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Why do our politicians believe that jews, but nobody else, are so mentally unstable that, to prevent them from serious mental breakdown, we need a special law for them to prevent normal people from calling them "jews", or "kikes", or "hymies", or "denying" their new religion the "holocaust", or just noting that Jesus was not a jew, or that jews have already been kicked out of 86 nations before us?

Might there already be so many jews in mental hospitals from all these honest and accurate revelations that we need a special law to keep from overcrowding mental wards?  Or would such a law INCREASE the number of mentally unstable jews [as if though that were possible]?

If they are, as they prance around claiming, "g-d's chosen race", then why does congress have to take special care of them.  Why doesn't "g-d" just do that?  Do kikes [er, jews] really think the U.S. Congress [OUR Congress, created by we the POSTERITY of the Founding Fathers] is better prepared to protect them from mental problems than "g-d"?  If so, what a whimpy "g-d" these kikes have.  You would think that if this jew "g-d" has any balls at all, that it would just strike dead any of us "gentiles" who even THINK honest thoughts about jews.  You would think it would be embarrassed that jews think the US Congress is better protection than it.

How many "gentiles" are in mental wards because kikes called them "racists" or "anti-semites" or white supremacists" or "misogynists"?  A lot more than there are kikes, right?  So why does Congress not pass the "anti-white-supremacist" law to prevent kikes from calling us names?

Turnabout is fair play.


If kikes are so smart:

  1. Why have they never been able to start their own country?
  2. Why do Germany and the US need do subsidize 30 percent of "Israel"'s GDP?
  3. Why have these parasites been kicked out of 86 of their host nations when they finally figured out that there was NEVER to be a return on that "investment"?
  4. Why would "Israel" be a hole in the sand the day after either the US or Germany turned off the spigot?
  5. Why did Einstein have to PLAGIARIZE all "his" papers?
  6. After killing imprisoning, torturing, and displacing hundreds of thousands of Christians and Muslims from their homeland "Israel", why are there more of them here in the US than there?
  7. Why are they so mentally unstable that they always need "anti-semite" laws wherever they go?
  8. Why has not a single one of them kissed a single one of us for the ONE POINT SIX TRILLION DOLLAR HIT we've taken for supporting this third world hell hole full of alien enemy foreign kikes?


jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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