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God's Hit List


bulletWilliamson County, Texas, Prosecutor and Judge Ken Anderson.
bulletUtah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.
bulletUtah Attorney General John Swallow.
bulletOrange County Prosecutor Dave Wagner.

Salt Lake City Justice Court Judge Virginia Bauskett Ward, 45, was arrested (for drug distribution).


Judge Nora Longoria, DUI.


Prosecutor Mark Vandermolen Arrested for Sexual Abuse.


Supreme Court Justice [read: LIAR] Marylin Diamond







Utah Attorneys General Battle State's Reputation for Being Pious and Boring by Getting Arrested

Shurtleff, left, and Swallow.

REUTERS/Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office/Handout via Reuters

Two former attorneys general from Utah, one of our most churchgoing states, have struck a courageous blow against stereotypes by getting arrested for (allegedly) bein' real sleazy. John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff face 13 and 10 counts of corruption-related charges, respectively, for allegedly accepting money and gifts from businessmen who were under legal scrutiny for dumb-sounding Internet get-rich-quick schemes and other boiler-room-style fraud:

Shurtleff made two trips to the lavish Pelican Hill Resort near Newport Beach, California, paid for by Marc Sessions Jenson, a Salt Lake businessman the attorney general's office had prosecuted for selling unregistered securities and who was on probation at the time.
Shurtleff personally arranged a plea deal for Jenson that was so lenient that a judge rejected it, the charges say. The judge accepted a second plea agreement that also allowed Jenson to avoid jail but imposed $4.1 million in restitution. Jenson failed to repay investors and is now serving a 10-year prison sentence.
According the charges, Shurtleff and Swallow told Internet marketer Jonathan Eborn that contributing to Shurtleff's election campaign would benefit him if he were investigated. Eborn, who owned Infusion Media, subsequently donated $30,000.
Shurtleff also is accused of accepting gifts from indicted businessman Jeremy Johnson, who also contributed to the former attorney general's campaign. Specifically, prosecutors allege he used Johnson's personal jet and other property.

Shurtleff served from 2001 to 2013 as Utah's attorney general; Swallow, his "handpicked" successor, has already resigned. Shurtleff is also accused of dropping a mortgage lawsuit against Bank of America shortly before leaving office because he was negotiating for a job with a law firm that represented Bank of America.





The Breakdown of Justice


The Justice Project may be a well-intentioned group, and they present many excellent facts about our justice system which are ignored by the media, but good intentions aren't enough to stop the onslaught of injustice in this putative Christian nation.  Instead, they propose to:

bulletGuarantee that every person facing a capital charge has access to a competent and experienced attorney,
bulletAllow prisoners on Death Row to request DNA testing on evidence that's in the government's possession, and
bulletRequire judges to inform juries of all sentencing options, including an option of sentencing a defendant to life imprisonment without parole when applicable.

We already have 60 times as many lawyers as Japan.   70% of the world's lawyers are in the US.  To propose a program to increase the number of lawyers even more is not merely self-serving to the legal profession--it's tantamount to Ford announcing that they're going to triple production because too many of their cars are causing accidents.  It's like saying that the solution to the problem is to make the problem ten times worse, which is a typical government bureaucracy solution.  It's like saying that the only solution to an oil leak in your car is to keep the trunk full of extra cans of oil.

The PROBLEM needs to be FIXED.  It doesn't need a band-aid, it needs a SOLUTION.  The false allegations and all those who participated in the scam need to be STOPPED, including the lawyers who knew what they were doing.  The very people who created this problem cannot be entrusted with resolving it.

Relying on Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), a former prosecutor, to sponsor the Innocence Protection Act of 2001 is more foolish than asking children to guard the candy store.  What have people like him done to arrest and convict the more than 270,000 murderers in the last 4 decades who've never been brought to justice?  Nothing.  Instead, they IGNORE the murderers and put dope addicts and family squabbles on their "10 Most Wanted" list.  Why is Robert Ross, whose own mother, the "victim" in this case, is quoted as saying "Robert's arrest was a mistake", on this list?  Could they not find a White murderer instead?  What about all the Mexicans who murdered a White man who were never brought to justice?  Why is Mark Sanderson, a marijuana user, on the list?   Did he take a violent toke on his joint?

What about the MURDERERS?  What about the niggers who're committing genocide of the White Race?


 The following fugitives are wanted as of:

November 09, 2010  

Posted 5/16/2003 - Elio Zamudio SOSA - has an active FELONY warrant for 187 PC Murder and 207 PC Kidnapping from an incident which occurred on March 18, 1995 in Bonsall.
Murder, Kidnapping
Bonsall, 1995 of Controlled Substance
University Heights, Feb 2002
Posted 12/15/2003 - Mark Edward SANDERSON - has two felony warrants for drug related cases and is in violation of his probation.
Felony Warrants- Sales of Marijuana, Under Influence 
Posted 6/24/2003 - Rigoberto NINO - was driving a vehicle at 300 West Los Angeles Drive in Vista when he struck and killed a mother and one of her two small daughters, all three who were crossing the driveway to an apartment complex
Rigoberto Leon NINO

Vehicular Manslaughter

Vista, June 1999
Posted 11-24-2003 - MALDONADO is wanted for the murder of Leah Tadeo on Febuary 17, 2000 in Southeast San Diego
Southeast SD, February 2000
Posted 9/8/03 - Melvin WASHINGTON - has an active felony arrest warrant for Elder Abuse.  He is believed to be in the southeast San Diego area,  near Skyline Dr. and Meadowbrook Dr.
Felony Warrant
Elder Abuse
Skyline Area, Sept 2001

Click to See Additional Fugitives

Posted 5-14-2004 - Alfredo VILLALOBOS is wanted by the Orange County Sheriff's Department on a narcotics possession case. He is believed to be traveling between Orange County and San Diego County
Possession of Controlled
El Cajon area, May 2004
Posted 6/27/2003 - Ricardo Jose REYES - Incident occurred 08/28/2001 in San Marcos.  REYES shot victim and fled. REYES hasn’t been seen since the crime occurred.  REYES’ mother possibly still living in San Marcos (Autumn Drive) area
Ricardo REYES
Attempt Murder, Assault
w/ Deadly Weapon
San Marcos, August 2001
Posted 4/19/2004 - Leonard CASTRO - CASTRO is a Parole Violator who currently has six felony warrants for his arrest for crimes including burglary and forgery.  CASTRO is continuing to commit crimes in San Diego while avoiding authorities.
Leonard CASTRO
Parole Violator, 6 Felony Warrants-Burglary/Forgery
University Heights, Feb 2002
Posted 07-31-03 - Robert Leland ROSS - This incident occurred 05/26/2001 in Rancho Penasquitos area. Victim of offense was ROSS’ mother, Pamela Jean WAGNER.  WAGNER has said that ROSS is a truck driver and doesn’t live in the area.
Robert ROSS
Felony Warrant, ADW
False Imprisonment
April 26, 2001
Posted 3-4-2004 - Jimmy LIM - is wanted on a felony warrant for Burglary, may still be in San Diego County or the Tahoe area, and is know to ride a motorcycle
Jimmy LIM
Felony Warrant
San Diego County, Nov 2003

Never attempt to arrest a fugitive yourself.  These files should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. Fugitives will be changed/rotated regularly, so please check back soon for new faces.




Robert Leland ROSS
 Date of photograph:



Date of Birth: 05/29/1973 Place of Birth:
Race: White Sex: Male
Height: 6-1 Weight: 170
Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
Build: Normal Complexion:
Scars and Marks: Rt Arm, “Phoenix”(bird)”, Lt Arm, “Girl”  
Occupation(s): Truck Driver
Felony Warrant: CD160982  Issued: 08/23/2001  Bail: $50,000.00 - PC245(A)(1)


This incident occurred 05/26/2001 in the Rancho Penasquitos area. The victim of offense was ROSS’ mother, Pamela WAGNER.  WAGNER has said that ROSS is a truck driver and doesn’t live in the area.  However, she also said that ROSS’ arrest was a “mistake”.  

Please Contact B. Thomas SDSO/CSB-FWU  Page:(760) 548-0060  Office: (619) 531-4160  or San Diego CrimeStoppers at: (888) 580-TIPS if you have any information on this suspect.

You may also contact the San Diego County Sheriff's Department via our anonymous Tip Reporting Web Page, by Email, by telephone 858-565-5200 if time is of the essence, or if Extremely Urgent; dial 911

First Posted: 2003  /  Revised: April 17, 2008




Date of photograph: 10-12-2001


Date of Birth: 9-27-1963 Place of Birth:
Race: White Sex: Male
Height: 5-10 Weight: 170
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Tattoo: Left arm tattoo “Why ask why”
Felony Warrants:

SCD155848, Issued: 02-15-02 Charge: 11377(A) HS, “No Bail”
SF133573,    Issued: 02-15-02 Charge: 11359     HS, “No Bail"


SANDERSON has two felony warrants for drug related cases and is in violation of his probation.  SANDERSON’s last known area of residency was in University Heights. 

Please Contact Sheriff's Investigator M. Chadwick (619) 572-4019 or San Diego CrimeStoppers at: (888) 580-TIPS if you have any information on this suspect.

You may also contact the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, by telephone 858-565-5200 if time is of the essence, or if Extremely Urgent; dial 911

First Posted: December 15, 2003  /  Revised: April 17, 2008







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Contact: Marci Bransdorf
(202) 822-5200 x 253

Laura Burstein
(202) 822-5200 x 222

Spokespeople Available for Comment

Thursday, April 5, 2001


Historic Death Penalty Legislation Passes in Maryland State Senate Committee

Moratorium One Step Closer to Law --
Bill Now Goes Before Full Senate for a Vote

(Annapolis, MD)- On Tuesday, the Maryland State Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee passed a bill establishing a one-year moratorium on executions while a study of the punishment’s fairness is completed. A similar bill cleared the House of Delegates on March 24th.

"This is a historic and important vote, for Maryland and for the country," said Peter Loge, Director of the Death Penalty Initiative at The Justice Project. "Maryland legislators who both support and oppose the death penalty said that before our criminal justice system hands out punishment, it must first give justice."

Senator Walter Baker, the Chairman of the Committee, initially said that the bill, SB 316, would not receive a vote. Last week he changed direction and indicated he would allow a vote on the legislation, but that he still opposes it. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller is taking a similar position, committing to allowing a vote while working against the bill.

"The American people overwhelmingly support such legislation," Loge said. "Recent state and national polls show nearly three-quarters of Americans support a moratorium on executions while issues of fairness are resolved," he added, pointing to a national survey commissioned by The Justice Project and an independent poll in Pennsylvania, both of which show 72% support for such a move.

"This legislation isn’t about the death penalty, it’s about fairness," said Loge. "Everyone in Maryland regardless of their position on the death penalty, shares a commitment to equal access to the courts."

"This bill doesn’t take anyone off death row, it makes sure we execute those who are guilty of the worst crimes, not because of their skin color or their victim’s skin color," Loge said. The study will also look at the roles income and geography play in sentencing.

The legislation now goes to the full Senate for a vote, which is scheduled to occur on Thursday, April 5. Researchers conducting the study have indicated that the amended version before the Senate, which provides for only a one year moratorium, will not give them enough time to conduct a thorough investigation. The House version of the bill called for a two-year moratorium. The General Assembly adjourns on April 9th, so all voting must be completed before then. Governor Glendening has not indicated whether or not he would sign the measure into law.

A number of states, including Texas and North Carolina, are also considering imposing temporary moratoria on executions while studies of the punishment’s fairness are completed.



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