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_________________________________________________________________ AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CALIFORNIA JURAL SOCIETY _________________________________________________________________ Please note: Although it is most unlikely that you will experience any problems responding to this form, certain non-standard browsers will not respond properly. If you experience any difficulties, (or if you are not using a forms-capable browser) you may email your response to this form to: [email protected] _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ A Jural Society is an organized political community and a synonym of "nation", "state", and "county. It is founded in Law; organized upon the basis of a fundamental Law, and existing for the recognition and protection of Rights. The purpose of The California Jural Society is to reestablish the de jure government of the California Republic through county based houses of delegates duly elected by those Electors who desire a return to a lawful government. Due to the loss of the American Union prior to the war of northern agression (Civil War), when the sourthern states walked out of Congress, resulting in a "sine die" situation, a de facto government was created after hostilities ceased. The states of the earlier union became franchisees of that de facto national government known as the "United States". Today the result is a government of lawlessness, enforcing "code" through arbitrary and capricious means, by way of military procedure at the direction of the commander-in-chief. That "code", created by "executive orders" and a militarily conscripted "Congress" [voted in by the franchised people of the frachised state], is then delegated for enforcement by the varous "branches" of "government" ["departments" prior to the Civil War]. These administrative agencies are thus operating outside of true positive law and are simply code enforcement services. For these and many other reasons, it is essential for the people for California to return to a proper elector status, become involved with the California Jural Society at their county level in order to return to the Law that made America a great, and prosperous nation. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ORGANIZATION AND OPERATION _________________________________________________________________ I. The Jural Society is the ultimate civil authority of the county and wields the same power as the county board of supervisors, and much more. The Jural Society is a Christian organization, based on Biblical principals, common law and the Constituti ons, State and national. The Jural Society is comprised of three parts; first, it is the country Grand Jury in a de jure venue and jurisdiction, separate of the current de facto government; second, the Jural Society maintains an Assise Court for those wh o wish to avoid being judged by the ungodly and unbelievers; third, the Jural Society is the civil authroity and handles all necessary, day-to-day business within the county as is needed to provide services to the county public at large. It's elected off icers are sent as delegates to the State Jural Society to represent their county. At the county level, it has the descretion to maintain any action to protect the county for the people, as the people dictate in their local Jural Society to acquire the ab ove mentioned services and the needs of the people as they may desire. II. The Militia shall be subordinate to the civil authority as per Article I, Section 12 of the Constitution of California, 1849. The Jural Society extends the civil protection to the Militia, and the Militia extends physical protection to the Jural Society. The Militia is also to be utilized for civil process until such time the proper officers are elected to relieve the Militia of that particular duty. For the time being, the Militia can and will be utilized for the process of the Grand Jury and the Assise Court. III. The Ecclesiastical Society provides scriptural guidance and influence to the Jural Society and Militia. The maintain social, mental, physical, religious, spiritual, and biblical welfare in the county. They are an independant body that by God's Law must speak out and step in when the Jural Society or the Militia is in the wrong. The provide the proper checks and balances between the Jural Society and the Militia to maintain a proper Republican Form of Government under God's Law. The are utili zed to render opiions on biblical matters when it is requested by the Assise Court. IV. The Assise Court can hear issues brought to it by various methods. The petitioners request the Jural Society to be heard on their matter, and enter it upon the record. When this is done, the petititoners are requested to sighn a binding arbitra tion agreement to abide by the decision of the Assise Court, as per Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution of the united States of America. After this is done, the petitiotners file briefs with the Assise Court. The Assise Court proceeds to adduce th e evidence and render a judgement based upon their findings. The process should take less than two [2] weeks. V. The Grand Jury is a free and independant body that addcues it's own evidence and dlivers their findings to the Jural Society. If the Grand Jury findings need process of service, the Jural Society directs the Militia to do the Process to bring the man, woman, or evidence before the Court. VI. The Jural Society, Militia, and Ecclesiastic Society need to redress the de facto government in all of it's branches. All three of these de jure government elements must maintain a strong Christian attitude in redressing for grievances. The executi ve, legislative, and judicial branches at the city, county, state and national level must all be first be redressed for grievances. We must continue to organize the de jure government and maintain a passive attitude unless and until offered no other aven ue. VII. The Jural Society Officers must be elected by the Electors of the county that are not member os the Jural Society. This must be done to have a Republican form of Government and to establish the Jural Society as a legitimate body politic, de jure . This can be accomplished by canceling ones voter registration as per the current California Code section 700, 701, in order to cast a ballot as an Elector. As it is required to only request the cancellation of the registration by the trgistered voter. This makes one an Elector, and for those who have never voted or registered, it takes only a signed affidavit statement of the same. _________________________________________________________________ CONCLUSION When these three entities are occupied and maintained by Christian men and woman under God's Law, and are operating within this coutry again, then, and only then, will we have a proper de jure Government. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE CALIFORNIA JURAL SOCIETY IN YOUR AREA, CALL: Randy Lee-- (818) 347-7080 Joe Allen-- (805) 824-2791 In Southern California _________________________________________________________________ ______ _____ _________________________________________________________________ WebForms™ 2.0b Unregistered - ©1995 Q&D Software Development  


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