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Judaea, Galilee, and Samaria


John 4:9 John 4 John 4:8-10 Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.

This passage proves that Samaritans were NOT jews, and in fact that "Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans". People from Samaria were Samaritans and not jews, and people from Judaea were "jews" and not Samaritans.

From Encyclopedia Britannica

Judaea, Old Testament judah, the southernmost of the three traditional divisions of ancient Palestine; the other two were Galilee in the north and Samaria in the centre. No clearly marked boundary divided Judaea from Samaria, but the town of Beersheba was the traditional southernmost limit. The region presents a variety of geographical features, but the real core of Judaea was the upper hill country, extending south from the region of Bethel to Beersheba and including the area of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Hebron.

Before the Israelite conquest of Palestine, the Canaanites dominated the region, and the town of Hebron was an important centre. When the tribes of Israel invaded the country, the tribe of Judah claimed the entire area from just south of the site of Jerusalem into the Negev region (the area south of Beersheba). The tribes of Simeon, Benjamin, and Dan also at one time or another settled some small areas of the region. When David became king of Judah (10th century bc), he captured the old Canaanite (Jebusite) stronghold, Jerusalem, and made it the capital of the united kingdom of the tribes of Israel. Alter the death of David's son. King Solomon (10th century), the ten northern tribes separated from Judah, and Jerusalem remained the capital of the kingdom of Judah, which continued until 586, when the Babylonians conquered it and destroyed Jerusalem. Later, however, Persian kings permitted captive Jews to return from Babylonia to their native land and to rebuild their temple and the walls of Jerusalem.

After Alexander the Great's conquest of the Near East, Judah came first under the rule of the Ptolemies and later under that of the Seleucids. Opposition to the Seluecid attempt to suppress the Jewish ancestral faith led to the rise of the Jewish Hasmonean leaders who gradually repulsed the Seleucids from the country and set up a revived Kingdom of Judah. Family disputes, however, led to Roman intervention in 63 bc. Under Roman control, Herod the Great was made king of Judaea in 37 bc and later of all Palestine (20-4 bc). Following Herod's death the country was ruled alternately by Herod's direct descendants and by Roman procurators. As a result of the Jewish revolt that broke out in ad 66, the city of Jerusalem was destroyed (ad 70), The name Judaea is still used to describe roughly the same area in modem Israel,

•Augustus' extension in the East 15:1110(1

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•Ezekiel's emergence after fall of state 7:126h

•Hellenistic Age developments 8:386a

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•institution to downfall 2:914c

•Israel's hill region characteristics 9:1059f

•Jeremiah's prophetic career 10:134b

• Mesopotamian territorial conflicts ll:984c;

map 985

•Nebuchadrezzar's military career 12:925h

•Old Testament basis in history 2:896f

•origin and later history 17:945h; map 943

• prophetic antagonism to Canaanite cults 15:64b

•religious life after kingdom division 10:306g

• Seleucid territory loss 16:501g

•Solomon and his legacy 16:1044d

•Vespasian's rebellion control problem 19:95g

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