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King Tut, Caucasoid

The most distinguishing feature of the golden burial mask of King Tut, who died in 1343 BC, 3,346 years ago at the age of 18, is his non-Negroid, non-Arab, non-Berber nose.

It's clearly the nose of a Caucasian, as are his chin, cheekbones, ears, and lips.   The exaggeration of his eyes makes it hard to recognize them as Caucasian--but they also can't be described as Negroid, Arab, or Berber, either.

kingtut.jpg (109516 bytes)

With the head dress we can't see the features of his forehead, hair, or the back of his head, but because this mask is gold it has been preserved in its original shape and form.   Because it is so artistic, it can only be assumed that the proportions are accurate, even if we don't know the process by which the mask was created.  Because he was only 18 years old when the mask was made, his features weren't as influenced by his environment as they would have been had he died at an older age.  Because the origkingtutblue.jpg (128222 bytes)inal paint didn't survive as long as the gold itself, it's impossible to know what the original color of his eyes were on the mask, but it's easy to visualize such features as having belonged to someone with blue eyes.

The mask in fact appears more proportionate with blue eyes, which seem to fit the features of the face better than brown or black eyes.

With your attention drawn away from the exaggeration of brown eyes, it now appears that modern artists rather than the original mask designers may have exaggerated the eyebrows and the lines drawn from the eyes to the ears.  Is it artistic license or did they have an agenda in mind?

kingtutbluelines.jpg (128357 bytes) kingtutniggerized.jpg (8575 bytes)


With these lines removed and the eyes blue, the Caucasian features of King Tut, who looks more like a Swedish woman rather than an African Pharaoh, or a modern day Egyptian who's a mixture of Berber, Bedouin, and Egyptian, are unmistakable.   Was the objective of these extra lines and the dark eyes to conceal the Caucasian features and origin of King Tut, or is this really what the original gold mask looked like?

And if the original mask had brown or dark eyes and the dark exaggerated lines, then why wasn't the nose designed to fit such features, and why did they not even match the false Osiris beard?  And why did the Discovery Channel feel that the gold mask which survived 3,346 years is not as accurate a representation as their "computer generated", niggerized image of King Tut? 

Why did the jews who control the jewsmedia do the same thing to Hannibal?



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