a wait and see attitude. Wait and see while -- we have to study the issue. Wait and see -- we have to"go through our process." Outside the Mount Holyoke cloister, the solution is obvious -- fire Ellis. Inside the cloister, there is paranoia about outsiders. From the safety of their dorm rooms, students are whining about outsiders coming into the Daily Jolt. On Wednesday, September 5th, Mount Holyoke will welcome its new students and their families at the Fall convocation. Is the public invited?" - non-student (Guest) August 2, 2001, 12:47 pm.

Joe Ellis quotes


August Coverage of Ellis


wow! ellis post w/no insults

Joe "Doc" Kralich

RE: Joe "Doc" Kralich "Unfortunately for the students, everyone from MHC has been tarred by the same brush, unfortunately. The initial response to the Boston Globe article was a complete defense of Ellis by the president and his colleagues. The consistent theme was "this is a Mt. Holyoke private matter. Leave us alone." As the public media coverage spiraled, and when Ellis made an unrepentent apology, the reputation of MHC continued on a downward spiral.

Right here in this forum, there are attempts to discuss the ethical and academic issues -- many of those posts have been ignored by both the Ellis critics and the students.

Instead, there are those who say that Ellis has been discussed enough, let's get back to schedules, rides wanted and dorm assignments. Those comments echo the initial efforts by MHC to silence the public debate. MHC has been highly manipulative, the students have bought into it.

MHC and its students have lost the chance to take this issue public and to do the right thing.

student (Guest) wrote:
You might want to consider that the reason that some of us are talking amongst ourselves is that this forum feels like it's been the victim of a hostile takeover. Besides, has always been the venue of choice for students. the Jolt is fairly new, and the fact that anyone can post has led to incidents in which students were harassed and abused by drive-by spammers."

Why is Wellesley better than Mt Holyoke? - Wellesley College course on Vietnam War.

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Ok! Keep Professor Ellis

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RE: Joe Ellis - comments pls

Joe Ellis - comments pls

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Vietnam War and American Culture

Daughters of [email protected] Holyo

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RE: Keep Joe Ellis!

Ellis Update

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The Odd Bunch - In an odd twist in the Joseph Ellis story, both Anthony Lake and the late Russian-American poet Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996) are often mentioned in the context of the New World Order, the new global political and economic paradigm ushered in by the collapse of the Soviet Union and enthusiastically welcomed by advocates of one-world government. Brodsky was Andrew Mellon Professor of Literature at Mount Holyoke College.

Anthony Lake was in Vietnam, Ellis was not - "Former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake served as national security advisor to President Clinton from 1993 to 1996. Most recently he served as a senior foreign policy advisor to the Clinton/Gore campaign. Clinton characterizes Lake as the point man of our foreign policy team ... in moments of crisis, in times of triumph, he has always been at my side. His state department career included assignments as U.S. vice consul in Saigon and vice consul in Hue." - 1998 Johns Hopkins Symposium on Foreign Affairs.

Did Anthony Lake blow the whistle on Joe Ellis?

Anthony Lake, left wing Khmer Rouge booster - Lake was Clinton's CIA nominee but bowed out before his leftist past was exposed. In 1975, Lake lavished praise on the Khmer Rouge saying "Why should the Khmer Rouge agree to share power when they can expect to seize it?" (The Ordeal of Anthony Lake). "In 1981, when Ronald Reagan became president, Lake withdrew into academia, becoming a professor at Amherst College in Massachusetts. In 1984, he moved to Mount Holyoke College, where he has taught courses in the Vietnam War, Third World revolutions, and American foreign policy. During the 1992 presidential campaign, he was one of candidate Clinton's chief foreign policy advisers. (Clinton and Lake had worked together in the 1972 presidential campaign of George McGovern.) Lake is also an old friend of Warren Christopher, Clinton's choice for secretary of state. He is known as a skillful bureaucratic conciliator and is thought to favor a strong United Nations as a multilateral vehicle for solving international problems." - Paul Malamud, USIA Staff Writer

"Of course Lake's specialty has always been to bail out of ugly and damning situations, like the Vietnam War for example, drenched in blood yet smelling like a rose. Lesser men might be judged hard-boiled veterans of some of the most brutal campaigns of American Imperialism with such an impressive resume, but not Saint Anthony of Mount Holyoke." - Hussein Ibish in The real Anthony Lake, The Massachusetts Daily Collegian.

Anthony Lake, Mount Holyoke booster - "Mt. Holyoke's campaign kick-off last weekend included a speech by Anthony Lake, former National Security Advisor to President Clinton." (Five College News, October 28, 1998)




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