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From  nttbap  Posts 1  Last Oct-1
To  kio5001      [Msg # 202496.342 Message 202496.342 replying to 202496.130 202496.130 ]   

"I will not advocate killing people for being morons!"

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After reading many of your constant replies and posting of FBI stats to reinforce whites commit more crimes than blacks. The fact that you have not been able to grasp the percentage aspect of it that people have tried to explain to you. That you cannot understand the difference in the percentage and types of crimes based on whites and blacks tends to make me believe of coarse you wouldn’t “advocate killing people for being morons!" since it would be your own death sentence. I have always found it interesting how people tend to use numbers or percentages to make a point in there favor. If the percentage looks bad quote the number, if the number looks bad quote the percentage (an old trick to fool the sheep). To any idiot with a remote idea of the US population the FBI stats you put up are like saying that in France more French commit crimes than non-French. This forum was to comment on Bennett’s remarks and as such my comment on the subject is this. He was talking about what was stated in the book to the caller. If what he said offends people too dam bad we do not have the right to not be offended and he like everyone else in this country have the right to free speech. I do not see him out there trying to have all blacks have abortions and he never said that was what should be done. There are people out there that do preach things like that and more hatred that should worry people; instead it is ignored for comments like Bennett’s. It’s a sorry ass country we live in today wasting our time on the wrong things.


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  douglas32g      [Msg # 202496.25 Message 202496.25 replying to 202496.21 202496.21 ]  

It is not fact that if you abort more blacks that he crime rate will go down. No one has tried it to even know if that assumption is true. The point is that blacks do not commit more crimes becasue whites get arrested in far larger numbers than any other races for crimes and somehow they are always found innocent more than blacks and hispanics.



From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  wopoguy      [Msg # 202496.26 Message 202496.26 replying to 202496.23 202496.23 ]    
He tried to play off his remarks, bu the point that he makes is that blacks commit more crimes than whites when whites are arrested more than blacks for commiting crimes.

He is taking racial sterotypes that are prevalent in this nation and using them as fact for the entire race. That is racism



From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  joe53081      [Msg # 202496.40 Message 202496.40 replying to 202496.36 202496.36 ]    
The democrats don't have to court the minority vote, they already have it. His remarks were horrifically ignorant. He implies that blacks commit more crimes than whites when whites get arrested more by cops in this nation






From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  verloinc      [Msg # 202496.47 Message 202496.47 replying to 202496.42 202496.42 ]    
He is not telling the truth. If you abort any baby form any race en mass, the crime rate will go down.

He is wrong in just singling out blacks because whites get arrested more than blacks  Yet blacks have the higher prison population. Why are whites servingless prison lime if more are arrested?


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  apparentlyh      [Msg # 202496.53 Message 202496.53 replying to 202496.46 202496.46 ]    
***By race, 70.7 percent of arrestees in 2002 were white, 26.9 percent were black, and the remainder were of other races. Whites accounted for 65.5 percent of the individuals arrested for Index crimes. The offense for which whites were arrested most often was driving under the influence. The offense for which blacks were arrested most often was drug abuse violations. (See Table 43.)****

I think 70.7 perence is overwhelmingly in the majority than 26.9 percent!


From  joe53081  Posts 25  Last Oct-8
To  kio5001      [Msg # 202496.59 Message 202496.59 replying to 202496.40 202496.40 ]    
You can quote all the statistics you want.  The fact remains that far more blacks are arrested and CONVICTED for VIOLENT crime.  Murder, rape, armed robbery, etc.

DWI is hardly a violent crime.  As far as I am concerned it is a traffic offense.  And before you get all bent out of shape, I DO NOT drink alcohol.

None of this is relevant to the discussion anyhow.

As I said before, democrats want to make everything  a racial issue, when in fact it should be a human issue.  Who cares about race??  Race should not be important.  But as long as the liberals use the race card for everything, this nation will always be divided.



From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  joe53081      [Msg # 202496.65 Message 202496.65 replying to 202496.59 202496.59 ]    
That may be the case, but the crime rate is calculated not by how many people are incarcerated, but by how many people commit crimes. Non-violent crimes make up a majority of the crime in this nation and 70% of whites were arrested our of 13.7 million people in 2002 according to the FBI website.

Democrats don't make everything a racial issue. You just seem to dimiss racial issues when they come up!


From  apparentlyh  Posts 6  Last Sep-30
To  kio5001      [Msg # 202496.68 Message 202496.68 replying to 202496.56 202496.56 ]    
Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was looking up actual population and crime numbers. I'm afraid you're still misreading the statistics in exactly the same way. You're looking at the percentage of arrestees who are white when you should be looking at percentage of whites who are arrestees. This is the very reason so many people can lie with statistics: people misread them.

First, just think about it: whites make up 75.5% percent of the population whereas blacks make up 12.3%. And yet, whites commit 70% of the crimes while blacks commit 21%.

Let's use all real numbers this time. You've got 13.7 million crimes, 211 million whites, 36 million blacks, and some other minorities. Sure, 70% of crimes were comitted by whites, but let's see what percentage of whites committed crimes.

Even assuming that each crime was committed by one person, which would surely overestimate the number of white criminals, we get 9.6 million crimes committed by whites, and thus 5 percent of whites are criminals.

If we do the same thing with blacks, we get only 2.9 million crimes, but 8 percent of blacks are criminals.

Now, look, I'm not trying to say that a higer percentage of total blacks are criminals vs. total whites. We, after all, don't actually know how many of the above crimes were committed by the same person or group of people. All I'm trying to say is that your statistics don't allow you to draw your conclusion, which you use to prove that Bennett's claim was not only insensitive (which it was) but statistically ignorant (which it may not have been).


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  mikejames73      [Msg # 202496.70 Message 202496.70 replying to 202496.49 202496.49 ]    (Unread)
White are less likely to repeat because they are less likely to go into it first of all. According to the FBI:


Nationally, violent crime arrests were down 0.8 percent from the 2001 figure. The number of adults arrested for violent crimes decreased 0.4 percent, and the number of juveniles arrested decreased 3.0 percent from the 2001 number. (See Table 36.)By gender, males made up 82.6 percent of violent crime arrestees. Females accounted for 10.8 percent of all murder arrestees, 1.4 percent of forcible rape arrestees, 10.3 percent of robbery arrestees, and 20.2 percent of aggravated assault arrestees. (See Table 42.)A review of arrest data by race showed that whites made up 59.7 percent of all violent crime arrestees, with blacks comprising 38.0 percent, and other races, 2.3 percent. Fifty percent of the murder arrestees during 2002 were black, and 47.7 percent of arrestees were white. The remainder were individuals of other races. (See Table 43.)By age, 43.7 percent of violent crime arrestees in 2002 were under the age of 25, and 14.9 percent were under age 18. (See Table 41.)

Whites get arrested more for violent crimes by at least 20% and blacks still make up more of the violent crime prison population. Though blacks are arrested more for murder.


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  bds1194      [Msg # 202496.91 Message 202496.91 replying to 202496.88 202496.88 ]    (Unread)

70% if whites are arrested for commiting crimes out of a total of 13.7 million arrests.


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  jnhejl524      [Msg # 202496.93 Message 202496.93 replying to 202496.89 202496.89 ]    (Unread) 

That is my source, teh FBI! and i never asked what your race is or gender because it does not matt to me. You seem to be thinking about race and gender as much as the next person.


From  yorkcountyjail  Posts 71  Last Oct-10
To  kio5001      [Msg # 202496.107 Message 202496.107 replying to 202496.25 202496.25 ]    
Whites don't get arrested more often than blacks in my town, Chief.  Not even close...BTW you know the safest country in the world??   Iceland has lower crime stats. across the board in ALL catagories and over 99% white population!!


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  verloinc      [Msg # 202496.110 Message 202496.110 replying to 202496.103 202496.103 ]    
You are sadly misimformed by friend. The conditions we see in non-white nations were cause by Imperialism. Not because of poor leadership. Europe stirred up otherwise peaceful civilaizations and screwed them up big time. There was no problem with starving in North America or in African nation before Europeans came and destroyed them (though you can account the occasional drought).

And you are missimformed if you think that blacks get more welfare money... (sorry you have to copy and past).


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  yorkcountyjail      [Msg # 202496.111 Message 202496.111 replying to 202496.107 202496.107 ]    
You are the prime example of a person who believe in sterotypes more than fact. The FBI website does not lie it cleary state that out of 13.7 million arrests nationwide, there are 70% arrests of whites. Your town does not set trends for the nation! They have a low crime rate not becasue its a majority white, but because thier people don't commit that many crimes.

People commit crimes regardless of race, by to say that one race historicall commits more crimes than other races is adhering to racial sterotypes!


From  malcolmxwaswhite  Posts 1  Last Sep-30
To  kio5001      [Msg # 202496.114 Message 202496.114 replying to 202496.3 202496.3 ]    
Actually he said the crime rate would go down, not that crime would be eradicated. It was just a stupid way of saying "young blacks commit crimes", which is true. Even a retard knows that.


From  danahgraham  Posts 372  Last Oct-11
To  verloinc      [Msg # 202496.123 Message 202496.123 replying to 202496.103 202496.103 ]    
<<I can fix the Welfare system. If you don't work you don't eat!!!>>

Which is how is used to be vis a vis the gov't in this country. 40 years of throwing money at the problem may have salved a few consciences, but it has clearly not reduced the problem even by the testimony of those who claim to be helping blacks (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and that bunch). So when do we admit that that money could be put to better use?

As long as any group has an expectation that the gov't will take care of them and has pimps ready to supply them with a list of excuses for economic hardship, they will never progress.

If Bennett apologizes for telling the truth I, for one, will be disappointed.


Give War a Chance


From  tbagmulerod  Posts 11  Last Oct-1
To  kio5001      [Msg # 202496.127 Message 202496.127 replying to 202496.115 202496.115 ]    
Why don't you be fair and print the stats on VIOLENT crime, hummm?  ENRON crooks and the white collar contengent piss me off but I'm not concerned they will break into my home stick a shank in my kid, rape my wife, shoot me in the head (hopefully with that "ghetto cool" side wrist gun hold) and rob me.  Did I cover most of the prodominantly black crimes?


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  danahgraham      [Msg # 202496.128 Message 202496.128 replying to 202496.118 202496.118 ]    
True, my mistake. But he plays into racial stereotypes that are not true. The FBI has a report on line that states that 70% of the poeple arrested are white out of 13.7 million. That obviously shows that more white commit more crimes. A lesser percetange of the white population commits crimes than the percentage of blacks who commit crimes, by more whites are arrested.


From  danahgraham  Posts 372  Last Oct-11
To  kio5001      [Msg # 202496.138 Message 202496.138 replying to 202496.128 202496.128 ]    
<<True, my mistake. But he plays into racial stereotypes that are not true. The FBI has a report on line that states that 70% of the poeple arrested are white out of 13.7 million. That obviously shows that more white commit more crimes. A lesser percetange of the white population commits crimes than the percentage of blacks who commit crimes, by more whites are arrested.>>

Blacks are what -- 13% of the total population, yet commit something like 40% of the violent crimes -- don't hold me to those exact numbers, but it's close. That's the significant stat. The question then becomes why, on which I have some long-held and currently unfashionable theories.

<<You last statment is interesting..."Give War a Chance">>

We ought to, but we've gotten too risk- and hardship-intolerant to do it.



From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  danahgraham      [Msg # 202496.151 Message 202496.151 replying to 202496.138 202496.138 ]    
According to the FBI stats, whites commit more violent crimes, but a higer percentage of the black population commits violent crimes than the percentage of the white population.

But crime rates are not just violent crimes. Its based off of all crimes. Whites get arrested more so they commit more crimes.


From  CandieCane  Posts 4  Last Sep-30
To  injustice      [Msg # 202496.170 Message 202496.170 replying to 202496.158 202496.158 ]    


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  faxpleze      [Msg # 202496.199 Message 202496.199 replying to 202496.192 202496.192 ]    (Unread)
Statements are clear. He obviously believes that aborting blacks would lower the crime rate. Yes its true for any race but he happend to choose the race that is stereotyped as being nothing but criminals. The facts discount that racial stereotype


From  kio5001  Posts 753  Last Oct-14
To  simmonspaints      [Msg # 202496.205 Message 202496.205 replying to 202496.204 202496.204 ]    
There is more crimes commited by whites acutally and whites are the largest racial group in this country











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