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By Mark Farrell

Kevin Haas

Recently, Kevin Haas, a Jew who lives in Canada, was arrested under its Hate Crime Law and tried in court. 

Haas was arrested when he was putting up signs on a college campus that said, among other things, "Death to Muslims."  He had spray painted, "Die, Muslims, Die," as well as a Star of David in Ryerson University's multi-faith classroom.  Additionally, he had distributed fliers that urged people to "kill these Islamic infidels."  Haas then went to the Muslim and Arab Students Association and slid a letter under their door that promulgated: "Those who follow Islam need to be killed in the worst possible way imaginable."(1)  In total, there were reportedly 15 incidents attributed to him, some of which were brought forth later. 

In America, we of course have Freedom of Speech.  But Haas's acts were even clearly beyond that here because he was engaging in actually threatening folks by specifically targeting where they congregate with his fliers that called for people's deaths "in the worst possible way imaginable."  At least two direct "death threats" were attributed to Haas, though it appears that perhaps there should have been more. 

 Additionally, public vandalism is a crime here in the U.S. as well, and the vandalism in which he engaged by spray painting a classroom's walls, calling for the death of others, was particularly reprehensible

In total, there were reportedly 7 charges against him--5 counts of mischief and 2 threats, all of which were "hate" related--with each reportedly carrying a sentence of 2 years in jail under Canada's hate crime statutes.(2)


Haas Gets Probation

For these crimes Haas committed, he was given a 6-month "conditional sentence" (house arrest--no jail time), 12 months probation, and was ordered to write a letter of apology as well as perform 100 hours of community service.(3)   No mention was made of him having to pay a fine for even the clean-up of the classroom, nor any mention of actual jail time was made in several articles referenced.  It is fair to assume that his "community service" is to pay for actual damages.  Also, Haas is not allowed to own any weapons, and cannot use the Internet.(4)





Doug Collins

Compare that to what happened to Doug Collins--a non-Jewish man who dared to question the Holocaust in Canada.  He wasn't sure whether 6 million died.  He argued along the lines that, perhaps, there were 5,999,999 Jews who died, or maybe 6,000,001.  He just didn't know.  (Actually, the number was probably between 200 to 300 thousand, as I show in my video "The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled," based on Red Cross documents and other information, demonstrating that Collins was significantly wrong in any case.[5])  After spending $200,000 in court costs, he was still fined $3,000.  Collins has since died, with some suspecting the stress of the ordeal quickened Collins's death.(6)  No doubt it didn't help his health.  Haas doesn't appear to have paid a dime and remains healthy.



David Ahenakew

And then let's not forget David Ahenakew.  He got in trouble with Canada's Thought Police.  He was a Canadian Indian who dared to offend the Jews.  Did he threaten the Jews?  No.  Did he put fliers under the Jews' doors or mailed them some nasty letters?  No.  Did he make posters that said, "Kill the Jews"?  No.  Did he spray paint areas where Jews might frequent with statements that said, "Death to Jews"?  Again, no.  So what was his "crime" for which he was punished?

The 71-year-old Ahenakew dared to call Jews a "disease" and said that they were controlling Germany until Hitler came to power, which resulted in Hitler's reported actions, according to Ahenakew: "That's why he fried six million of those guys."(7) 

Certainly, what Ahenakew said was not nice by calling Jews a "disease" or suggesting that they may have gotten what was coming.  But it was his opinion nevertheless.  And he did not say it specifically to a Jew; rather, it was in an interview, with the paper deciding to print his statements for the sensationalism it would generate. 

David Ahenakew

Head of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations

Keep in mind that, despite Ahenakew's comments, he was also "a member of the Order of Canada, the country's highest civilian honor."  And, he was "leader of Assembly of First Nations, Canada's primary aboriginal group."(8)  So, despite his opinion, no matter how negatively viewed, he worked to help some others and never encouraged anyone's murder. 

In Ahenakew's case, he was stripped of his Order of Canada.  After obtaining an attorney, he was also fined $1,000.(9)  He is trying to appeal the fine.  So how is it that a Jew can vandalize a school, threaten others--even calling for some people's murder--and not have to pay a dime?  And yet an old, non-Jew has to pay a $1,000 fine for insulting Jews and questioning the Jewish-version of history? 

While Ahenakew could have been given jail time, prosecutors refrained from doing so.  Why?  Well, according to the judge Marty Irwin, he was concerned about Ahenakew becoming a "martyr" for some.  "To suggest that any human being or group of human beings is a disease is to invite extremists to take action against them," Irwin said.(10)  Irwin's statement is, of course, nonsense--coming from a judge with a mind that is diseased with political correctness. 

In any case--whether due to the injustice, Ahenakew's stature, his newfound (and unintended) "martyr" status, or perhaps even his race--he is to be granted a new trial, with court costs and time adding more on to his bill.(11)  

It is clearly evident from these cases that there is a two-tiered legal system in Canada: one for Jews, and one for non-Jews.  And I guess that's why some call it, appropriately enough, the Jew-dicial system.



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